Facebook Just Launched Its “Food Ordering Service”


Facebook Just Launched Its “Food Ordering Service”

Facebook unveiled an innovation for users this Friday. Facebook, the most used social networking site will have a delivery service for its US users. Users will be able to purchase food through their application or website.

Facebook unveiled an innovation for users this Friday. Facebook, the most used social networking site will have a delivery service for its US users. Users will be able to purchase food through their application or website.

According to Facebook, it had partnered with restaurants including Papa John’s, Five Guys, Jack in the Box and Panera. Facebook also mentioned that it had also signed contracts with food delivery services such as EatStreet, Delivery.com, DoorDash, ChowNow, and Olo.

Facebook says that users can choose the restaurant along with the delivery orders. The best thing is that the company wants to take advantage of your Facebook connection in a better way. For example, you will be able to make a better food choice if the comments from your friends are at hand

Facebook users need to access the “order food” option under the “explore” section in the Facebook app. Users can explore the list of nearby restaurants and can order the food by tapping on the “Start Order” button.

As we already mentioned, the food ordering service is first rolling out across the US for Android, iOS & desktop. If you are not a resident of US, you need to wait for some more time until the service hits your country.

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Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Items

Our day begins with our breakfast. As after a long sleep at night our body needs much amount of energy to get ready for whole day’s work and this energy can we get from the healthy breakfast? Breakfast should not be heavy as after heavy meal we feel sleepy. So we should choose some healthy and energetic breakfast items that help to boost our energy and help us in improving our health. At today’s time everybody is in hurry and have no time to eat healthy breakfasts but guys don’t forget haste makes waste. So choose some quickly prepared and healthy breakfast items. Here we are discussing some healthy breakfast meals, which you can prepare easily and quickly at home and get health benefits from them:

1. Oats porridge:
Oats are really good for health as they are rich in fibers and helps to control weight gain. Oats porridge is good for all age persons whether they are kids or an adult. This is a quickly prepared breakfast for your busy morning. Just take some rolled or simple oats in a pan and add some milk into it and add sugar as per your taste and let them boiled for 3-4 minutes and your oats porridge is ready. If you want to skip sugar then you can use honey instead of sugar and you can also add some dry fruits to increase your taste. But if you want to give this porridge to your toddler just be sure to make powder of this oats and need not add any dry fruits just add powdered oats, milk, and sugar and offer that dish to your small baby. So when you are in hurry and have no time to prepare any breakfast just try this dish, you are really loving it.

2. Poha:
Flattened rice are called poha. Poha is full of iron and has so many calories. However, poha is a recipe of Maharashtra but now it is liked in all over India. it is the very light meal but we can say it is a complete meal as we can add many types of vegetables and dry fruits into it to make it make it healthier and tastier and it is really an easily prepared dish. There are many kinds of Poha are popular in Maharashtra like Batata(potato) poha, Kanda Poha (onion) etc. But You can add many vegetables instead one or two as like you can add potato, onions, tomato, peas, capsicum, carrot, beans, cabbage, cauliflower etc and you also can add peanuts and almond which is really taste good in this dish. It takes approx 20-30 minutes to prepare. so try this recipe in morning meal and feel light and healthy.

3. Upma:
Upma is another a very healthy breakfast and good for persons who want to burn their fats and eat healthy and tasty food. upma is made from the semolina(suji) which is easily available in every home. You can add vegetables into it whatever you like. It is full of calories recipe and easy to digest. you have to roast the semolina in a pan. In another pan, you have to take some oil and mustard seeds and after cracking of seeds, you have to add some chana and urad dal, roast it, add some almonds or peanuts whatever you want then add your favorite vegetables like chilies onion, potato, carrot, beans etc and add much water. when it begins to boil add roasted semolina and stir continuously. your healthy upma is ready in no time. You can prepare it not more than 20 minutes. So take this option and add it to your breakfast list.

4. Veg Sandwich:
Sandwich is really an easily prepared breakfast. when no lady is at home and you are late for the office or schools just prepare the breakfast by their own. the sandwich is really a very easy and quick recipe. But you need to have some bread at home. If you are more health conscious then try the whole grain bread or brown bread. You can add any types of vegetables into your sandwiches like raw vegetables such as onion, tomatoes, cucumber etc and boiled vegetables like potatoes. you also can add cheese, butter, and mayonnaise in your sandwich which increases your taste.

