Ask these 22 questions before you choose an Online Marketing Agency ✅

online marketing agency

Are you going to hire a construction digital marketing agency for the first time? Or have you just had a bad experience with your previous agency? Not all marketing agencies deliver the same results. It is important that you choose a partner with the right experience, vision and working method. But how can you know this without working together first?

No worries, with this questionnaire you will quickly find out how much cheese the marketer / consultant has eaten for you from SEO, PPC, content, social media, web design and conversion optimization. If they give a good answer to the questions below, you know that you are working with a strong partner!



Your digital marketing agency needs to understand what you can give your target audience that they don’t get with your competitors.


Marketing agencies often explain how to get more traffic to your site, but they ultimately need to increase conversions and sales to recoup and return your investment. This requires insight into user experience but also the will to delve into your target group. Also ask which tools or processes they use to increase conversions. Commonly used tools are: Google Optimize, Optimizely, Hotjar, Unbounce and Instapage.


It’s helpful when the agency has experience with other clients in your industry, but it’s not necessarily a deal breaker if they don’t have it. Much more important is the question: what steps will they take to become an expert in your sector?


Ask who your default contact person (SPOC) is and how often you can contact them. Who will carry out the projects? What is their experience and background? How is documentation exchanged? And most importantly, how are time and budget monitored?


Will the agency provide a clear report every month? Is this done via email or on-site presentation?


Modern agencies let all their departments work together on the most important goals, without working in silos where information is sometimes lost. What is the collaboration between SEO experts and web developers, between content creators and social media marketers? Efficient agencies have efficient workflows that they have established thanks to years of experience.



Let the online marketing agency talk about their SEO method. Beware of agencies that use black hat techniques (such as buying links) or immediately promise to put your page first for keywords that are actually worthless.


The agency should always follow the official webmaster advice to help Google find, index and rank your site. These guidelines also help your site avoid sanctions.


Don’t expect an exact date to see results. This is very unpredictable. However, the agency must be able to provide a high-level time estimate to predict an initial positive impact on your organic traffic. Good SEO campaigns show average results after about 3 – 6 months to a year. However, this depends very much on your competition.

Content marketing


Any online agency that offers content marketing should be able to show examples of their writers’ best work. There are a lot of content creators, but few that really deliver results.

First look at their work and wonder if the quality is good enough for your target group. Do you have a young audience? Then don’t hire copywriters who write tutorials as if they substantiate their thesis. Rather choose someone who writes short, powerful and human texts.


You need to know clearly whether the online marketing agency plans to do the right amount of research about your company and industry to create relevant and quality content for your target audience. Beware of agencies that immediately start content without asking the necessary input from you.


Question behind the collaboration between content creators and SEO specialists. What process do they go through to create user-friendly and converting texts that are also quickly picked up by Google?


Find out if besides blog content, the agency also has experience with infographics, video, animations, email campaigns, eBooks, whitepapers, etc. An effective content strategy contains a mix of different types of content and media.


Do you want to remain top-of-mind with your audience? Then you should regularly post new content. BUT: quality beats quantity. Two interesting and useful articles or videos a week yield better results than five meaningless posts.

So watch out for a digital agency that promises to create tons of content every week. In particular, ask how they will guarantee the quality of that content.


Find out if the agency also publishes new content on your site by default. Depending on your CMS, the agency can charge extra hours to learn to work with this system.

If the agency does not provide publication, you must appoint an internal team member for this.

PPC (paid ads)


If the agency has a Google Partner Badge, it means they have Google Ads certified employees, have access to their own Google Agency Team and keep up to date with the latest AdWords innovations.


Your online marketing agency must provide clear and transparent reports that show how your paid advertisements perform in terms of traffic, conversion and turnover. The return on investment of your ad spend must always be clear. Therefore ask for a sample report and see if this is clear enough.


The Google search network is a good medium to reach people who are already actively searching for your products or services. But via social media you also reach that part of your target group that is in the market for your offer without them looking for it. Unfortunately, the organic reach on social media is getting smaller. This gives you no choice but to use paid advertisements. That is why you need a marketing agency with the right experience and know-how in Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest advertising.

Social media


Usually you do not have to be present on every social network. It is up to your marketing agency to recommend which specific networks are most relevant to your target group and your goals. Watch out for a marketing agency that suggests using Instagram when your target audience is over 60 in the market for a new hip.


