An employee who turned off her webcam while working from home was fired and the company was fined Rs. 60 lakhs

A bizarre reason given for the termination of a US company employee has had a significant negative impact. Because the employee was working from home without turning on the webcam, a Florida-based company fired him. The worker was a Dutch citizen, and the nation’s court ordered the US business to pay a fine as part of compensation because the man was merely defending his right to privacy.

Chetu, a telemarketing business with offices in Florida, had instructed one of its workers to leave the camera on while performing home-based work for roughly nine hours each day. However, the employee did not feel at ease because the company was using a program that required the user to share both their live video and laptop screen.

He was let go by the business because he disobeyed the directive. According to reports, the employee claimed that he felt his employer was violating his privacy by constantly watching him through a webcam and by asking him to share his laptop screen. The employee declined to follow suit, so the business made up accusations against him.

According to the report, the employee was fired for “insubordination” and “refusal to work,” among other things. As a result, Chetu was penalized by a Dutch court, which ruled that Chetu had violated human rights by requiring remote employees to keep their webcams on. The business was hit with a hefty fine. It must now pay the former remote employee, who is based in the Netherlands, $72,700 (roughly Rs 60 lakhs).



  • What is the amount of the fine?

Ans. Rs 60 lakhs

  • What is the reason for the fine?

Ans. Chetu had violated human rights by requiring remote employees to keep their webcams on. 

  • Where does the employee live?

Ans. Netherlands

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