5. Idli:
Idli is a south Indian dish which is the oil free dish and easy to digest. you can add this item to your breakfast. But the idli is made from the batter of urad dal and rice, which have to be soaked for 24 hours and then blend this mixture which takes so much time. but if you want to eat instant idli then you can try the idli made with semolina. It is also really good in taste and fat-free quick recipe. Besides semolina Idli, you can also try Oats idli which is healthier than other idlis and also take some time to prepare. so try this different types of idlis and add it to your breakfast menu.

6. Dosa:
Dosa is also a south Indian dish and very popular in all over India. Dosa is also of many types.you can try rice-dal batter dosa, Rice dosa, semolina dosa, oats dosa, moong dal dosa etc. Each has their own taste and own health benefits. you can make it by using very less amount of oil in non-stick Tawa. It tastes is really mouth watering and if you have some extra time in the morning then you can try this recipe with nariyal chutney, sambhar or peanut chutney whatever you like.

7. Dhokla:
Dhokla is s Gujarati dish and doesn’t require any oil and fat to prepare it. it is easy to make and its taste is really good. As we are very well aware that steamed product is healthier than other oily dishes. This dish is made by easily available food items like besan (gram flour). So try it in the morning and serve healthy and tasty breakfast to your family.

8. Wheat Porridge (Dalia):
Wheat porridge is really good for health as it is rich in fibers and minerals. It provides our body calories in much quantity. This recipe is good for all age persons and it is also recommended to the patients and the person who have some normal health problems, as it is a very light and oil free food. You can make this porridge sweet with milk and also it makes salty by adding some vegetables into it. Both tastes really amazing and health effective. Don’t forget to add this meal to your breakfast menu.

9. Sprouts:
Sprouts are very rich in minerals, proteins, antioxidants and vitamins. We can include sprouts in our breakfast as well as evening snacks also whatever you like. but it has so much health benefits that you should eat it as a morning breakfast as it helps to keep away all the toxins from the body and keep your body energetic. Many pulses can be used as a sprouts, but mostly Green gram (sabut moong dal) and black gram (Kala chana) are used for sprouts . You can add some vegetables like onion, tomatoes , boiled potatoes, cucumber, lemon juice etc to increase its taste.

10. Namkeen Sevaiyan (vermicelli):
vermicelli is made from semolina which is good for health. Vermicelli can be eaten with milk and dry fruit as a sweet meal and if you don’t like sweet things then try vermicelli with vegetables and spices. This recipe is called namkeen Sevaiyan. You can make it by using very less oil and added many vegetables into it. It is really a very tasty dish and easy to prepare at morning.

So this above said morning breakfast dishes which is made by using very less oil or by steaming. All the dishes are very good for health. it is quite good for children as well as adults. If you have very less time to prepare morning breakfast and you are fed up with eating oily paranthas every day try this awesome dishes at home and feeling healthy, fat-free and light at the whole day.

Quick and Cool Drinks for Summer

Summer is upon here and we have to fight with a heat of this summer season. In summers we feel a lack of energy and tired every time. Our body demands some energy to do work. Energy can be obtained by some health drinks, which keeps us cool and refreshing in summers. To beat the heat in this summer season let’s try some quick, easily available and healthy cool drinks:

1. Coconut water(Nariyal Pani):
Coconut water is such a healthy drink which can boost our immunity and energy. Coconut water helps to retain the fluids in our body for a long time and it has so many minerals which protect us from many health problems like cholesterol, kidney problems, and dehydration. So whenever you feel so much exhausted in hot summer days just sip some coconut water and feel refreshed.

2. Lemon Water(Nimbu Pani):
Nimbu Pani, which is easily available and any time prepared cool drinks. Lemon has their own health benefits as it flushes out all toxins from our body and helps to hydrate our body in summer. It can be consumed daily as it is easily available at home. Its taste can be increased by adding mint leaves, cumin seeds powder, black salt, and chat masala. IN northern state nimbu pani is also called as Shikanji and lemonade in English. So whenever you feel so much tiredness in hotty season just go for the glass of lemon water and feel refreshed at once.