Does your company have different brands with different target groups? Is your target group very broad? Then it is best to use multiple social media to reach as many people as possible (with the right content). A good social media team has the right tools and processes to:

keep an overview of all your social media channels and their performance

communicate consistently and appropriately with your target audience across all your social channels to implement a clear strategy for each social media channel

to be alert to your competition and their social media strategy

Frequently used tools are Hootsuite, Buffer, Sproutsocial, Agorapulse, Loomly, etc. Does the agency use one of these tools? Good sign! Don’t they do that? Then let them justify this.


Your digital marketing agency should think about social media strategies relevant to your brand rather than just using tactics that have worked for other customers. Are you a company that rents compressors to industrialists? Then you may not need Instagram stories right away, but rather Youtube video tutorials aimed at buyers and site leaders.


Some agencies will report on likes by post, but this is a crappy metric (also known as a vanity metric). It’s nice to have, but it says nothing about the actual ROI of your social media efforts.

That is why an online marketing agency must report on KPIs such as clicks, traffic, conversions and turnover. They have to explain via numbers how content and social media help to grow your business in brand awareness, customer satisfaction and / or turnover.

Explore these Amazing Places for Sightseeing in Padum

Sightseeing in Padum

Padum is the last town in the Zanskar Valley that can be reached by road. The name of the town was given after Padmasambhava, a Buddhist master from the 8thcentury. IN the history, it has served as one of the two capitals of the Zanskar Kingdom, along with Zangla. It is connected to the other parts of the country through a 240 kilometers link road starting from Kargil. There are a lot of places for sightseeing in Padum. Here’s a list you should cover when traveling towards Zanskar valley. Some are in the town and some at a short distance, but worth traveling. 

Dzongkhul Monastery

Situated near the Ating village in Stod Valley, Dzongkhul monastery is known for the murals rumored to be painted over 300 years ago. The monastery offers breathtaking views of the valley that leads to the Umasi La Pass. The root (formation) of the monastery is an attribution to Naropa, the Indian Buddhist monk, yogi and mystic. You can still find his footprints on the rock placed at the entrance of the inner cave. It is also believed that the impressions of Naropa’s staff and dagger are found on the rocks in his meditation cave. 

Padum is only 37 kilometers away from Dzongkhul monastery but it will still take you 2 to 3 hours to reach there because of the poor road conditions. You will have to drive 17 kilometers back to Tungri. On crossing the bridge, you will come across a road on your left. Drive on the road for the next 20 kilometers to reach the village. Make sure to look at the Zanskar Valley Map to get the directions clearly. 

Sani Monastery

Reputed to be the oldest religious attraction in the region of Ladakh and Zanskar, Sani Monastery is located at a short distance of 6 kilometers from Padum in Sani village. The religious site is said to be founded by the popular Kushan emperor named Kanishka. The monastery now belongs to Drukpu Kargyu School dedicated towards Tibetan Buddhism. It is the only school of its kind in entire Zanskar that has nuns.

Sani Lake

Sani village is not just famous for the monastery but is also home to a beautiful lake, Sani Lake. You can spend a relaxing time sitting by the serene lake. With the Himalayas at its backdrop, it is also a beautiful location for nature photography.

Zangla Palace

Zangla village is a drive of 35 kilometers from Padum and was once the capital of the Zanskar Kingdom during the ancient days. The road conditions are quite good and the landscape throughout the journey is mesmerizing. Zangla Palace is a 3-storey monument, now mostly in ruins; the palace is settled on a crag that offers the views of the Zangla village and the valley. It is one of the best spots to view the sunrise and sunset. You can plan to stay overnight in the village to not miss these spectacular views. As it is an offbeat location without any regular tourist visits, the palace remains locked. Make sure to get the keys before climbing the stairs leading to the fort.  

Bardan Monastery

Situated at a distance of 12 kilometers from the small town of Padum in the route of Reru, Bardan monastery is a 17th century site attracting visitors in the area. The setting of the monastery is in an extremely scenic region on a large rock beside the river. There is a large assembly hall or Dukhang in the monastery where you will find grand Buddhist statues and various small stupas in bronze, clay, copper and wood.

