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How to Celebrate Friendship Day – Some Ideas

booming friendship party

We all know friendship day is a day of close and true friends when they spend their quality time together. Let’s celebrate International Friendship Day on every first Sunday of August in each year to dedicate the same towards true friends. Now the question may arise – how to celebrate …

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Friendship Day – A Festive for True Friends

happy friendship day 2016

What is friendship day? Why is friendship day celebrated? When is friendship day celebrated? There are too many questions running in the mind of people or youth like us. Some say it is just a day like others, some try to elaborate with the most promising resolutions towards friends. Actually, …

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What to gift a boy on his birthday

what gift a boy on his birthday

Girls are always curious and excited for her partner’s birthday. She began to plan in advance for his birthday. And why not! Her life partner is always precious for a girl, so his birthday is always special for a girl. But now the question arises- how to make his birthday …

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What to Gift a Girl on Her Birthday

birthday gift for girlfriend and wife

What to gift a girl on her birthday- question is always tough and clueless as boys are always dumb in this particular task. Here the girl denotes your girlfriend or life partner. Actually gifts are not essential, though it plays an important role to strengthen the relation. Gifts whether small …

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