3. Mango Shake:
As we all know that mango is the king of all fruits and can be seen mostly in the summer season, so why this tastiest fruits missed in hotty season. Yes, we can use it to make a healthy and sweet cool drink. We can add the mashed ripe mangoes, milk, sugar and ice in the blender jar and prepare a tasty drink for this summer season. Its taste is mouth watered that anybody can miss this drink in this summer season.

4. Aam ka Panna:
If we use the ripe mangoes for making drink then why can’t we use unripe mangoes also for preparing a cool drink. yes, we can also use unripe mangoes for making a healthy cool drink at home. It is rich in vitamin c and helps to get rid many toxins from our body. Just boil the unripe mangoes and mashed its pulp and add the sugar, salt, cumin seeds powder and other spices which you want according to your taste and sip this drink. its sour taste can change the taste of your tongue and you feel quite refreshed.

5. Jaljeera:
Jaljeera is best known in Northern India. Northern Indian people love the taste of spiced Jal jeera. It is used as a cool drink for summer and also used as an appetizer. The taste of mint leaves, coriander leaves added with spices like black pepper, black salt roasted cumin seed powder watered your mouth. Just prepare this drink at home and feeling energized in this summers.

6. Lassi:
Lassi is also used as a healthy cool drink for a summer season in India. It is made from yogurt. It can be sweet or salty. There are many variations of lassi like masala lassi, fruit lassi, sweet lassi, salty lassi, rose lassi, strawberry lassi etc. we can add cardamom powder and saffron to increase its taste.

7. Bael Sharbat:
Very few people know about the Bael. But the Bael juice is very good in a summer season. Bael tree leaves and its fruits are offered to Lord Shivji on Mahashivratri festival. Bael fruit is also known as stone fruit and wood fruit. Its fruit’s pulp is mashed in a bowl and add cool water and sieve the juice. just sip the cool bael juice and forget the harmful effect of hot sun. Try this juice in this summer season.

8. Badam (almond) shake:
However almond is a dry fruit and its nature is hot. but if we soak the almonds in water for whole night and try this almond for making a shake it proves very good in summer. Milk, sugar, cardamom powder, saffron and almond blend in the blender and just sip this drink you feel so much refreshed in hot season and this healthy drink provides energy too.

9. Sugar cane juice:
sugarcane juice is really effective in summer season. To hydrate your body in summer just try the sugarcane juice. It is very good for jaundice and have digestive properties. It really quenching your thirst in few seconds and boost your energy.

10. Fruit juices:
There are a list of large number of fruits which are founded in summer and have many health related properties. so keep away the harmful effects of summer season and to keep body healthy and cool just taste the different types of fruit juices like Orange juice, mousambi juice, watermelon juice, grapes juice , muskmelon juice etc all fruits are riched in Vitamin C. You can also taste the apple juice, pomegranate juice and strawberry juice in this hot season and fell refreshed at once.

11. Sattu ka sharbat:
Sattu is made from the roasted gram flour or roasted black chickpea flour which are known as chane ka sattu. It is really very good and proves very healthy in summer season. It is quite useful for kids as well as adults. It is a sweet drink and popular in many parts of India.

12. Thandai:
Thandai is very popular in northern India and as its name shows thanda which means cool. So it is very cool and good for summers. It consists full fat milk, many types of dry fruits, sugar, black pepper, other spices, cardamom powder , saffron etc. It is very popular in the festival of Holi and Maha shiv ratri also.

Why bear this hot summer season with the lack of energy and full of sweat. Just enjoy this summer with the different types of healthy cool drinks and beat the heat of the sun. There are many others drinks also which you can drink in this hot season and quench your thirst.

Holi Special Homemade Snacks to Serve

Holi special homemade snacks to serve

Though each Indian festival has uniqueness lying behind the story and rituals, but holi has something different to do. being the festival of colors, it spreads a flow of happiness among each human. Each color denote a special message to everyone. Whatever the festival is, if right food is not there, celebration becomes of no use. So here is a list of delicious folding items which are to be used for serving and welcoming holi guest.

1. Gujiya

Being the most trendy sweet item, it is a special dish for holi celebration. With the mixture of sweet, crunch and taste, it brings water in mouth. No one can stop saying, “once more”.

gujiya- Holi Special

2. Bread Pakoda

People always forget to have food in a proper way as they lost themselves in playing holi. Bread pakoda is something which consumes less time to prepare and helps to omit the hunger.