Karsha Village & Monastery

Karsha is the largest and the most popular monastery in the Zanskar Valley. It comes under control of Dalai Lama’s younger brother. You will see ancient rock-carvings and wall paintings dating back to 958-1055 AD. There are also relics of Dorje Rinchen and over 100 monks live in the monastery. Here at Karsha Monastery, a popular Tibetan festival called Gustor Festival is celebrated in the sixth month of the Tibetan Calendar. The date varies between 26th and 29th of day of the month according to the calendar. It is during this festival that the sacred masked cham dance takes place. 

Pibting Monastery

Last but not the least an important monastery near Padum, Pibting Monastery is an ancient religious site situated close to the Pibiting village on the route of Hanumil. When visiting the monastery, you will come across the confluence point of Lungnak and Zanskar village which is a beautiful sight. Have your cheap flights to India booked with Indian Eagle for huge savings on airfares.

Meta Description: Travelers planning a trip to the Zanskar Valley should also spend a day or two for sightseeing in Padum. Though a small town, it is home to some of the most popular monasteries of the ancient times. Check out some here.        

🏃‍♀️Weight Loss Techniques: Choose Non Surgical To get in shape Quick

Weight Loss Techniques

When we see an obese person, we suggest him to try the gyms and some weight loss diets so that they can shed those extra kilos easily. However, have you even thought that there can be some other reason behind this fact that people are gaining too much weight?  You just give your suggestions because you just want to do your part but if you really care about a person who is obese, you need to find them the best solution that can help them get rid of these extra calories. You have to check with them about why they fail in working on diet charts or why they cannot go to gyms or can’t reduce even when they are regular at exercises. You have to be a buddy in their journey of weight loss. Well, you can take the help from this article about how you can get the idea of helping such people and suggesting them the best techniques for this.

There is a latest technique that has gained a lot of fame these days and it is considered as the best and easiest way of making your body lose the extra weight. This process does not include any painful surgeries or crash diets that make you hate everything. You will be more than happy by choosing this technique especially when you don’t need any surgery.

This technique is called the Non –Surgical Liposuction. It is completely non surgical, painless and highly safe for the obese people. You don’t have to fear any scars or stitches or any cuts because this does not involve the usage of blades or scissors. This process starts with a direct pressure on the fat cells of your body making them melt and reduce the size. If you think that you need time to get this process done and are planning to take off for weeks from your work, then you are absolutely mistaken. You don’t have to wait for long or get admitted to the hospital for this process. There are so many good weight loss centers across the country where you can take the appointment and let them know about your wish to lose weight.  They will give you the best consultation on this topic and help you at each step.

You can connect with then on call or can personally visit them to know about such procedures or other processes that may help you achieve your goal. Now talking about this process, you have to spare your days time for this and they will do the rest for you. You don’t have to take special holidays for this treatment plan. 

This process is done with the help of laser technique or ultrasound radiations that are strong enough to melt the fat cells of your body. As soon as the process is started the cells start breaking down by the pressure that is created with the laser beams. The cells that bun once do not grow again so you don’t have to worry about gaining all the same weight after a week or a month. You can call this Non Surgical Weight Loss Los Angeles services as the best option to shed those extra calories without worrying about gaining them again.

However, you have to avoid heavy diets, high fat foods and aerated drinks to maintain the shape and figure that you gain after this process. You cannot expect any technique to work for long as by side you start taking heavy meals and extra fatty foods that make you gain the calories again. Eat fresh food, fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy drinks.

A healthy meal is all you need after you go for this weight loss process. You can enjoy being a curvy figure with a smart shape for as long as you wish. It’s all in your hands and the control on your mouth.

Find The Ideal Return Gift For Boys

Return Gift For Boys

Why are return gifts important?

To put things in short, a return gift can be referred to a hearty token of appreciation presented to the guests of a party who graced the occasion with their presence, blessings and congratulations note. It is a type of thank you note that you present to your guests to make the occasion a memorable one from both sides. 

And this is one of the reasons why return gifts are considered very important. For instance, if you are attending a marriage party, you may buy return gifts that are beneficial to the guests, probably a photo-frame, dresses, or something either of the bride or groom loves. And in case of a kid’s birthday party, you need to shop differently, you need to look at things that are going to be either fun or useful for the kid. So, this is how choosing return gifts look like. 

