Review of Movie Purple Hearts: A convenience marriage develops into a very awkward love story

Purple Hearts, the newest romance film on Netflix, starring star singer and actress Sofia Carson and Cinderella actor Nicholas Gallitzin in the title roles. The two-hour movie, which was directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, streaming on July 29, 2022.

The additional cast member includes Chosen Jacobs, Kat Cunning, Linden Ashby, Anthony Ippolito, John Harlan Kim, Sarah Rich, Scott Dechert, Loren Escandon, and Breana Raquel. The touching drama, written by Kyle Jarrod and Liz W. Garcia, is surely touch people’s emotions.

Purple Hearts Begins Original But Eventually Succumbs To An Opposites-Attract Relationship

The story rotates all over Cassie, a type 1 diabetic motivated musician who works odd jobs to make it happen. When you first met Cassie, she was a serious liberal with anti-gun and anti-war philosophies who had a no dating military strategy. She later corrected wild and sexist Marines when they acted inappropriately in the name of nationalism.

“Purple Hearts” got off to a tremendous start with a fun dynamic between liberal Cassie and old-fashioned Luke, a Marine who was about to set up. The words, though, could have been phrased more skilfully so they didn’t sound like a pointless argument amongst social media shows.

The movie also started out as an insightful criticism and imitation on jingoism, America’s dysfunctional healthcare system, and the acclamation of bigotry in the name of patriotism. Pretty soon, it run down into a tired romantic cliché about how opposites fascinate.

Cassie, a victim of the American healthcare system and big pharma, found it more and more exciting to obtain insulin on her own with her low money. Luke, however, had a troubled past with drug compulsion and a dealer was currently chasing him for the repayment of certain loans.

Is that the sole answer to their issues? A “marriage of convenience” that would make available Cassie access to military spousal benefits like complete healthcare and bring in some extra cash for Luke to pay off his overdue amount.

On the wedding ceremony night, their pretend union began to develop a passionate and romantic side. Luke was shortly sent to Iraq as a result of the two choosing to contempt the passionate instant. Scenes concerning Luke’s base camp training and time in Iraq could have used with some improvement.

Without giving too much away, many of the crucial exchanges between the two characters and the turning points in their story seemed hurried or left to viewers’ assumptions. More dramatic aspects and genuine, sensitive, and raw moments may have been added to better justify the two-hour stretched running time.

Luke, who trodden on an IED, returned from Iraq with brutally damaged legs. Cassie had been forced into helpful for her fictitious husband as a result of their phoney marriage, but their closeness and underlying attraction to one another caused more sparks to fly between them. However, “Purple Hearts” looks too extended because the plot tottered on the will-they and won’t-they edge right up until the end.

The characters entirely depart from their actual nature as presented at the beginning of the movie amid all this fresh mayhem and the beginnings of a new romance. Cassie seems to have overnight transformed into the patriot and adoring wife she initially hated. Furthermore, the drama in real life had no impact on her musical career, making the story very hard to believe.

“Purple Hearts” plots the interest of everybody who enjoys watching romantic comedies but, slips in half way mark. For those who live and breathe the genre of life, it delivers a hint of old world elegance with the military and war premise and the clichés of will-they and won’t-they romance. However, the writing could have been stronger, and additional originality and randomness wouldn’t have hurt.

The Emotional Narrative “Purple Hearts” Lacks Chemistry, Music Isn’t Fascinating

“Purple Hearts” may be a better romance movie with an additional emotional concept and patriotic tones, only if the actors had better chemistry. The execution would have been much stronger to keep viewer’s patient. Performances by Carson and Galitzine were on & off, and it was hard to believe their romantic because of their lack of connection in two halves’.

When it came to the progress of the love story, the plot also deviated many times in illogical ways. It was nothings like character for Cassie to create a song honoring American heroes after her lack of patriotism. A hopeless romantic story drives it to a different kind of love tale.

The first original song went viral and led to bigger shows, effectually paving the way for her to become a rock star. Her career was untouched by the turbulent drama in her life as she appeared at concerts and received the invitation to open for Florence. It more looks though her musical journey was an isolated story doesn’t relate to the movie.

The lack of chemistry wasn’t helped and so the excess of music numbers. The songs could have saved the movie a little if they had been able to touch the audience’s emotions, but none of them really relate to the story.

Even though “Purple Hearts” movie a little stretched, it is a solid enough diverting romance that will keep you interested. However, don’t do any anticipation in advance and hoping it’s too much success. Netflix is now ready for streaming the latest romance movie.

