States have expressed concern about the effects of social media

According to Ashwini Vaishnav, the minister for electronics and information technology, states across the nation have expressed concern about the effects of gaming, pornography, and social media on institutions and have asked the federal government to draft laws that could effectively regulate and control these things.

After meeting with state IT ministers at the ongoing India Mobile Congress, Vaishnav told reporters that almost all states had expressed concerns about the impact of social media and had suggested tougher legislation to regulate intermediaries.

“Many states exchanged their top techniques,” Vaishnav explained that this aids other states in modeling their own laws, rules, and policies after these best practices.

The minister reported that the government has begun receiving positive comments on the draft telecom bill that it had made available for public comment.

“We are getting a very good sense of how the industry feels, and most people have been positive about the bill.” “We have requested written suggestions from the industry about its concerns regarding the definitions of OTT” (over-the-top), as there are concerns about them,” he said.

The minister stated that the ministry was also working on the Digital India Act and Personal Data Protection Bill, which would be uploaded soon for comments.


  • Who told reporters that almost all states had expressed concerns about the impact of social media?

Ans.  Vaishnav

  • Who is Ashwini?

Ans.  The minister for electronics and information technology

  • On which ministry is working?

Ans.  Digital India Act and Personal Data Protection Bill

Ukraine war: Ukrainians on the eastern front predict that Putin’s annexation will fail

The response from Ukrainian forces on the eastern front is unchanged as Russian President Vladimir Putin announces the annexation of large portions of sovereign Ukrainian territory, issues nuclear threats, and calls up hundreds of thousands of reservists. 

In one of the four regions that President Putin is currently illegitimately claiming as his own, we travel to front-line positions in the city of Bakhmut in Donetsk. Our journey is broken up into phases.


We move more slowly to cross the Bakhmutovka River, then move more quickly to cover exposed ground before squeezing through a perilous curtain of downed power lines. We sprint the last few meters. The shelling continues nonstop throughout; it is a common sound of war.


The crackle of small arms fire, however, can be heard when we get close to the front-line troops inside a building that has seen combat. The distance between the two sides allows for rifle-to-rifle fire between them.


The Russians are in front of us by about 400 meters (437 yards) and are making a lot of effort to get closer. There is a Russian sniper in the back, as we are told.

The unit commander is solemn and direct at his underground post, where a ginger cat keeps him company.


Oleksandr, a 31-year-old, complains that things are difficult right now. It is demanding. Everyone is pressed for time. Although the enemy is very close by, we are still standing and responding.

He calls the most recent referendums held by President Putin “delusional,” and he asserts that Ukrainians will not submit to Russian tyranny.

“Those referendums, in my opinion, won’t affect anything. Putin’s army will face opposition from our army as we drive them off our territory, he vows.



  • What is the name of the river?

Ans. Bakhmutovka River

  • What is the age of Oleksandr?

Ans. 31-year-old 

  • What does he call Putin?

Ans. Delusional

WhatsApp bans over 23 lakh Indian money owed in August

Social media massive Meta’s on-the-spot messaging service Whatsapp on Saturday said it banned 23,28,000 money owed between August 1, 2022, and August 31, 2022. of these, 10,08,000 debts were proactively banned, earlier than any reviews from customers, WhatsApp said in a declaration.

These numbers were reported as brand new part state modern WhatsApp India’s month-to-month document according to Rule 4(1)(d) present day the Indian records technology (intermediary hints and virtual Media Ethics Code) rules, 2021.

The person-protection document carries information ultra-modern the personal proceedings received and the corresponding movement was taken by WhatsApp, as well as WhatsApp’s personal preventive actions to combat abuse on the platform.

August’s number is very a good deal consistent with WhatsApp’s popular trend. in advance, within the month of ultra-modern July, the messaging platform had banned a comparable number, at over 23 lakh money owed in the united states of America, and 22 lakh accounts in June.

