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Elan the mark

Elan The Mark – Sector 106 Gurgaon

Elan the Mark, situated in Sector 106, Gurugram, is an exciting new commercial project crafted by Elan Group, a renowned real estate developer in India. This development offers diverse commercial spaces, including retail shops, office spaces, and studios. Boasting a prime location in Gurugram, it enjoys excellent connectivity to major highways and roads, facilitating convenient access from all parts of the city. Its proximity to various residential and commercial areas makes it an ideal destination for establishing a business.

Residents and tenants are treated to a host of amenities and features. The project boasts a fully-equipped clubhouse, beautifully landscaped gardens, a refreshing swimming pool, and a well-equipped gymnasium.

Additionally, a comprehensive security system ensures all occupants’ safety and peace of mind. It fits the bill perfectly for those seeking a lucrative investment opportunity in Gurugram’s commercial real estate. With its prime location, an array of amenities, and the credibility of the esteemed Elan brand, investors can confidently seize this opportunity.

Elan The Mark sets a new benchmark in commercial development, offering an unparalleled fusion of spaciousness, size, and international conveniences. The building incorporates KIOSKs throughout each retail and office element, maximizing the potential of every space. This commercial project in Gurgaon epitomizes high-street retail, office spaces, and studios for the modern age.

India has witnessed the establishment of numerous commercial hubs across major metropolises, attracting substantial audiences. Real estate companies are thus striving to introduce futuristic projects to cater to business needs.

With decades of experience delivering quality projects with innovative structures, Elan Group has forged a remarkable reputation in the commercial real estate market. The company consistently focuses on implementing new features and designing developments from a buyer-centric perspective, connecting people with an intelligent environment.

Elan the mark
Elan the Mark Gurgaon

Elan the Mark Dwarka Expressway Gurgaon

  • Fully customizable lofts are available in 1- and 2-bedroom configurations.
  • A super area nearly equivalent to the carpet area, maximizing usable space.
  • Separate parking and a designated drop-off zone for convenience.
  • Unveiling a unique concept with top-notch amenities adhering to international standards.
  • Benefit from a guaranteed rental rate of INR 60 per square foot.
  • Enjoy the security of assured rental until possession.
  • Exclusive double-height 19-foot service apartments leased to Aloft, a renowned international hospitality service.
  • Experience the excellence of a 5-star hospitality brand
  • Renewable leasing guarantee for long-term peace of mind.
  • Awe-inspiring triple-height lobby featuring 4+1 elevators.
  • Multiplex, restaurants, and retail outlets are conveniently located within the premises.

Elan the Mark 106 Gurgaon – Location Overview

It occupies a prime location in Elan Sector 106, Gurugram, renowned for its well-developed infrastructure and seamless connectivity. The project enjoys proximity to major highways and roads, ensuring easy access from all corners of Gurugram. Additionally, it is situated near vibrant residential and commercial hubs, making it an ideal destination for establishing a thriving business.

Connectivity Advantages:
Strategic highway and road accessibility:


It benefits from its proximity to major highways and roads, guaranteeing effortless connectivity throughout Gurugram. Its convenient proximity to the Dwarka Expressway is particularly noteworthy, facilitating swift access to Delhi and other regions within the NCR.

Adjacent residential and commercial areas:

The project is strategically nestled amidst burgeoning residential and commercial areas, further enhancing its appeal as an ideal business hub. Surrounded by a growing residential community with excellent connectivity, this commercial project in Gurgaon stands as the epitome of modern high-street retail, office spaces, and studios.

Unparalleled connectivity:

It boasts exceptional connectivity to various parts of Gurugram and Delhi, and its proximity to a metro station ensures effortless access to different city areas. Moreover, being near the airport, travelling to domestic and international destinations becomes remarkably convenient.

The project is situated in a well-developed area with outstanding amenities and facilities. Residents and occupants enjoy easy access to schools, hospitals, banks, and other essential services. Furthermore, numerous parks and green spaces foster a serene environment, contributing to an enhanced quality of life.

Elan The Presidential Sector 106 Specifications, Amenities and Features

Elan The Presidential

Elan The Presidential

Elan group Is one of the most prominent real estate developers in Gurgaon, as it has completed more than three projects here. After completing at least two million square feet, this will be the first residential project by the company. The residential community is all about appealing houses with great floor layouts, and the spacious houses have good square footage. This project is your best bet if you are looking for a residential apartment in Gurgaon. You can get all the amenities here and expect a relaxing stay with your loved ones. It would be best if you considered investing with the company because it is one of the most trustworthy real estate firms expanding rapidly.

