I Bleed, But I am Not Culprit

i am not culprit

I am a girl, I bear pain, I bleed…but I am not a culprit… I am victim...

India is being known for its culture, tradition, rituals and customs. These are called the treasure of the world and these only treasures sometimes hurt a lot. I am a girl and I born in a middle class family like too many other girls. We are brought up with great care and attention, given higher education but we are supposed to adapt the backward thinking. Why? Just because we are girls and we are supposed to follow all these useless rituals which are made only for girl.

I am not allowed to enter into kitchen to cook or to have food. If I need a glass of water, I will have to rely on some other family members. I will have to beg for a glass of water. If no one is available at home, I will have to wait until someone come. But I am not allowed to enter into kitchen. Even i cannot touch the household things. I will have to wash my head daily even i am not willing to do so. If some stain left on my bed sheet, i have to wash it by my own. If some stain left on my cloth, i become a topic of others fun. Not a single boy tries to cover me, but crack jokes on the same. Not only this, i cannot enter into religious places like temple etc. i will have to wait outside. I am treated as harmful insect. But why should I hide myself from others? Why should I am not allowed to go outside and sit at home only?

Yes, I am talking about the period’s time during which a girl passes through severe pain with mensuration. In India, mensuration is taken as different way and the victim girl is treated as Infectious to be touched. But this is completely wrong. A mensuration is not a disease; it is process through which ovary is cleaned and that to give birth to a new life in future.  Mensuration cannot be treated as bad as it is compulsory and god gifted.

I too read too many religious books in which menstruated girls are not allowed to work anything because of some religious story behind the same. But who knows the actual history? Who can take the guarantee of the story behind the same? Logic behind of not taking work from the girl at the periods is to provide them the complete rest as her body has to suffer with the several pain and weakness.

In fact, I girl should be taken as pride as she can do the things a man can’t do. If a girl wants, she can take pills to stop the mensuration but she doesn’t do because she knows the real value of being a girl.  If she is suffering through mensuration, she will be called Filthy but if she is not, she will be called Barren. There is no way of escape to a girl. I, being a girl, would like to announce that don’t treat a girl in a different way. She is not supposed to discuss such private thing openly because our society does not allow doing so. But it does not mean, she is culprit or faulty, she is god creature with the unique qualities and mensuration is one of those qualities, not disgust.

Even girls are also suggested to become strong, fight against these old rituals if you are not agree with such strange behavior, raise voice and live with self-respect. Treat yourself at the time of periods as you treat yourself like others days.