And like normal gifts, choosing a return gift becomes somewhat complicated too. The kinds of stuff included in return gifts for boys may differ greatly from those of girls. So, you need to be careful about what to buy and whatnot.  

What can be an ideal return gift for boys?

It’s pretty easy to say that boys have a very different taste than girls. They need something tough and playful, they need something that attracts their taste, they feel the need for something which could be useful to them in a long run, and so choosing gifts according to such needs can be pretty difficult at times.

Here are a few ideas for return gifts for boysthat would help you narrow down your search for the proper gift. 

  • Puzzles or brain teasers – what could be more benefitting for a boy than to improve their memory and problem-solving skills. Often from a young age, they are taught to be active and smart in their thinking, and gifts like a Rubik’s cube or a Tangram can be the best possible return gift. 
  • Video games – if you are thinking of buying a return gift for a kid’s birthday, then a video game might be the best one. Accept it, boys love to play games. It doesn’t have to be the big expensive ones, but even a compact video game is more than enough to get them excited beyond imagination. 
  • Board games – this is another type of gift which would serve as good return gifts for boys.Board games help build competitive spirit, teamwork, coordination, and goal choosing, so gifting board games like Scrabble, Ludo, Monopoly, etc. works the best. 
  • Flintobox – this is considered to be the perfect return gift for boys of all ages. A Flintobox carries a range of activities that include puzzles, storybooks or DIY that boys of any age can put to use. They help in improving a range of skills that are essential in proper development. 

Importance of return gifts in an occasion

Handing out and receiving gifts in a party or gathering is somewhat considered to be an important custom. Almost every people are seen carrying a gift or two when they visit other’s party. Gifts are said to be a sign of good wishes to any occasion coming up from the guests themselves. 

Now the important thought comes when you are about to choose a gift for particular occasions. Some stuff can be gifted during any occasion and some are highly selective to the type of occasion one is being invited to. Sometimes you have to choose different return gifts for boysand girls. And this is where things go complicated with all the thinking and brainstorming that one requires to put just to buy a gift. 

Corona, A Wakeup Call for the Mankind

Those who are reading this would agree with me that 2020 has not been welcoming for us. This time the whole world is in agonizing grips of Corona fear. The countries are in the state of lockdown. The social life is becoming next to nothing. The wheel of the global economy has been jammed. The people are considering for isolating and self-quarantining themselves. All the festivities of human life are canceled. Even the most God-fearing ones are unable to sight their holy sites. Nothing is working these days. The entire world seems to tumble down

Corona-An Ordeal or God’s Wrath

Is it an ordeal or God’s wrath on mankind? I asked myself when I got my Umrah trip got canceled. It was going to be my very first spiritual experience. So I went to book cheap Umrah Packages Online with Flights. But I was utterly shattered after coming to know that I cannot go to seek spiritual showers to remove my sins. 

corona fight with whole world

The Holiest Kaaba a Place where Prayers Never Stop

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia owns the most beautiful and the holiest place of this entire earth. This place is none other than the grand Black Square of Holy Kaaba where millions of Muslims fulfill their desire to sight the Divine spell of the place. It is the place where the holy circulation called Tawaf never stops.  

But now you can see this circulation got stopped. It is closed for the prayers due to the horrific spike of a threatening disease Corona. 

Corona Beyond a Mere Disease

Although Corona is a disease, a viral epidemic, and global trouble. But don’t you think it’s beyond a disease? For me it is. The cancelation of my religious pilgrimage is like the stop of Divine Call from Allah (SWT) who is my one and only God Almighty. 

The Human mind is spilling lots of speculations to seek answers to lots of puzzling questions like Why it is started? Why it is spreading? When will It end…? 

Lessons I Learnt from Corona 

For me, it’s a matter more than a mere disease. This is not a pandemic but a wave with lots of lessons for Mankind. So it’s a request to ponder on and understand it. 

None Strongest than God Almighty

I had never thought that in my life I would ever see the so-called superpowers tumbling down just because of a tiniest unseen creature. I have always wondered how these self-claimed superpowers and emerging countries like China, America, and Italy have to bend on their knees before this minute unseen germ. 

coronavirus latest image

Now these superpowers are unable to get free from this terrible trap of the tiniest invisible creature. I realized that neither sin, nor Satan, nor sickness, nor sabotage can tell when this pandemic is going to end. There is only omniscient being who is all knower and all-powerful who knows how and when it will end up completely.

