10 Must Have Makeup Tools in Bag or Purse

Makeup Tools Purse

To wear up make-up is not so necessary but being a girl, I would also prefer to have a light make-up on face, not to impress others but to maintain personality. No girl is sitting at home, even after getting married. It is difficult for a woman to take care of her beauty while managing the households chaos and office work altogether. She sometimes forgets to apply a face cream or she even doesn’t have time to do so. So she prefer to carry some beauty items with her.

Who said to carry an extra bag just to keep the make-up essentials? Woman already carry big purse with her to keep their regular use things. Apart from carry a big purse, a girl is not required to spend too much for their makeup, a little can make a big difference. Though woman skin varies to each other so the beauty tools and the brand will also vary. Now the question arises – what are the most important essential beauty tools they should carry with them.  We will discuss here some important beauty tools which are economical and last at least for one season.

Mirror with Foundation:

Whatever the season is, blackness and dullness never suits to fairy skin. Keeping a foundation powder with brush will never let you down whenever you go outside. Light layer of foundation may bring brightness to your face. A girl needs not to carry separate mirror. Foundation containing mirror work best and use the less space in purse.

Moisturizer or Lotion:

It is essential when you are having dry skin as dry skin results in irritation, itchiness and will leave a white mark. Moisturizer keeps the skin smooth, soft and prevents wrinkles. Instead of carrying a bottle, you may carry pouches. Lotion or moisturizer quality may vary skin to skin. In fact, lotion may help to remove the bangles from hands smoothly, may help not to spread the nail paint to fingers etc.

Hair Comb:

The most important item which is even carried by boy also. Working or college girls prefer to keep their hairs open which frequently needs attention. Combing hair frequently reduces split ends and keeps the hair silky.

Lip Balm:

Being the most soften part of the face, lips need extra care. Using lipstick may harm the neutrality of the lips so it is advisable to use good quality lip balm to soften the lips and to maintain the natural redness or pinkish of the lips.

Kajal or Liner Pencil:

Beautiful eyes speak a lot which words can’t say. Kajal or liner pencil highlighted the eyes and makes the face beautiful. Though too much use of kajal may harm the eyesight. So use a good quality kajal pencil and with great care. Do not let insert the kajal under eye.

Wet Wipes:

Keeping tissue papers, wipes or napkins are required to clean your skin. Though dry wipes has no such benefits as wet wipes, wet wipes clean the face when you do not have time to wash your face or not having the water anywhere. Wet wipes also helps to remove the dust, and extra makeup which can be harmful for your skin.

Nail Filer or Nail Cutter:

Nail cutter contain the nail filer also so nail cutter can be carried instead of nail filer. Nail filer keep the nails clean and smooth. It helps to sharpen the nail and give proper shapes as you like. Carrying it in your purse will not be a problem; in fact, it will prevent the chipped nails which are spoiling your dress fabric.

Deodorant or Perfume:

Body odor may spoil the mood and the atmosphere as well. So carrying a perfume with you is not a big deal at all. In fact, it will enhance the personality and make your pleasant aroma.

Safety Pins:

Safety pins are too small to carry but it has big usage. It helps at the time of dress malfunction. Now days, no one understand the benefit of keeping this small tool but its value can be estimated at the time of its need.

Clips or Rubber Bands:

Hairs are the most important of woman beauty. To leave it open always may not be a good idea so carrying a clip or clutcher will help in tying the hairs.

Above mentioned items are the basic and most economical items which are required to maintain the basic beauty of your face skin. But if you really want to looks beautiful, you may carry other beauty tools like eye mascara, eye shadow with brush, eyelash curler, eyebrow brush, small size scissors, tweezers to remove unwanted hairs, concealer, lip liner, face wash, rose water, face cream nail paint etc. and too many other beauty products are available in the market.

Keep the beauty essentials only which are of good brands. Never compromise with the quality of the product as bad quality may spoil the face skin. Avoid getting influenced by marketing promotion and use the less chemical contained products only which are suitable to your skin only.

Look beautiful and stay happy girls. Cheers!!

Formal Dress Code for Interview

Formal Dress Code for Interview

yone is now being aware of what the formal dress code is and what impact it has on interviewer. Too many interview studies found in which candidates were not selected just because of not wearing formal dress ups. In fact, many of the organization do not entertain the candidate without wearing formal dresses and ask them to go out or leave the interview room. It sounds strange! But it is true. Now a day, interview offer letter contains one of the conditions to wear formal dress to attend the interview.