Some of the great highlights of Elan The Presidential

If you are looking for high-end places to live in, this is your best project. It is because you will get everything that you need. The best part of the best highlight of this project is that it is near the Dwarka Expressway, present in Elan The Presidential sector 106 Gurgaon, and it is in proximity to all important places. You can see the city’s entire skyline with the observatory deck, and you can also get contemporary convenience in just a few minutes.

The project is spread across forty acres of land, and the high-rise apartments are in the first phase of their development. Currently, the project is offering two options which are 3 BHK and 4 BHK also the option of choosing varied sizes too. The best is the location which is the primary reason buyers would be attracted to this project.

Elan The Presidential
Elan The Presidential Sector 106 Gurgaon

Additionally, buying an architectural masterpiece flat is nothing less than a dream for the majority of people out there. The glass world towers would be one of the most significant buildings in Gurgaon, and the sleek plan imposes signature dimensions for the brand. Every flat here features an entire glass wall down all the sites, which implies that you can enjoy the best beauty of the unfiltered skyline from any part of the flat. You would be surprised to know that every flat constitutes the entire floor in the tower, and all apartments have a private elevator that would take you straight to your flat double-height flats feature floor-to-ceiling windows, which will ensure that there is no shortage of natural light in your apartment. A fully modular kitchen that is completely loaded and that is also a servant and powder room in all units. It means you can have complete privacy in your house and do not need to shell out space for your staff.

Elan The Presidential Amenities

If you are looking forward to investing in this apartment, then you would be related to know that you can get your hands on the best-of-class amenities here. There is a perfect sunken garden that is perfect for your kids to play around. You can expect a premium lifestyle here, considering all the amenities around. Several lawns on the property make it extremely easy to unwind after a long day at work. The lush green nurseries here are nothing but a paradise for you if you find peace in the lap of nature. Various clubhouses are also present on the property featuring various indoor activities and great exercises, ensuring you will not be bored.

The resort also offers excellent games within the residence to keep you physically active and fit. The innovative layout ensures that you make the most of the space available. The modern design and attractive exterior attract visitors daily, so you will feel like you want to get back home and not venture out a lot. There are plenty of bar, restaurants, and cafes present in the atrium that gives you a great buying experience.

Elan The Presidential Location advantages
The Elan The Presidential project is your best bet if you are looking for a house in Gurgaon. It is because it is nestled on the Dwarka Expressway. It is linked well with the Dwarka Gurgaon Expressway on the metro corridor. It is just 15 minutes from the Delhi airport, so even if you must catch a flight in the morning, you do not have to leave for the airport exceedingly early from your house as it will just take 15 minutes for you to reach the airport.

The best is that the residential area is near all the public infrastructures, including HDFC Bank, SBI bank groceries ATMs, Indian oil petrol pump, and a shopping mall, so you can expect to get everything nearby. Furthermore, the project is near its parks so that you can have a perfect work-life balance, and you do not have to spend an entire day traveling to work and from work to home.

Elan The Presidential – Everything You Need in A Home Under One Roof

The project has everything that you can think about in your dream house. You will always have things to do here, so you can stay energized during the weekend as there is a lot to do in the proximity.

Best Residential Project Puri The Aravallis Amenities

Puri The Aravallis

Puri The Aravallis Amenities

Puri The Aravallis is one of the upcoming residential projects in Gurugram. The developer has given a luxurious feel with modern amenities. Here are some details regarding the amenities. The developers have put a lot of effort into developing this project. They have chosen the best designs and materials to provide the project owners with excellent facilities. The luxurious apartments here are the main reason for this development getting all the attention. The units here are spacious and modern in design.

  • Extremely strict security
  • If there is a blackout, both water and electricity are still available
  •  A pharmacy, a gym, a park, or a swimming pool
  • Use an EV charging station in the Parking area
  • A variety of eating establishments, such as food courts, pubs, and cafés, serve various cuisine styles
  • For a shared facility, a smart app is available

They are equipped with high-end features such as smart home technology, built-in wardrobes, and other home amenities.

