Make Life Better with a Simple Walk

Waking is one of the natural and healthy exercises for human body which activates the internal organ and develops the body parts thoroughly.  At the earlier times, when no transportation was available, walking was the primary source of travelling.

Why Walking is necessary?

  • Enhance cardiovascular fitness
  • Strengthen the body bones
  • Helps to reduce excess body fat
  • Avoid heart disease, diabetes, cancers, osteoporosis
  • Helps in improving high blood pressure, cholesterol, muscle pain etc.
  • Overall maintenance of human body
  • Enhance the hunger and thirst
  • Relieves from stress and gives fresh feeling
  • Makes the memory sharpen

Right time of Walking and why?

Minimum 30 minutes walking requires in a day to maintain the health and immune system of body. Though if your motive is to loose extra fat from the body, you may walk more than 30 minutes as well. Being a health exercise, walking has no side effects.

As far as the walking time concerns, there is no specific time of walking. One can opt any time as per his or her convenience.  But still walking time may vary according to weather. In summers, people prefer morning time and in winters, after noon time is being preferred. Below are some points for choosing morning, afternoon or evening walking time:-

Mornings Walk is good as:

-Body temperature and hormone are at highest point

-No busy schedule

-No disturbance of noise, crowd etc

-Best and fresh air inhaling

Late Afternoon Walk is good as:-

-Body temperature at highest

-Muscle strength is greater

-Less injuries occur

Evening Walk is good as:-

-Helps digestion 15 minutes after dinner

-Better and sound sleep

-Maintains the blood pressure

Right Position or Posture of Walking

  1. Your walking position must be varying from heel- to- toe. Some people walk like not touching the floor or hardly pushing their feet on the floor. Both positions are not correct. Walking is a best exercise as well so it has a certain rules. Try to walk calmly without giving any pressure on your foot. While walking, your one legs heel should be ahead and other legs toe will be back. Means keep your heel first on the floor, then step forward your foot flat and raise your heel & be on the toe. This position of walking will keep your body fit, internal bones moving in right position and will make you healthy.
  2. Apart from stepping foot, your body posture should be in right direction. Be straight, keeps your head up, shoulders back and walk long with open arms. This body posture will make your physic attractive.

Important tips to be kept in Mind:

  • If 30 minutes regular walk cannot be performed in a day, then small bouts of 10 minutes can be performed.
  • Try to walk as much as you can, take stairs instead of lift, go by walk at nearest places, performed household chaos
  • You may have a dog to walk along with.
  • You may seek company of your friend , relative, office colleague as well
  • You may have headphone attached with iPod, phone or audio system while walking, it can make your walking interesting.
  • Make a routine to walk to have positive effects. Select the convenient time and walk daily on the same time to have same amount of energy. You may increase the walking time as per your convenient.
  • Try to certain a specific distance to be covered for walking, it will motivate you to walk.
  • Instead of walking fast, you may walk slowly. Breathless walking has no use.
  • If walking is to be performed as exercise, carry comfortable cloth and footwear otherwise it could result body or muscle pain.
  • If you have health problems, you may consult some good doctor before going for walk
  • Drink plenty of water before starting and after walking to make the fluid level in the body.
  • Let your arms open and moving while walking
  • If cramps arise while walking, keep your hands on head, start taking breathing through nose & leaving through mouth.
  • While sitting or working at office, you must take a small walk after every 1 or 2 hour.