Whether the interview is for the private company or public company, whether it is for job or for professional study, it is mandatory to provide decent look through formal dress up.

Let’s study the dress code for men and women:


Women or females are not back in any of the stream and takes part in every stream by upholding shoulders. Some of the most important formal dress factors are:


  • Cotton Sareez: Cotton cloths have a professional aroma. One should not wear dark coloured saree. Decent light coloured saree, proper tied, with the simple stitched blouse is preferable to wear for interview. Usually saree is used for the higher position or for the traditional organization. Instead of open palla saree, proper plates should be adhered which can be managed with great comfort.
  • Salwar Kameez: Decent cotton suit salwar with the plain dupatta brings ethnic look. Apart from carrying dupatta with Salwar suit, ethnic but simple collar necked below knee length Kurti with the matching legging can be dressed because sometime to carry dupatta may be disturbing at the time of interview and it may distract the interviewer as well


  • Formal Trouser with Shirt: Corporate world has given birth to this formal attire. Light color collared neck shirt with the dark color trouser give professional look and impress the interviewer at first instance.
  • Blazer: Usually, blazer is worn in winters with shirt and trouser. Blazer must be of good quality fabric. It must not be too shiny and appealing. Dark coloured blazer with light coloured cotton shirt is a perfect match for interview.


Men have no other option instead of carrying a shirt and trouser but still, they should also follow some rules of dressing up.

  • Light coloured shirt with dark coloured trouser: Usually a combination of white shirt and black trouser is best, but still light blue shirt and dark blue trouser also perfect for interview. Shirt must be of cotton fabric and should be plain.
  • Tie: avoid wearing red coloured tie. You are not here to attend wedding, so wear dark colored tie matching with the formal cloths.
  • Blazer in winter: Combination of Shirt, Trouser, Tie and blazer gives a perfect look of professional man.


  1. Wear comfortable footwear as well. Boys must wear black or dark brown formal shoes and females must wear stilettoes, or bellies. Footwear must not be noisy.
  2. Wear comfortable dress only, too much fitting may create problems.

Why to Wear Formal Dress for Interview

Why to Wear Formal Dress for Interview

Formal Dress is requisite to come for an interview now-a-days. Though there is no certain rule for cracking any interview, yet one must be formal in appearance or look. Too much appealing dressing sense may distract the interviewers and may bring negative impact as well. Interview study reveals that physical appearance or human personality brings positivity in the environment. Different organizations do have different cultures and one need to adapt the environment accordingly. This is also true that job selection is based on the knowledge and qualification but presentation also matters a lot.

Why to Wear Formal Dress for interview:-

  1. First impression is always a last impression. Once you enter the interview room in front of interview board members, your entrance makes a difference in their mind.
  2. Smart appearance and decent look attracts the belonging or nearby people instantly. Professional personality will speak more than the words to be spoken.
  3. A company always seeks for reputation in public or business world. Presenting the employees in formals builds a comprehensive repo and helps to achieve the business target.
  4. Formal wearing enhances the self-confidence. You don’t feel like different from the others. Inherited self-confidence enables you to answer the interview questions without any hesitation. In fact, you don’t feel like alone among the interviewees. You try to mix-up with them and this enhances the feeling of team spirit.
  5. Formal attire is a part for social atmosphere. Almost every MNC follow the rule of wearing formal dresses only. It’s a symbol of corporate and professional life.
  6. Comfortable formal wearing motivates you to proceed further during each interview round. Formal dress is not a magic but it is internal feeling which automatically comes through dressing up formals.
  7. And the most important benefit of wearing formal attire is that it provides 40% success at the time of interview. Decent personality win the hearts and reveals maximum positivity.

It is not the old times when no preference was given to dressing sense. Now every professional institute adds on Personality Development classes along with the course curriculum. A popular Hindi statement perfectly fits here “Jo Dikhta Hai, Wahi Bikta Hai”


Top 10 Indian Online Footwear Shopping Sites

Top 10 Indian Online Footwear Shopping Sites India

Craze of online shopping getting an upward direction day by day. Not even a single thing is left to be sold through online panel. Everything is now available on mobile phone or our desktop.  We will here bring down some popular online shopping sites dealing with foot wears:


Fashos has its corporate office in Delhi and dealing with the most popular brands of foot wears like Bata, Fila, Funk, liberty, red chief, reebok, woodland etc. The prices are according to the variety of the shoes and slippers. The website is a complete package of every kind of foot wears for women and men.