In August, WhatsApp said it obtained 598 complaint reviews from India, and the platform actioned 19 modern reviews. this is slightly higher whilst as compared to July whilst WhatsApp obtained 574 grievance reports and actioned on 27 latest them.

Money owed Actioned’ denotes reports where WhatsApp took remedial motion based on the record. “Taking action denotes either banning an account or a formerly banned account being restored cutting-edge the criticism,” WhatsApp defined. In the modern day the 598 complaint reports in August, 449 were ban appeals, and the rest had been beneath different classes like aid and safety.


  • How much Indian money is banned by WhatsApp?

Ans. 23 lakh 

  • What is the time period of banned money?

Ans. August 1, 2022, and August 31, 2022

  • How many complaints were reviewed by WhatsApp in august?

Ans. 598 complaint

Ukraine warfare: Biden says the US will not be intimidated by way of reckless Putin

On Friday, President Putin appeared to make a veiled chance to use nuclear guns to protect the ones regions. He stated they could “forever” be Russian – but Ukraine vowed to disencumber them.

Nato chief Jens Stoltenberg stated the Russian pass had become “the maximum critical escalation” since the beginning of the struggle”.In a speech in Moscow, the Russian leader claimed residents in Ukraine’s jap Donetsk and Luhansk areas, in addition to in Kherson and Zaporizhzhia within the south, had voted to be “with their human beings, their motherland”.

tons of Mr. Putin’s speech became used to rail on the West. He stated the United States had created a “precedent” with the aid of nuclear guns against Japan on the cease of global conflict two, in an apparent hazard.

Mr. Putin last week said the United States of America had “various weapons of destruction” and could “use all of the means to our advantage,” adding: “I’m not bluffing.” The Kremlin has made clear that any assault on the areas claimed by Russia might be seen as an assault on Russian soil, signaling an escalation of the struggle.

In reality, Russia does not completely control any of the 4 regions, and in his speech, Mr. Putin did not completely define the borders. President Biden called out his Russian counterpart’s “reckless phrases and threats,” but said that Mr. Putin was “not going to scare us.”

“America and its allies aren’t going to be intimidated,” President Biden stated at the White residence. He then addressed the Russian president without delay, pointing his finger into the digital camera.

“America’s fully prepared, with our Nato allies, to guard every single inch of Nato territory,” he stated, in connection with the Western security bloc.”Mr. Putin, do not misunderstand what I am pronouncing: each inch.”


  • When did President Putin appear to make a veiled chance?

Ans. On Friday 

  • Who is the chief of Nato?

Ans. Jens Stoltenberg

  • How many regions does Russia not completely control?

Ans. 4 

Top Apple exec loses job then she says she likes according to honor ladies among viral TikTok video

A senior Apple government has given up the organization then his video received viral on the brief video platform TikTok. Apple has not formally addressed the reasons behind his departure, however, the exterior comes days below the top govt instituted pale banter within a viral clip. In the TikTok video, also on hand regarding Twitter (by Phil_Lewis_), Tony Blevins, anybody is an authorization participant in the company’s furnish chain operations, observed that likes to “fondle big-breasted women”, which irked partial employees then users online. The commentary got here when a TikTok composer asked the government such as does for a living.


As referred to through information agency Bloomberg, the composer Blevins into his Daniel Mac goes around then speaks in conformity with proprietors concerning luxury automobiles – namely a section on his conventional media series. When she spotted the govt among a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, an out-of-production sports auto that fetches heaps of thousands of dollars, Mac inquired touching the owner’s life. When asked such as he does for a living, Blevins said, “I bear wealthy cars, move golf yet fondle big-breasted women, however, I receive weekends and most important vacation trips off”.


The video has garnered 40,000 likes on Instagram or 1.3 million views on TikTok. After the video got viral, a servant reported it according to the ethnic sources department. The clip used to be also reportedly mentioned among Apple employees who partially too expressed anger at the remarks.


  • How many like that video got?

Ans. 40,000 likes 

  • On which platform video posted?

Ans. Instagram 

  • What is the number of views on TikTok?

Ans. 1.3 million