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Looking for a platform which can enhance your general knowledge related to health, Bollywood, Biography, Online marketing and much more!! Blog vertex can be proved a prominent place to acquire information and knowledge as much as you can and so far, we can deliver.  The main objective of this blog is to highlight the general yet important topics which are worthy to serve you.

If you are Curious to know about the life mystery of famous achievers, Biographies will better serve you to know their struggles and success stories.

If you cautious about health issues, the health and yoga tips will cater you with what to do or what not.

If you are Food lover, this blog will present you with the delicious food ideas and recipes so you can try on your own and can serve your family with great love.

If you are fashion lover, Blog vertex will surely bring the simple, sober fashion ideas.

If you are career focused, this blog site will give you better ideas to earn money through part-time or regular jobs. SEO or Online marketing has its great scope nowadays so Blog vertex aimed to highlights each and every single point helping you out with the adequate & relevant information.

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This website is owned and run by Shilpi Gupta, a part-time blogger presently (later, she will perform as a full time blogger) and curious to learn new things & activities. She is a citizen of Delhi/NCR and graduated from Delhi University. She is an MBA holder and working as an Online Marketer. She loves to write what she has gathered during her life. Education has no end and there is no prescribed age to learn anything. So grab as much as you can and learn from when you wants to.

Write us at info@blogvertex.com and present your valuable opinion, you can also write us about any issues you want information or want to highlight the same. The objective of this blog is to serve you with the more information and author is trying hard to use simple words which are easy to read & understand. Enjoy Reading and Writing Blogs!!

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