Bread pakoda - Holi special

3. Halwa

Too many varieties are there like lauki halwa ( butternut squash halva), moong dal halva, Suji halva, wheat flour halva, besan halva, gajar halva and much more. With the mixture of desi ghee, milk and seasonal veg, Halwa proves to be the most healthy snacks to eat.

halwa- Holi Special

4. Kachori

It is always said that females are always fond of spicy and salty food. Kachori is the best option which can be served with aloo sabji, chola or chutney. Kachori can be prepared with the filled stuffing made of potato, dal, peas, onion, etc.

kachori- Holi Special

5. Samosa

A usual snack people would love to eat everyday. It can be prepared at home or can be bought from the shop. Crisp and salty taste of the samosa may motivate you to eat more and more.

samosa- Holi Special

6. Dahi vada

Ever trendy snack in India which is loved by mostly all Indians. A soft home made dish can be consumed by old age people as well. The combination of dahi helps to improve digestion.

Dahi vada- Holi Special

7. Pakora

Besan can results in best dishes if right combination is matched. Onion pakora, aloo pakora, gobhi pakora, paneer pakora, mix veg pakora, mirch pakora and much more. Pakora with green chutney will give your awesome feeling.

pakora- holi special

8. Shikanji

We talked a lot about eating, now its a turn to prepare some drink. Nimbu shikanji helps digesting hard foods and maintain humidity in the body. It also makes the taste of mouth which get spoiled with the holi colors.

Shikanji- holi special

9. Thandai

Holi special drink which is made with the dry fruits combination. It symbolizes welcoming summers. Some people add Bhaang in holi. Over consumption of Bhaang may lead to bad health or may spoil holi mood. So better prepare it in healthy way.

Holi Special Thandai

10. Sharbat

Kids are always fond of flavored drinks and Sharbat is better option for kids.

sharbat- Holi special

The snacks are not limited to the mentioned items. One can add more food items to enjoy festivals. In short,“khana to ek bahaana hai, Holi jo Manaana Hai”. So make the festival enjoyable and cherish happiness with the sweetness of snacks .

Happy Holi 🙂

Simple and Healthy Homemade Bread Pizza

best way homemade bread pizza

Pizza – a word that brings water in my mouth. I was always being curious to have Pizza on weekly basis. Like me, others will also be keen to have Pizza party. But Pizza is not necessarily been affordable all the time for all the people. In fact, outside Pizzas are not so hygienic or healthy. Statistics report also reveals – too much consumption of Pizza may result in obesity, sleeping problems, body fat, high calories etc.

Being the combination of Vegetables and bake roti, it is healthy if it is made at home with additional nutrients. To have Pizza, one must have Pizza base, all veggies, Pizza sauce, cream, cheese, Pizza spices and herbs etc. to give an original taste. But it is not necessarily to be available at home always. And the other most important thing, one must have sufficient time as well.

Now, we will try a simple and less time consuming method of making Bread Pizza for your breakfast or heavy hunger as well. One always have bread, onion, tomato, capsicum, milk cream, tomato sauce, salt, black pepper powder, desi ghee etc.

  • First collect the simple veggies you are having at your home like onion, tomato, capsicum etc. Chopped all the vegetables finely. You can give any shape to design your Pizza as well.
  • Have slices of bread.
  • Use desi ghee on both side of bread slice.
  • Spread Pizza sauce if you have, otherwise you may simply spread the tomato sauce. Or both sauces can be spread finely to give taste.
  • Spread chopped veggies on the bread evenly and thoroughly.
  • Then spread salt and black pepper powder according to your taste.
  • Put some quantity of milk cream (replacement of Pizza cheese)
  • Put the bread slice in microwave or oven for ten minutes. Some oven or microwave has the option of Pizza making, you can select the same.

After ten minutes, homemade tasty Pizza is ready which is healthy and hygienic. Cut them and eat with great fun.

  1. You may use other veggies or ingredients as per the taste and availability like sweet corns, soybean, peanuts, cheese, potato etc.
  2. If you don’t have microwave or oven, you may cook the bread Pizza on nonstick tawa as well. Procedure will be the same. Cook the Pizza at lower steam and cover the same for better cooking.