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We ensure not using any data or information which can hurt your personal feelings. We are aimed to deliver general information which is available publicly. We are highlighting some terms to use the website. If you are agree, you can read the articles and may comply the same in real life. If you are not agreed with the website terms, you are not allowed to use any part of information pertaining to this website.

Although topics are easy to understand and can be read by anyone, still age of 18 is requisite to use and understand the meaning of the mentioned blogs. Here are some of the simple terms and conditions to use this blog website:-

  1. Do not copy the contents of the website to use the same on your own website, although highlighted information can be implemented in your real life. You may take a print to read the contents for personal use, but cannot publish the material somewhere else.
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  6. You must not conduct any automatic data collection activities like scraping, data mining, data extraction, article spinning etc.
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  8. Admin of Blog vertex has authority to restrict the access of the website.
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  10. User or reader will have the authority to comment on any blog topic, yet admin will have the complete access to edit, modify or delete the comment. Admin will have the rights to block the IPs which are indulge in unlawful or illegal activities or may harm the content of blogvertex.com
  11. Blog vertex may, anytime, delete or edit any content without any prior information.
  12. Images of the website content may be taken from any search engine
  13. This website will be available free anytime and for all. It is also to disclose that the contents are true and not misleading anyone. The objective of the contents is to spread more and more information.
  14. If you are using this website, the contents and terms of use of this website is clearly acceptable to you. Otherwise, you must not use this website.
  15. Blog vertex will not be liable for any business loss or damage suffered by you connection with this website.

www.blogvertex.com has a right to change or modify the terms and conditions anytime without any prior notification, although the changes will be reflected on the website once it is done. To keep updated, please check the page regularly. These term of uses and privacy policy will constitute the entire agreement between the reader and user. www.blogvertex.com owns the complete name of Blog vertex. In case of any question, doubt or feedback, feel free to write us at info@blogvertex.com