Birla Navya Gurgaon – Everything You Want to Know

Birla Estates, the real estate arm of the corporate behemoth Birla Industries, has launched a luxurious housing project called Birla Navya in Gurugram’s Sector 63A on Golf Course Extension Road. The 47.54-acre low-rise floor development has a latent marketable area of 3.5 million square feet. Lushly designed gardens encircle the project. The LifeDesignedTM concept of beautiful residences is being introduced to Gurgaon by Birla Navya in Gurugram.


Intricate Details of Birla Navya in Gurgaon

These are low-rise housing floors with amenities that allow you to be in close proximity to the natural world. Peaceful central greens with meditation area, running track, nature walk, skating rink, and a one-of-a-kind treehouse where your children can open up to the world’s outer surface.


A unique treehouse has been erected where your children can open up to the outside world. There is a skating rink is also being constructed, where the children can demonstrate their abilities.

A jogging track and nature trail promote a naturally healthy lifestyle, which is another step toward healthy residents. With lush green gardens, a children’s play area, and an outdoor fitness station, you’ll be closer to nature than you’ve ever been.

The master bedroom features a walk-in closet and a huge attached balcony for a luxurious living experience. A tiny utility balcony has been built into the kitchen for various functions. A hallway has been built to block the view of the dining and living areas, giving occupants more privacy. Use the multi-purpose lawn to host stress-free family gatherings and social gatherings. An outdoor exercise station will promote healthy and holistic living by helping you keep active and healthy as you absorb nature. Provides safe and secure play areas for your children just outside your home. Interactive floor games are also included in the play area to assist the children in maintaining their personalities.


Navya Birla Estates Clubhouse Amenities  


Birla Navya Sector in the 63a Gurgaon has an ultra-luxurious clubhouse that spans 1,50,000 square feet and provides every type of luxury imaginable. At Birla Navya 63 a there is a unique senior citizen lounge and other amenities such as a theatre, a music room, and much more where you may celebrate with your friends and family. Medical emergencies can happen to anyone at any time, so we should be prepared, especially since Birla Navya in Gurugram has separate health clinics with proper first-aid facilities.


Swimming is a fun-loving sport; thus, a luxury swimming pool is available for you to rest and enjoy.

Parties are vital since they bring joy and provide a break from your everyday routine; thus, there is a separate banquet hall for all types of parties and family get-togethers. Pets are just like living beings, and it is our job to provide the best treatment possible; hence Birla Navya has a specialized pet clinic.


We are all quite busy in our daily routine, and we forget to relax our minds, which are constantly working hard, which is why Birla Navya in Sector 63a has a dedicated Meditation and Yoga room. Because body fitness is so vital, there is a separate world-class gym with all of the latest equipment so you may shape your body appropriately. There is a library so that book lovers can relax and enjoy themselves. The Birla Navya 63a in Gurgaon has a unique feature of a terrace Spa.