Hips Don’t Lie Pop Star Shakira Might Serve 8 Years In Spanish Prison For Tax Evasion Case

Shakira, a Colombian pop singer, faces up to eight years in prison if she is found guilty in a Spanish government-filed fraud case. Shakira, a 45-year old divorcee, recently ended her marriage to Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué, and could spend eight years in jail in Spain if found guilty.

Prosecutors declared on Friday that they will ask the court for an eight year and two-month sentence if the three-time Grammy Award winner pop singer is found guilty of tax evasion. This week, she turned down the prosecution’s offer of a plea bargain.

Shakira is blamed for overlooking paying 14.5 million euros, or $15 million in taxes, between 2012 and 2014 to the Spanish government. Her full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, and she is one of the most famous pop singers around the globe. The prosecution declared that they would also pursue a $24 million fine.

“Shakara always complied and abided by the law, exhibiting excellent conduct as a human and a taxpayer,” according to a statement released by her supporters in London on Friday. The Spanish Tax Agency was suspected of abusing her rights by the publicists.

The performer has deposited the sum she is supposed to be indebted to, a sum of 3 million euros with interest. Shakira’s Spanish civic relations staff, who made the statement earlier this week.

The Grammy 3-time award winner apparently should have paid taxes in Spain as she disbursed more than half of each year between 2012 and 2014 there, according to the Barcelona public prosecutor.

Shakira, 45, and Piqué, 35, lived in Barcelona together for 11 years when they were married. She has two children with him. Living in Barcelona. Shakira is accused of a total of six crimes, according to the summons.

This week, the pop singer turned down a plea bargain from the hearing and chose to go to trial in its place. There is no definite date known for the trial, but it may be announced soon.

What is the case with Shakira’s tax dispute?

According to the Spanish newspaper, the pop singer has been charged with cheating the country’s tax of €14.5 million by evading personal income tax and estate tax. Shakira is accused of failing to pay taxes between 2012 and 2014 when is among the best pop stars.

According to the prosecution, she allegedly had a relationship with FC Barcelona center-back Gerard Piqué of Spain and resided in a home she had bought there while formally maintaining a tax residency in the Bahamas.

The Scandalous Marilyn Monroe “Blonde” Netflix Trailer Has Finally Been Released

In the first trailer for “Blonde,” out on Netflix and released on Thursday, Ana de Armas transforms into Marilyn Monroe. The Netflix biopic, which is based on the best-selling book by Joyce Carol Oates, will make its world premiere at the 2022 Venice Film Festival and go on sale on September 28.

Ana de Armas presents the legendary Hollywood beauty in some of her most famous fashion looks throughout the two-minute animation, from her pink “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” gown to her windblown white bridle dress from the movie The Seven Year Itch.

Along with other iconic looks, costume designer Jennifer Johnson, who has primarily worked on “I, Tonya” and “Beginners,” skilfully reproduced Monroe’s tie-front “Niagara” dress and her sheer, sequined hot gown.

What Can We Expect From Marilyn Monroe’s Debut?

Ana de Armas has finally made her major acting debut as Norma Jean after months, years, or many rumours, chitchat, and much delay. The actress is finally playing Marilyn Monroe in the first full-length teaser for Andrew Dominik’s eagerly anticipated Blonde.

She is having panic over what see herself in the persona of Marilyn Monroe, despite the fact that she is succeeding in Hollywood. The Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend song sings over the entire trailer, creates ideal balance of scary and lovely.

In the primary scene of the trailer, Bobby Cannavale plays an ex-athlete role, saying Marilyn, at a dinner scene.  Marilyn claims she was never established as fame barged through her door and hasn’t stopped following her ever since.

She says I have performed as Marilyn Monroe several times, but I can’t bear to perform as Marilyn Monroe in another scene. Ana de Armas appears to be putting on a true tour de force performance, which is to be expected after singles like Knives Out but No Time to Die.

What Distinguishes It From The Other Monroe Biopics?

The American Film Institute ranked Marilyn Monroe as the sixth greatest female screen icon in American film history, and innumerable novels, plays, songs, and even operas have been created about her.

She was one of the top-earning actresses of her day for more than a decade, and on August 4, 1962, she passed away at home in Los Angeles from a barbiturate overdose at the age of 36. Her demise was determined to be likely due to suicide.

However, Ana De Armas’s accent as Marilyn Monroe, whose breathy voice is inimitable to her legacy, has already flashed controversy. Some people criticised the actress’ Cuban-Spanish accent as “distracting,” but others shielded de Armas well.

