5 Dental Health Trends For 2022


The dental industry is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world, and that’s not going to slow down anytime soon. You should prefer the best dental implant treatment in Gurgaon with the best and most experienced dentist. Whether you’re looking for some new technology or simply hoping to improve your smile, these trends will help guide your choices as you plan for the future of your oral health.

Whitening strips will go the way of the dinosaurs.

Whitening strips will go the way of the dinosaurs.

The market for whitening strips has been declining for years, and there’s no reason to believe it’ll be any different in 2022. In fact, according to an article from The Guardian, some dentists are already saying that they won’t be using them anymore because of their high cost and low effectiveness compared to traditional treatments like cavities or root canals.

There will be more tech and automation in your dentist’s office.

Although it may be hard to imagine today, dentists used to be just that: a person who performed dental procedures on patients. Today, thanks in part to technology and automation, your dentist’s job has evolved into something more complex—and more lucrative.

Dentists can now use technology (such as computers) to make their jobs easier. They can also provide you with helpful tools like x-rays and digital imaging that let you see the condition of your teeth without having them pulled out of your mouth!

Dental implants will continue to gain popularity.

A long-term remedy for missing teeth is dental implants. They’re placed inside your jawbone and anchored with screws, which help hold them in place. (But don’t worry—you won’t feel anything!)

implant-based dentistry has been around for decades, but recently it’s seen an uptick in popularity due to its many benefits:

  • It is virtually invisible, so your smile can stay as natural looking as possible;
  • You will never have another cavity again;
  • It doesn’t require any surgery or anesthesia;

3D printing for dentistry.

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is becoming more popular for dentistry. The process allows patients to have their own customized orthodontic treatment plans and even 3D-printed models of the teeth that need fixing. This allows dentists to offer patients a better understanding of what they’re getting into before they make any decisions about treatment options.

Robotic dentists?

You may have heard about the growing popularity of robotic dentists, but what does that mean for your health? Robotics is an emerging technology that has been used in many different industries to automate tasks previously done manually. In the past decade, robotics has been applied to dentistry and orthodontics. With advancements in AI (artificial intelligence), we can expect this trend to continue into 2022.

Robotic dentists will be able to perform more complicated procedures than a human dentist or hygienist could ever do on their own; they’re also likely capable of doing things like computer-assisted surgery (CAS) procedures where they use 3D printing technology as well as surgical tools like laser scalpels or burr drills—which aren’t available right now anywhere else except at hospitals!


We’re not quite there yet, but the future of dentistry is bright. With all these trends coming together, we think it’s safe to say that we can expect to see more innovation in the next few years. And if you are searching for the best dental clinic in Gurgaon then no one is better than the Cosmodontist Dental; as they use each one of these trends to better your patients!

The deadliest male infertility killers of 2023

deadliest reason for male infertility

Male infertility is a very serious problem these days; no one can imagine it more than the patient. There are thousands of couples suffering from infertility-related issues, and they are increasing day by day. The main reason behind male infertility is the in disciplined and unorganized lifestyle, as people don’t even have enough time for themselves. People don’t have a proper diet plan and replace healthy food with junk food. All these things lead to male infertility killers, which need to be corrected on time with the help of the best Sexologist in Gurgaon

These are a few points that will show you the deadliest infertility killers:

Canned food 

Food and progressive technology have opened doors for canned and ready-to-eat items. Let us tell you that these items are coated with BPA. This is used as a food item preservative, which leads to male infertility. You should avoid canned food and prefer healthy food. No doubt, canned food saves time, but compromising health to save time is not a wise decision. 


Let us tell you that perfumed soaps, shampoos, body washes, and the vinyl curtains in our bathroom have chemical plasticizers. This chemical is directly related to male fertility and kills male infertility. Apart from this, chemical plasticizers also lead to cancer, allergies, and birth defects, which are very serious issues. So make sure you are maintaining a necessary distance from these objects so that it will not affect your health. 

Sex toys 

Males who use sex toys for sexual pleasure do not have enough strength to please and satisfy a woman. Sex toys even have Phthalates on their surface, and phthalates are a kind of chemical that leads to the reduction of male infertility. Sex toys are very dangerous for male sexual strength, and every male should avoid them if they want to live a healthy sexual life. 


Very few people know that pesticides have very dangerous chemicals in them and that they have a very adverse effect on male fertility. So if you are in touch with any kind of pesticide then you should take all the necessary precautions to protect yourself from the pesticide. If it gets too late, then you should consult with the doctor and plan treatment as soon as possible. 

Heated cars and bike seats

It is very common for men to sit on the heated car and bike seats in a hurry or to reach somewhere on time. Let us tell you that the increased temperature of the testicles will lead to a reduction in sperm count. So make sure you are taking care of the temperature of your testicles and never sit on the heated seat of a car or bike. 

PCB contaminated fish. 

