Big Happiness Lies in Small Things

cute baby image

Child life is better than anyone’s life as they have no tensions, no stress, no fear and nothing negative in their mind. In this world, nothing can be pure like a child heart. Here I am talking about my niece who is just one and half year old. Her real name is divyaanka and we used to call her by Gudda or Chakshu. She is so sweet adorable, naughty and of course, a very angry girl. But I really love her.

She recently lost her father in an accident which is an extremely painful moment of our life and of course, for her life even. She must not be aware of what is accident and where is her father. But I know, she is missing her father and she felt upset many times when she is not able to see her father’s face.
Here I am not trying to describe her pain ….I just wanna highlight how can she be happy with such a small gift ever…

I brought a small Ice-king toy for her and that day, I reached home late and unluckily, my mobile got switch off due to battery loss. My entire family was waiting for my arrival at main gate. And when I reached near the gate, she jumped out of my mummy’s hand and ran towards me to carry the small toy which I was having only for her. She came faster to me, took the gift and ran towards home to show the gift to his grandfather. She was so happily running and so smiling that everyone at home  forgot their pain.

Then we realize, happiness lies in small things …we just need to learn from the kids…