10 Must Have Makeup Tools in Bag or Purse

To wear up make-up is not so necessary but being a girl, I would also prefer to have a light make-up on face, not to impress others but to maintain personality. No girl is sitting at home, even after getting married. It is difficult for a woman to take care of her beauty while managing the households chaos and office work altogether. She sometimes forgets to apply a face cream or she even doesn’t have time to do so. So she prefer to carry some beauty items with her.

Who said to carry an extra bag just to keep the make-up essentials? Woman already carry big purse with her to keep their regular use things. Apart from carry a big purse, a girl is not required to spend too much for their makeup, a little can make a big difference. Though woman skin varies to each other so the beauty tools and the brand will also vary. Now the question arises – what are the most important essential beauty tools they should carry with them.  We will discuss here some important beauty tools which are economical and last at least for one season.

Mirror with Foundation:

Whatever the season is, blackness and dullness never suits to fairy skin. Keeping a foundation powder with brush will never let you down whenever you go outside. Light layer of foundation may bring brightness to your face. A girl needs not to carry separate mirror. Foundation containing mirror work best and use the less space in purse.

Moisturizer or Lotion:

It is essential when you are having dry skin as dry skin results in irritation, itchiness and will leave a white mark. Moisturizer keeps the skin smooth, soft and prevents wrinkles. Instead of carrying a bottle, you may carry pouches. Lotion or moisturizer quality may vary skin to skin. In fact, lotion may help to remove the bangles from hands smoothly, may help not to spread the nail paint to fingers etc.

Hair Comb:

The most important item which is even carried by boy also. Working or college girls prefer to keep their hairs open which frequently needs attention. Combing hair frequently reduces split ends and keeps the hair silky.

Lip Balm:

Being the most soften part of the face, lips need extra care. Using lipstick may harm the neutrality of the lips so it is advisable to use good quality lip balm to soften the lips and to maintain the natural redness or pinkish of the lips.

Kajal or Liner Pencil:

Beautiful eyes speak a lot which words can’t say. Kajal or liner pencil highlighted the eyes and makes the face beautiful. Though too much use of kajal may harm the eyesight. So use a good quality kajal pencil and with great care. Do not let insert the kajal under eye.

Wet Wipes:

Keeping tissue papers, wipes or napkins are required to clean your skin. Though dry wipes has no such benefits as wet wipes, wet wipes clean the face when you do not have time to wash your face or not having the water anywhere. Wet wipes also helps to remove the dust, and extra makeup which can be harmful for your skin.

Nail Filer or Nail Cutter:

Nail cutter contain the nail filer also so nail cutter can be carried instead of nail filer. Nail filer keep the nails clean and smooth. It helps to sharpen the nail and give proper shapes as you like. Carrying it in your purse will not be a problem; in fact, it will prevent the chipped nails which are spoiling your dress fabric.

Deodorant or Perfume:

Body odor may spoil the mood and the atmosphere as well. So carrying a perfume with you is not a big deal at all. In fact, it will enhance the personality and make your pleasant aroma.

Safety Pins:

Safety pins are too small to carry but it has big usage. It helps at the time of dress malfunction. Now days, no one understand the benefit of keeping this small tool but its value can be estimated at the time of its need.

Clips or Rubber Bands:

Hairs are the most important of woman beauty. To leave it open always may not be a good idea so carrying a clip or clutcher will help in tying the hairs.

Above mentioned items are the basic and most economical items which are required to maintain the basic beauty of your face skin. But if you really want to looks beautiful, you may carry other beauty tools like eye mascara, eye shadow with brush, eyelash curler, eyebrow brush, small size scissors, tweezers to remove unwanted hairs, concealer, lip liner, face wash, rose water, face cream nail paint etc. and too many other beauty products are available in the market.

Keep the beauty essentials only which are of good brands. Never compromise with the quality of the product as bad quality may spoil the face skin. Avoid getting influenced by marketing promotion and use the less chemical contained products only which are suitable to your skin only.

Look beautiful and stay happy girls. Cheers!!