  • People who live here are really proud of the residential project.
  • People love to stay here because of its luxurious surroundings.
  • This project is really good in terms of amenities and security.
  • It has everything in this project that you need to enjoy life.
  • You’ll get everything here that you want for living a comfortable life.

One of the most important aspects of a project is that it is secure. When you buy a home, the developer makes sure that there are no threats to your safety.  It is important for you to keep your valuables safe at all times. A project manager and the developer team have a responsibility to maintain the project’s security. The residential unit’s amenities are also a concern. For this reason, it is important that the Puri The Aravallis apartments are equipped with all the necessary amenities.

DLF Sector 63 Gurgaon Amenities

DLF Sector 63 Gurgaon

Gurgaon, the city of dreams and aspirations, is the hub for all the activities related to the booming IT industry in India. It’s no surprise to see an upsurge in demand for well-appointed homes in this highly prestigious location. A real estate project that is known for the amenities it offers is DLF Sector 63 Gurgaon.

DLF Sector 63 is a prominent residential area in Gurgaon. It is known for offering luxurious living to its residents.


Basic Amenities offered by DLF sector 63 Gurgaon:

  • Clubhouse
  • Parks
  • Swimming pools
  • Gym
  • Children’s park
  • Sports Facility
  • Car packing
  • 24*7 Power back up, fire alarm, lift
  • Lush green lawns

This will make it easier for you to sleep peacefully. Likewise, if your apartment has a beautiful view of nature, you would enjoy looking at it. You may even want to spend time watching the sunset from your balcony or terrace. If your home offers gym facilities, you may feel like working out. The same goes for swimming pools and outdoor spaces. In some areas, you may even be able to practice sports like tennis and volleyball. You may also be able to do jogging or walk.

The DLF Sector 63 Gurgaon apartments look attractive and the interiors are done nicely. These apartments offer the best of both worlds. Many people choose these apartments because they like the fact that they have a luxury feeling. You can have everything you need right at your doorstep. There is no need for you to travel long distances to enjoy your time at leisure.

Key Amenities of Elan Sector 106 Attracting Investors to Invest

Elan sector at area 106 Gurgaon Comes with an exceptional spotlight on making the top of line way of life experience for its inhabitant.

Be it business or institutional center area 106 have simply the best area near the business center point rumored around Delhi airport, MG Road, nearest to much significant trade and business. Dwarka Expressway will before long be home to one of the convention centers and brand new diplomatic enclave, and with an upcoming 4 Km tunnel connecting Dwarka expressway to Indira Gandhi airport, Dwarka Expressway is 29 Km wonder that perfectly connects Dwarka Delhi and Gurugram.

Dwarka Expressway Gurgaon’s home has a ton of open space, which has been changed into rich green nurseries for occupants’ satisfaction. These nurseries are a glorious district for nature dears to rest and partake in their time in quietness. You will not at any point run out of exercises in this confounding clubhouse, which features various indoor games and pleasant exercises. There are a couple of games open for occupants at this property to keep them dynamic and fit.

Diversion choices, for example, theaters and food courts.

These settings’ creative format and thoroughly examined plan guarantee the most productive utilization of accessible space and furnish clients with a remarkable shopping experience.

The structure’s rectangular shape advances straightforwardness, while its cutting-edge plan and glass façade captivate guests, bringing about a high volume of day-to-day visits. ECP Dwarka Expressway answers the dynamic quality and imperativeness of Delhi’s millennial city.

With an efficient street organization, this business property is connected to a portion of the city’s most significant milestones. It is a protected climate for the biological system in view of its wealth of green regions. Being encircled by metropolitan regions and confidential focuses with in excess of 10,000 families make Elan Gurgaon Sector-106 an astounding venture.

Area 106 of Gurgaon’s Dwarka Expressway is the site of Elan Group’s impending astonishing super sumptuous business complex. Elan Sector 106 Commercial Project, the city’s most up-to-date focal point for shopping, is encircled by esteemed luxurious confidential tasks, making it an optimal spot for upscale shopping. Energy Upcoming Project In Sector 106 is an ideal site for shopaholics due to its ongoing glass façade and lavish conveniences and its magnificent rectangular external point of view. You don’t need to trust that power will be reestablished before you can return to work, and it won’t hurt your supporters all things considered. Shopping, films, and a food court are accessible in the perplexing business regions.