The actress’s unnatural and awkward poses during prime moments on the sets of movies make it clear that she is uneasy with her life. But those poses are only half of the story, later she goes through a roller coaster of emotions.  

The dress suffocated the glittering costumes, according to the photographers. In one outstanding scene, Marilyn looks in the mirror and seems to be laughing, but she isn’t. Only the lady in the mirror laughs; the other side remains still and doesn’t change.

What To Expect From The “Blonde”

It might be a challenging film. If the audience dislikes it, then that is entirely her fault. It’s a Marilyn Monroe movie rated NC-17, which is kind of what you want, right? I’m interested in viewing the NC-17 version of the Marilyn Monroe story.

Dominik, the filmmaker has turned out to be a debate for a while as the movie gets ready for a late 2022 release. The film’s uninterested audiences have already given the film the middle finger without watching it.

On the other hand, he has boasted quite a bit about Blonde getting the rare NC-17 rating. However, it will be available on Netflix on September 23. How can the streamer prevent any teenagers from watching it?

It makes a difference when her famous aura changes dramatically in just one two-minute clip, going from captivating an audience full of notable people to screaming her lungs out in a burning building. To Andrew Dominik, we apologise; this is now only a Marilyn Monroe and Ana de Armas production.

Vikrant Rona Movie Review: Budget and Day 1 Box Office Collection Worldwide

The action adventure fantasy film Vikrant Rona, directed by Anup Bhandari, will be released on July 28, 2022. Kichcha Sudeep, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nirup Bhandari, and Neetha Ashok play the title characters in the film. On July 28, 2022, the Vikrant Rona movie had a worldwide theatrical release.

Release date: 28 July 2022

Director: Anup Bhandari

Budget: 95 crores INR

Cinematography: William David

Editor: Ashik Kusugolli

Language: Kannada, Hindi

Starring: Kichcha Sudeep, Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok, and Jacqueline Fernandez

Distributed by: Zee Studios, Salman Khan Films, and PVR Pictures

Producers: Shalini Jack Manju, Alankar Pandian

Music Director: B Ajaneesh Loknath

The Story of the Film

A retro play called Vikrant Rona is set in the historic Karnataka village of Komarattu. When a police officer inexplicably dies, Inspector Vikrant Rona (Sudeep) is called in to address the situation. After looking into it, he discovers that sixteen other young children have also been murdered, and that these killings are related to his life.

While travelling through a wooded forest, a young girl and her mother are startled by a frightful noise and a shadow darting across the road. Anyone with common sense would drive on, roll the windows up, and wait it out.

However, in this movie, while the character is unaware, something terrible is about to happen. Of course, the mother immediately exits the vehicle, looks ahead and notices something, turns around, and everything goes dark.

What is the link between those two? Who is the assassin? And how was it resolved by Vikrant Rona? The rest of the plot is made up of that. Go and watch the movie to witness the action and adventure.

The Strong Points of the Movie

The film’s incredible production values are among its greatest strengths. The scene and the environment that have been built seem pretty absorbing and give the viewer a feeling of tension. The core of the movie is the camerawork that highlights the forest scenes and the striking BGM.

Kichcha Sudeep is a further valuable asset due to his outstanding performance. He did a great job of carrying the movie on his shoulders since he has a lot of solo parts. He appeared quite fit and performed admirably during the climax.

In the Rakamma song, Jacqueline Fernandez makes a guest appearance and is adorable. The first fifteen minutes of the film are excellent at setting up the plot. Finally, the execution of the finale and the manner in which the murderer is identified is quite good.

In order to tell a suspenseful story, the director constructed a new world. The visual effects are also quite important and look fantastic. The supporting performers performed admirably in their assigned roles as well. Nirup Bhandari gets a good, substantial role.

The Bottom Line about Vikrant Rona

Vikrant Rona is a suspense thriller overall, with a fantastic backdrop, a strong performance from Sudeep, and outstanding production qualities. Although the world that has been built draws you, the excessive length and convoluted narrative divert viewers’ attention. If you don’t mind the flaws mentioned above, you can watch this movie this weekend.

When we talk about the individual performances, Kichcha Sudeep brings the mass impact to the film, whereas Jacqueline Fernandez looks sizzling in the item song. However, Jacqueline’s fans are quite disappointed because she has a limited role.

