Formal Dress Code for Interview

Formal Dress Code for Interview

yone is now being aware of what the formal dress code is and what impact it has on interviewer. Too many interview studies found in which candidates were not selected just because of not wearing formal dress ups. In fact, many of the organization do not entertain the candidate without wearing formal dresses and ask them to go out or leave the interview room. It sounds strange! But it is true. Now a day, interview offer letter contains one of the conditions to wear formal dress to attend the interview.

Whether the interview is for the private company or public company, whether it is for job or for professional study, it is mandatory to provide decent look through formal dress up.

Let’s study the dress code for men and women:


Women or females are not back in any of the stream and takes part in every stream by upholding shoulders. Some of the most important formal dress factors are:


  • Cotton Sareez: Cotton cloths have a professional aroma. One should not wear dark coloured saree. Decent light coloured saree, proper tied, with the simple stitched blouse is preferable to wear for interview. Usually saree is used for the higher position or for the traditional organization. Instead of open palla saree, proper plates should be adhered which can be managed with great comfort.
  • Salwar Kameez: Decent cotton suit salwar with the plain dupatta brings ethnic look. Apart from carrying dupatta with Salwar suit, ethnic but simple collar necked below knee length Kurti with the matching legging can be dressed because sometime to carry dupatta may be disturbing at the time of interview and it may distract the interviewer as well


  • Formal Trouser with Shirt: Corporate world has given birth to this formal attire. Light color collared neck shirt with the dark color trouser give professional look and impress the interviewer at first instance.
  • Blazer: Usually, blazer is worn in winters with shirt and trouser. Blazer must be of good quality fabric. It must not be too shiny and appealing. Dark coloured blazer with light coloured cotton shirt is a perfect match for interview.


Men have no other option instead of carrying a shirt and trouser but still, they should also follow some rules of dressing up.

  • Light coloured shirt with dark coloured trouser: Usually a combination of white shirt and black trouser is best, but still light blue shirt and dark blue trouser also perfect for interview. Shirt must be of cotton fabric and should be plain.
  • Tie: avoid wearing red coloured tie. You are not here to attend wedding, so wear dark colored tie matching with the formal cloths.
  • Blazer in winter: Combination of Shirt, Trouser, Tie and blazer gives a perfect look of professional man.


  1. Wear comfortable footwear as well. Boys must wear black or dark brown formal shoes and females must wear stilettoes, or bellies. Footwear must not be noisy.
  2. Wear comfortable dress only, too much fitting may create problems.