Apart from the clothing & other accessories, the website has a unique collection of foot wears as well. The shoes, sandals or other foot wears are on reasonable prices which are affordable by middle class family too. Instead of high branded products, it prefers to appreciate and provide chance to small sized enterprises to show their skills in footwear industries.


The company is well known for its quick and real time services. Many of the footwear shops deal through this company. Flip kart is not actively involved in selling and buying of the footwear products. Merchants have their accounts made in Flipkart through which they deal with the Indian customers online.


This website is famous for providing daily routine items ranging from kitchen, clothing, jewellary, etc. homeshop18 having Indian and foreign brands of foot wears and sell the products on COD basis that to be on free shipping basis. It has launched its mobile app as well due to its popularity.


Mumbai based company Metroshoes has different varieties ranging from casuals, bridal, sports, formals of different brands such as puma, Crocs, Clark’s, Kittens, Redtape, Woly and many more. Wide varieties can be seen for high profile peoples as well.


It is the perfect store for shoe lover. Bata offers numerous varieties to women, men and kids with the high comfort services. This web store has awesome collection of summer, winter, spring, rainy season and updates the products according to the seasonal requirements.


Clarks is top most reputed brand in footwear and being sold in metro cities shopping malls. Though it is having its own exclusive shops at different location as well, but Digitalization also motivated the company to get into online business.


Bata and liberty has almost equal level of competition from several years. Its main motive is comfort and serves the clients accordingly. It too has multiple stores located at several locations. Maximum discount offers catch the mind of customers.


Yepme has its own brand in the footwear industries. The prices of foot wears are comparatively low and in high demand among middle class users. Having a perfect collection of casuals, this web store became the attraction point for everyone. Yepme is also dealing with other popular brands as well.


Jupiter is a Mumbai based company having branded collection of sandals, ballerinas, boots, wedges, loafers, shoes, etc. The main specialty which makes it differ from the other footwear site is that Jupiter deal with the big size feet only because big size shoes are difficult to find in the normal market.

Shopping sites List doesn’t end here. Too many online shopping sites are available worldwide dealing with the trendy footwear. Companies come and go. Some get famous & become brands but some has to close their outlets. Enjoy the shopping and step ahead only.

Top 20 Online Shopping Sites for Clothing in India

top 20 ecommerce clothing websites

Content Update in 2023 – Best 10 Website for Online Clothing in India

India has numerous online shopping sites that offer a wide range of clothing options. Here are some of the top online shopping sites for clothing in India:

  1. Myntra: Myntra is one of India’s leading fashion and lifestyle e-commerce platforms. It offers a vast collection of clothing, including ethnic wear, western wear, sportswear, and accessories for men, women, and kids. Myntra features popular brands as well as its own private labels.
  2. Flipkart: Flipkart is a well-established e-commerce platform that offers a diverse range of products, including clothing for men, women, and children. It features both Indian and international brands, and you can find a variety of clothing styles, from casual to formal wear.
  3. Amazon India: Amazon India is a popular online marketplace that offers a wide selection of clothing for all ages and genders. It features clothing from various brands, including both local and international names. Amazon also has its own private label fashion brands.
  4. Jabong: Jabong is an online fashion and lifestyle retailer known for its extensive collection of clothing, footwear, and accessories. It offers a mix of Indian and international brands, catering to different fashion preferences and budgets.
  5. Ajio: Ajio is a fashion e-commerce platform that focuses on trendy and contemporary clothing. It offers a curated collection of apparel, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and kids. Ajio also features a selection of indie and sustainable fashion brands.
  6. Koovs: Koovs is an online fashion store that offers affordable and trendy clothing for men and women. It features a wide range of fashion styles, including Western wear, ethnic wear, and accessories. Koovs collaborates with fashion influencers and designers to curate unique collections.
  7. Tata CLiQ: Tata CLiQ is a multi-category e-commerce platform that offers clothing, footwear, accessories, and electronics. It features a mix of Indian and international fashion brands, ensuring a diverse selection of clothing options.
  8. Limeroad: Limeroad is a fashion and lifestyle e-commerce platform that focuses on women’s clothing. It features a wide range of traditional and contemporary clothing styles, along with accessories and home decor items. Limeroad also offers a feature where users can create their own looks and share them with the community.
  9. Ajanta Fashion: Ajanta Fashion is an online destination for ethnic Indian wear, including sarees, salwar suits, lehengas, and kurtis. It offers a variety of traditional and contemporary designs, catering to different occasions and preferences.
  10. FabIndia: FabIndia is known for its collection of handcrafted and sustainable clothing. It offers a range of ethnic wear, including sarees, kurtas, and accessories. FabIndia focuses on promoting traditional Indian crafts and supporting artisans.