Almost every nonvegetarian person loves to fish, and it is good for their health as well. PCB-contaminated fish are banned but still fish contain some amount of PCB which is very dangerous for the health of the males. So we recommend avoiding canned edible fish products and replacing them with fresh fish meat. 

Best Sexologist in Delhi, Gautam Clinic 

All the above points show the deadliest reason for male infertility, and you should avoid them at any cost. If you are searching for the best sexologist in Delhi, then you should check out Gautam Clinic. They will provide you with a complete guide and make you live a healthy sexual life. 

Make These Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Cervical Cancer

Medical experts trust that one-third to one-half of all cancers can be prevented with proper treatment & care. It is well-accepted by many physicians that people’s chances of improving cancer are affected very much by the lifestyle choices.

As we all know, cervical cancer is one of the deadliest diseases. That’s the reason why people should maintain a good lifestyle to prevent cervical cancer. Studies proved that cervical cancers are preventable and sometimes purely remediable with an early diagnosis and proper medication.

What does cervical cancer mean & what are the symptoms?

It is a type of cancer that happens in the cells of the cervix, which means the lower part of the uterus that directly connects to the vagina, or it also refers to abnormal growth of cells in a woman’s cervix as this cancer grows slowly so it would be preventable.

Symptoms – At the beginning stage, it may not have any noticeable symptoms. But later, it includes – unusual vaginal bleeding, unnatural vaginal discharge, pain during sex (etc.).

There are some easy lifestyle changes which can make a difference in the prevention of cervical cancer are listed below –

Try to do regular exercise basis – 

Sometimes exercise can help lessen the stress of cancer, and it’s an effective treatment. That’s why we can notice many times doctors or physicians advise safe exercises to their patients. Daily exercises can help to boost energy and as well as improve the immune system.

Need to quit smoking (Tobacco) – 

Reducing smoke helps very much prevent or lower the chances of cervical cancer. According to medical experts, after quitting the smoke or tobacco products, the body repairs itself. If a person quits smoking, that helps boost the immune system to help fight against cervical cancer. This healthy habit may help the patient to recover from treatment. Patients need to talk with their doctor about strategies to help people quit smoking.

Try to be more focused on healthy eating – 

Due to our busy lifestyle, even patients can’t adjust to healthy eating habits, which affect their health more. Healthy eating habit is a meaningful way to lead a healthy lifestyle or maintain proper nutrition. Vegetables and fruits are rich in antioxidants & nutrition that are helpful to reduce the risk of severe conditions during cervical cancer. According to doctors, antioxidants are well known to prevent cell damage which is essential for reducing cervical cancer. If people have cervical cancer, they need to avoid foods such as – processed foods, red meat, sugars (etc.).

Consultant with a doctor about the HPV vaccine – 

To prevent cervical cancer, patients need to receive a vaccination to prevent HPV infection, which also may help to reduce the risk of cervical cancer and as well as other HPV-related cancers. Many times doctors suggest these vaccines that may help prevent pre-cancers and cancers of the cervix.

Seek the support of close persons –

As we all know, cancer is a very stressful disease. The patients need a lot of mental support to recover from this illness. They also get support from mental health experts who work with cancer patients. But mainly, the help of family and caregivers becomes very helpful for patients.

If individuals have cervical cancer, they don’t need to be worried because advanced medical science has introduced many ways to reduce this type of cancer. To reduce the risk factors of this cancer, people can try the tips mentioned above to help them. If patients are reduced the risk of infection & make their dietary changes, it may also help. Remember that small changes in your habits can give you a better life.

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Top reasons to visit a Nephrologist

Best Nephrologist in Delhi NCR

To get a healthy body, you have to be careful with your health. Kidneys are an essential part of the human body. So, it would help if you gave extra care to them. So staying tuned with a healthy body means recognizing some specific symptoms that prompt you to schedule an appointment with the nephrologist. Nephrology is the specialty of internal medicine that focuses on treating such diseases that generally affect your kidneys. Kidneys are highly essential for the human body and serve various vital functions:

  • Eliminate excess and waste fluid from the blood.
  • Properly maintain the electrolyte balance of your body.
  • Release some hormones with some specific tasks like managing the blood pressure.

The nephrologist can also help you take the proper care of your kidneys and determine if you have kidney disease risk. But maximum people become confused, and they cannot determine when they should visit the nephrologist. So here in this blog, we are giving some symptoms by which you can easily understand the proper time to see a nephrologist.

A human body has two kidneys. And they are located below the rib-cage on either side of the spine. Those kidneys have some various vital functions, which include:

  • Erasing waste & excess fluid from your blood
  • Controlling the electrolyte balance of your body.
  • Releasing the hormones with some specific tasks like managing the blood pressure.

Here we are providing some specific symptoms, which should be treated as soon as possible; if you are facing the following symptoms, then you have to visit the nephrologist without any delay.

Changes in Your Urination:

This is the one symptom for which you should visit the nephrologist. When you can notice some changes in your urination habits, you should see the nephrologist as soon as possible. These specific changes in the urination habits are the symptoms of something wrong with the kidneys, like kidney failure or kidney disease, and need some medical attention. Generally, changes in the urination habits include: urinating less frequently or a painful urine habit or not at all, the darker or frothy urine appearance.