Despite this, the story of Vikrant Rona doesn’t make any sense. Vikrant Rona upsets sometimes despite mixing a diversity of humorous, scary, and thrilling aspects. Not only have that, but the movie’s making also looked like chaotic in a few situations.

Vikrant Rona seems to lose control of the narrative, particularly after half time, as the story goes out of control. The public feels confused and nervous as a result of the unclear situation.


All Over World: 40-45 crore expected it is 2nd Highest after KGF 2

Karnataka: 20-25 Crore expected 3rd Highest after KGF 2

Malayalam: 1 Crore

Hindi: 1 Crore

Telugu: 2 Crore

Tamil : 2 Crore


Total – ₹34.86 Lakhs

Premieres – ₹15.4 Lakhs

Day 1 – ₹18.39 Lakhs

Australia – ₹4.74 Lakhs

Review Of The Legend, A Superbly Extravagant, Endlessly Entertaining Movie

The Story: The loss of a beloved friend inspires a scientist to discover a diabetic cure, but will he be able to overcome the power of the pharmaceutical industry and accomplish his goal?

Release Date Of The Legend: July 28, 2022

The Legend Movie Cast: Saravanan Arul, Urvashi Rautela, and Geethika Tiwari

The Legend director: J D Jerry

The Legend Producer: Saravanan Arul

Total Run Time: 2 hours and 41 min (161 minutes)

The Legend Saravanana’s much awaited movie, titled “The Legend”, has finally hit the screen. The commercial intertainer is directed by JD Jerry with Harris Jayraj’s music, a collective cast, and a high-minded technical crew.

You have to give the writer-director and the team JD-Jerry a huge credit for the amount of conviction they put into The Legend movie. It is a sprawling, 160-minute rocket launch for its lead star, regardless of what you think after watching the movie. 

The Legend Movie tells the story of a scientist named Saravanan who, after spending many years studying and working abroad, returns to his village. When he returns to the country, he becomes aware of the rise in cases of “juvenile diabetes” among children. In reality, the core of the storyline—how he fights a medical mafia to bring out a free medicine for diabetes—is disclosed in the first quarter of the film.

The build-up to battle scenes and songs takes up a significant portion of the movie, which puts viewers’ patience to the test. Unintentionally humorous moments may be enjoyed in quick succession if one accepts to watch this for amusement. If that’s not the case, though, it becomes very difficult to understand why the movie unfolds as it does.

Anl Arasu choreographed numerous chases and battles, and it is safe to state that action occasionally takes place. Being well filmed, the majority of the scenes would make you feel like you were watching a commercial for a big hero.

The budget and execution by director JD Jerry deserve praise. For some, the train fight, Mosalo song, and a few turns in the second half are effective. The fact that most individuals are aware of what to anticipate is what consistently works.

Another thing to keep in mind is that The Legend movie contains moments that are reminiscent of popular South Indian commercial movies like Mersal, Sivaji: The Boss, and KGF. The mass hero idea served as a major source of inspiration, and the movie is essentially hero worship from the start. Most of the time, Legend Saravanan tries to go the superstar way.

The film’s photography by Velraj, songs by Harris Jayaraj, and some expertly edited segments are some of its remarkable elements. This product has largely been salvaged and made to appear presentable by this technical team. Even with all these well-known actors, the script needed to be stronger and the lead performers needed to make some serious efforts to move the plot forward. A few phrases work here and there as well.

Overall, Saravanan’s The Legend movie is a fantastic illustration of how spending money has little to do with engaging audiences nowadays and keeping their attention. Even if some viewers would be eager to see it because of the way it has been advertised.

You might actually keep their eyes glued to the screen the entire time (161 minutes). A no-brainer from the Legend team that briefly discusses a significant medical concern in a format that is quite common in commercials.

The Bottom Line Of The Legend Movie

 The writing in The Legend movie is rated as over-the-top commercial masala and should have been better! If you know what to expect, the movie will help you relieve stress; otherwise, it might make you feel stressed. The title holds true for all the enormous sets that have been built to depict a mansion, a research facility.

The movie presents two major heroines, two item song stars, five medium-sized to large antagonists, and a horde of every comic actor money can buy. They are all included in this. Add a few costume changes, a slew of Rolls-Royces, and at least four foreign locations, and you’ve got yourself a movie.

Such surprises and the purpose isn’t really to advance the plot of the film. To illustrate the entire spectrum of both the lead actor and the film’s producer, the producers appear to have started with a to-do list of a specific number of combat sequences, chases, and songs. Shraavana has very few acting options as the main character.