These are just a few of the top online shopping sites for clothing in India. Each platform has its own unique offerings, so exploring multiple sites can help you find the styles, brands, and price ranges that suit your preferences.


E commerce has extended our interest towards online shopping. The fashion is now available online all the time. No need to go outside and to explore the market. Here are some of the popular websites which are dealing with the online clothing for men and women both:-

1. Jabong.com

One of the leading online shopping site which is offering latest and trendy dresses with the maximum numbers of varieties. The company offers fashionable dress, casuals and formal clothing for ladies & gents at wide range with the seasonal and special discount offers. It offers extra discount through mobile apps also.

2. Fashionandyou.com

The Company offers unique array of latest fashion with every kinds of casual, stylish and ethnic dress for women, men and kids as well. The company can be called the bundle of fashion as well due to its latest designer dresses and that to be, at affordable prices. The company also offers replacement guarantee with some specific terms.

3. Shoppersstop.com

Who one is not aware of the famous brand Shopperstop which is having numerous outlets all over India as well. This fashionable shop was selling its products through outlets only. But slowly, the company expanded its services through online as well by watching the latest craze of online shopping.

4. Myntra.com

It is now serving through the mobile app. The company is having its own unique brand and consumers are buying clothing items through mobile apps only. You can also download the mantra app at your mobile device and explore trendy items.

5. Zovi.com

This site represents the perfect clothing selection for the middle class families. The quality is better as compare to the products prices. It is serving with all kinds of dress ranging from ethnic to modern, casual to formals.

6. Fashionara.com

As the name suggests, it is the perfect choice for the fashionable and trendy cloths for women and men’s with the free shipping facility.

7. Flipkart.com

It is offering wide range of items which are used in daily usage. Flip kart is now become a brand for the quality lovers. It is popular for its quick delivery services. It offers for the middle as well as high class people’s.

8. Yebhi.com

It is like a whole market place for clothing items. This site is filled with lakhs of fashionable stylish items with the discount offers.

9. Homeshop18.com

Though the website is famous for the kitchen appliances but slowly, it is offering other products as well. It is having the excellent collection of ethnic dress as well. It is the first online company offering 24*7 services through its TV channel.

10. eBay.in

Being in the tough competitor with flip kart, it is also dealing with the cloth items along with the electronic items. It reveals special discount offers at the time of auction.

11. Americanswan.com

The company was dealing with the outlets only but slowly it also covered the online market segment by entering into e-Commerce field. It is offering its branded products only with the wide range of prices.

12. Amazon.in

World famous market has made a separate website to deal in the Indian market. It is in fact, running its own server which is quite popular. It has earn name and fame comparatively sooner.

13. Koovs.com

It is dealing with the latest fashion and branded clothing items.  This is the perfect store for the people looking for the modern dresses.

14. Femella.in

A complete market place for women only. This website contains the designer dresses with the modern outlook. Apart from the fancy dresses. It also sells the accessories like goggles etc.

15. Limeroad.com

This is also a great place for women comprising all the required accessories as well. Being selling at normal prices, it is the best place for the middle class family too.

16. Snapdeal.com

It is also popular in Indian market for kitchen items, electronic items as well. Being in Indian market, it is delivering Indian and ethnic dresses with the huge demands.

17. Shopnineteen.com

A complete women market with the latest and trendy dresses and accessories. Tis website covers the young age group fashions.

18. Yepme.com

The company also getting popularity not only in India but outside India as well. Covering foreign places are United States, United Kingdom and Singapore. Being in international market, it covers the whole fashion segment.

19. Stalkbuylove.com

It is women centric only and so offers unlimited trendy and designers’ option to the women only. It also publishes its magazine every month showing the trendy dresses and upcoming fashion in India.

20. Craftsvilla.com

It is a complete Indian market place which is dealing through approximately 13000 shops all over India. Being a market place, you can choose one of the fixed prices out of various options.

E-Commerce business are getting famous day-by-day. Explore the new web markets through internet and look for the better, quality and affordable options.