High Blood Pressure:

Having high blood pressure also can lead to damage to the kidneys or kidney failure. These kidneys generally help filter the extra and waste fluids from your blood, and they can use massive blood vessels to do so. So high blood pressure is the 2nd leading reason for this kidney failure. If you are a patient with high blood pressure, then you should consult a nephrologist as soon as possible to learn how you can give the proper protection to your kidney and better management of your blood pressure.

Family History of the kidney disease:

If there is a history of kidney disease in your family, then it would be better to consult a nephrologist. Nephrologists can also help you to prevent & treat the early stages of this kidney disease. Having the underlying predisposition could also potentially put you at high risk; doing an early test will be very effective for your health. An early administering test would help you to detect the symptoms of decreasing kidney function.

Brain Fog:

If you face episodes of forgetfulness or feel that your brain can feel fuzzy, you should visit the nephrologist as soon as possible because this can be the symptom of kidney disease. New researchers have discovered that decreased kidney function is also associated with decreased cognitive functioning in abstract reasoning, verbal memory, and global cognitive ability. If you are facing this symptom, you should contact the nephrologist for a vital checkup.


Diabetes is how you can find that your kidney can be at the risk of kidney failure or kidney damage. Some professionals have stated that diabetes causes some tremendous stress & damage to your kidneys. These diabetes patients are impaired and at high risk for kidney failure if they do not take the dialysis properly. If you are a patient of diabetes and are facing any of the following diabetic nephropathy signs, you should visit the Nephrologist for immediate medical attention. Those signs include:

  • Swelling of the feet, face & hands
  • Trouble concentrating or sleeping
  • Poor appetite
  • Nausea
  • Weakness
  • Dehydrated skin & Itching
  • Drowsiness
  • Twitching in the muscle
  • Abnormality in the regular rhythm of the heart, just because of the increased potassium in your blood.

You do not need to be worried if you are facing this kind of problem. Nowadays, our medical science has become very much advanced. With the help of this medical science, you can quickly cure your kidney problems. With the use of this blog, you have already been informed which symptoms should be treated immediately. If you face any issues from the above list, you should not waste time anymore. You should book an appointment and visit the experts as soon as possible.

Jimmy Asija – Renowned Producer Starts his Own Venture of Hypoxi

 When it comes to our body, be it a man or a woman, child or an adult, we are all possessive of how our body turns out to be. Who does not like to have that ‘Perfect’ body, right? We all do! We all look forward to having a beautifully shaped body with those toned legs, a flat stomach, and muscle arms. But getting the best body of your dreams is surely not a cakewalk as it is a piece of work. 

 Are you always upset about how your body is? Are you forever looking out for remedies? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then Jimmy Asija – The renowned producer and director of Gujarati and Bollywood films, has a surprise for you. 

The Time is Yours 

It is now the time to fall in love with those beautifully tones legs and give your body the worth and the feeling it does deserve. 

 We present a unique way of fat loss to you by a simple process of relaxing – The Japanese Method known as ‘Hypoxia.

Brief About Hypoxi Method:

The Hypoxi Method is a very known Japanese fitness method solution used in modern times today. It is known to be a patent technology treating human fat with a ‘Three Dimension.’ This technique helps burn the stubborn fat, helps with water retention, and helps in rejuvenating the skin. 

The treatment of Hypoxi makes use of Hypoxi devices used for executing these three-dimensional bases for a slimming treatment. 

 Hypoxi for Women and Men:

 Women: Especially women who have a pear-shaped body are the ones who suffer from weight loss issues. Hence, the Hypoxi treatment is very well suited for women looking forward to achieving these slimming goals. In addition, women who also have cellulite storage on different parts of the body can use this treatment. 

Men: Mostly, men with oval-shaped bodies can use this treatment to shape their buttocks and legs. Especially men who are not inclined towards weight lifting exercises but want to shed some kilos can try this method. 

Hypoxi – Ultimate Slimming Solution:

 We all know that our body accumulates stubbornly far in all the parts. When a particular region of the body lacks proper blood supply, then this is when these fatty deposits get formed. With time passing by, this becomes stubborn, which further blocks the smooth blood flow to the organs. Then there comes an ultimate time when the blood flow rate falls much below the normal level required. This is when the body starts to form toxins in the region where there is excessive fat. 

 Hypoxi technology is considered to be a very capable technology when it comes to helping in balancing the water retention and blood flow levels in the body. With the help of this treatment, individuals can reap great advantages of the same. This technology helps develop a proper pressure rhythm, which improves the overall blood circulation and gives a pump to the body’s metabolism. 

Jimmy Asija has always come out as a person who would want to help people in every way possible. By starting his own Hypoxi Venture, we are sure he is all set to put smiles on people’s faces, as what better gift to give anyone than a healthy body.