Privacy Policy

This section is designed and written to safeguard the interest of both the parties i.e., user and reader. It discloses the privacy information of which is important. You can block the pop-ups of your window or disable cookies to stop us to collect any personal data from your desktop or mobile devices. Our privacy Policy consist the three most important segments-

1. Collection/ Disclosure of Personal information: We track and collect the database related to the pages which have been visited by the users. The purpose of this is to know the interest, likes, dislikes, area, location of the user so as to serve him with the better ideas. This tracking enable us to keep an eye on the website traffic, number of visitors and other information which can help us to popularize our contents. This analysis will enable us to understand the user behavior, to keep the visitor tracking, to choose the topics more wisely. We try to maintain the simple language to make it easily accessible by the users. We make sure not to disclose the personal information of the users to anyone and we will not sell this data anywhere. Confidentially will be maintained at each level of time. The information available to you is free of cost and no single penny will charges from the user side.

2. Advertising: Blog vertex allows Google and other ad agency to display their ads which are relevant. These ads may be based on the cookies or data collected previously at your desktop or mobile devices.  Third party advertisement vendor will use the cookies serve adverts to the visitors accordingly to refine their searches. Tracking of the cookies is based on their own tools to measure the effectiveness of the advertisements displayed on your system. User will have no access or control over these cookies.

3. Updation: We do reserve the right to change and modify the privacy policy of this site anytime without your consent. We make sure to update the privacy policies time to time as and when required.

Minors are not allowed to use this website although they can use and read the contents under the guidance of their parents.

We can also use the third party links to serve you better and with more information, although we will not be responsible for their terms, conditions and privacy policies.

Once you are agreed to receive the email newsletters, our updated contents will be available to you once it is updated or uploaded on the website. A user will have the right to unsubscribe the newsletter anytime as and when required.

You may also ask to login the social networking sites when you use the social networking features on our website. When you login (facebook, twitter etc), we may collect your personal information from the social networking sites only. The use of such information will be limited to the privacy policies of these social networking sites.

If there are any questions regarding this you may contact us at using the information below.