Best Diamond Jewellery Brands In India

Diamond is a precious and most beautiful stone which attracts every woman. Women like lightly weighted jewelry nowadays. So they chose diamond more as it has ultimate fashion statement and increases the personality also. Women feel so proud to have own diamond jewellery.

Let’s have a look the best diamond brands in India which offer best diamond jewellery:

1. Tanishq: Tanishq is a part of Tata group which was established in 1994. Tanishq is one of the leading jewellery company which deals in Diamond also. It is an ISO certified company which has many branches in all over India. You can also get your Tanishq diamond jewellery online. Diamond available here is of the best quality and with high clarity. Every piece of diamond in Tanishq jewellery is full of sparkle and luster which looks tremendous. Deepika Padukone is the new brand ambassador of Tanishq diamond jewellery.

2. Malabar Gold and Diamonds: Malabar Gold and Diamond are the flagship division of Malabar group. It offers high quality and pure diamonds with reasonable prices. Every piece of diamond is accompanied by purity certificate. Diamond is a very costly stone so always choose the best. The large varieties of diamond ornaments can be found with Malabar Gold and Diamond. The company has a large number of divisions and showroom in all over the world and you can also buy your favorite ornament from Malabar gold and diamond online also. Diamond jewellery includes rings, earrings, bangles, pendants, necklaces, nose pins, bracelets etc. Kareena Kapoor is the new face of the Malabar Gold and Diamonds.

3. Nakshatra: Nakshatra is a part of Gitanjali group which offered the best diamond jewellery in India as well as outside India also. The quality of a diamond is highly standard and every piece of diamond that used in Nakshatra diamond jewellery is certified by Government agencies. The most classical designs of diamond jewellery could be easily found here. Kangana Ranaut is the new face of Nakshatra.

4. Asmi Diamond Jewellery: Asmi is also a part of Gitanjali group. and offers highly stylish diamond ornaments. Priyanka Chopra is the brand ambassador of Asmi Diamond jewellery. Asmi offers unique and elegant designs of nose pins, pendants, mangal sutra, earrings, bracelets, bangles etc. Asmi offers affordable jewellery for the middle class and upper middle-class categories. customers especially women always satisfied with this product that’s why the brand became much popular in India now.

5. TBZ Jewellery: TBZ means Tribhuvandas Zaveri Jewelers is one of the leading brands in Diamond industry. It manufactures its own diamond jewellery with stunning designs. It was established in 1864 in Mumbai, Zaveri Bazaar. It always offers superior quality of jewellery. All pieces of diamond stones in ornaments shows the purity. Thousands of customers prefer to stay with this brand to make their occasions special with its premium jewellery. Bollywood actress Vaani Kapoor is the new brand ambassador of this brand.

6. Kiah Diamond Jewellery: Kiah is a new name in the diamond industry which provides the best light weighted diamond ornaments especially rings, nose pins, earrings, pendants, mangal sutras, and many others. The diamond available here in two colors white and yellow with different purity standard of 14 Kt and 18 kt. The brand is certified by international agencies and its offers classical as well as modern and contemporary designs which attract all women whether they are housewives or office women. You can get the best and pure affordable diamond jewellery from Kiah. Sushmita Sen promotes the Kiah brand.

7. Rivaaz: Rivaaz is also a part of Gitanjali group which offers best diamond jewellery at very fewer prices. It offers pure 18kt diamond pieces. The lightly weighted jewellery of Rivaaz always liked by women. Samira Reddy and Riya Sen promote this brand. Its unique designs always attract the customers.

8. Parineeta Jewellery: Parineeta is also a famous brand of Diamond jewellery. It is an another part of Gitanjali Gems group. Its classical and traditional designs always loved by the brides for their wedding and other occasions and its light weighted modern designs are loved by the women for the evening parties, daily wear, and office. It offers the high range of jewellery with elegant designs and affordable prices. Shraddha Kapoor is the new face of Parineeta jewellery. You can also buy the jewellery from parineeta online.

9. D’Damas Jewellery: D’Damas is a joint venture between the largest diamond group of India named Gitanjali Gems Ltd. and Damas which is Dubai Diamond retailer. These two big brands together make a new brand named D’damas in 2003. It has more than 1000 retailers in all over India. It also sells their products online. It offers a huge range of jewellery which includes all kind of lightly weighted diamond ornaments like rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets etc. It also offers a wide range of diamond watches also. Sonakshi Sinha is the new face as a brand ambassador of D’damas.

10. Kalyan Jewellers: Kalyan Jewelers is also one of the best brands of Diamond jewellery. It deals with all kind of jewelry. However it was established as a small shop in the early nineties, but now it becomes a big brand. Many big celebrities are promoting this brand. Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor etc are found as a brand Ambassadors and promoters of this company. Kalyan jewelers spread their brand not only in all over India but its presence can be seen globally. It provided superior quality of diamond jewellery at reasonable prices. it is easily available in all over India. you can also order your favorite items online. The products are always come with purity certificate.

There is a long list of Diamond Jewellers which provides the best quality of Diamond jewellery in India. You just have to give a nice look and select the best item that suits your personality. The highly expensive metals can buy online today also. However, visit a retailer shop and choose the selected items are the best thing but if you have less time or you have to gift that jewellery as a surprise gift then online stores are also a convenient option for you. So don’t waste your time, invest your money in your most desirable fashion accessory.