Mankind doesn’t guarantee Right of Brutal Animal Killing 

Be mindful that Divine Justice is bound to happen. No matter how powerful a man is. In the ecstasy of power, the man doesn’t hesitate to inflict extreme pain on those who are powerless or weaker. It is not denied that Man is the Crown of the Creation. But think who has given him the right to inflict pain or kill the other silent creatures of Allah (SWT). 
I was alarmed to see a Facebook video where the brutal killings of innocent animals going on and on. It was a painful show of human barbarity. I see could see the small rates running with the pain caused by the burning fire flames. I could see mankind consuming the half breathing innocent animals. 

It’s more surprising to know how the origin of this killer virus coincides with this present situation. As this virus is transmitted from animals to human beings. You can see how nature is revengeful of the barbaric deeds of mankind himself. How the horrific impacts of our absurd deeds return to us? 

The Futility of Mankind

This human helplessness in the wake of the Corona epidemic proves the futility of mankind in this universe.  This continuous destruction of human life imparts the moral lesson that “pride hath a terrible fall” 

It is thought-provoking that this virus originated from one of the powerful and emerging superpowers China and found its way to Europe. It is a point to ponder how this tiniest virus has engulfed the mighty human lives.

These superpowers failed to root out this invisible creature from their bodies. 

fighting with coronavirus

Epidemics as a Wrath for Sinful Nations

Whether you read Quran or Bible, you would know that Allah (SWT) or God Almighty has sent down the diseases and epidemics to show this wrath on those who intently rejected him. These were the people who deliberately deviated from his ultimate path. 

So indeed, this makes sense in today’s time. But I feel that our situation is even worse than the previous sinful nations. Because we are not only deviated from God’s path but forgotten it altogether. 

This is what I feel when I see the mosques (including the two Holiest Mosques of Muslim Holy cities), churches and other worshipping places all over the world getting closed for mankind. I have never seen the places of God being empty for mankind. 

Coronavirus has made me realize how going against Allah(SWT)/ God’s orders bring troubles for us.  God directs mankind particularly women to cover their bodies. But the Western world was banning Muslim women to wear Hijab or Naqab (covering). 

Now, this Corona infected world is putting on the face mask and covering their bodies to save themselves from this agonizing ordeal.

It is also said that the Chinese authorities were really and repressive against the followers of Christ and Islam. However, God knows better about this. But be very mindful that anyone who fights against God’s commandments ultimately pays for his sins 

Corona infected world is putting on the face mask

Epidemic-A Reminder to Repent on our Sins 

I believe that diseases, disasters, epidemics, pandemic, floods, etc. are the Divine reminder or the wakeup call for us to repent on our sins. This tough time of ordeals allows us to seek forgiveness for our sins. 

So in this challenging time, pray to Allah (SWT) to curb this killer Corona disease and shower his mercy on his followers. 

Epidemic-A Way to Strengthen your Trust in Allah (SWT)

Every epidemic, natural disaster or suffering brings out the helplessness of the human mind against them. Your sufferings and troubles make you realize that nothing can control or eliminate anything unfavorable except your sole God Almighty. 

I am proud to tell you that the precautionary measures against this pandemic have strengthened my ultimate belief in my beloved religion Islam. Because these precautionary measures are exactly per the everyday practice of Islamic hygienic principles. 

The researchers have directed us to wash our hands, nose, and mouth to save ourselves from this prevailing Corona. They have said to keep our bodies and homes neat and clean. 

This is what we Muslims do in our everyday life. 

Death an Ultimate Reality

Indeed, we belong to Allah, and to Him, We have to return (Al-Quran). The deaths from Corona remind me about Death which is an ultimate reality. You have to return to him at last. Corona for me is the reminder to seek Allah’s mercy from the toughness of death. 

In the end, I would just like to say that instead of getting panic, have a firm Imaan or faith in Allah (SWT). Everything whether good or bad happens with his will. He has the right to test you reward you or take anything from you. Just strive to seek his will and blessings for this life and afterlife. You wouldn’t get panic then.