Meta alerts users to mobile apps that steal passwords

A million Facebook users forwarded a warning from Meta on Friday that they had been “exposed” to password-stealing smartphone apps that appeared to be harmless.

David Agranovich, director of the threat disruption, revealed during a briefing that Meta has so far this year identified more than 400 “malicious” apps made for smartphones running Apple or Android software and accessible from the Apple and Google app stores.

In order to trick people into downloading them, these apps were listed on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store under false names such as photo editors, games, VPN services, business apps, and other utilities, according to a blog post by Meta.

According to Meta’s security team, the apps frequently request Facebook login information from users in order to access promised features, stealing usernames and passwords in the process.

The apps, according to Agranovich, “are just trying to trick people into entering in their login information in a way that allows hackers to access their accounts.”

We will let a million users know that, while they may not have been compromised, they may have come into contact with these applications.

More than 40% of the apps that Meta listed included tools for editing or manipulating images, and some of them appeared to be as basic as using flashlight apps on smartphones.

Agranovich noted that the developers of the malicious apps are probably after passwords for more than just Facebook accounts when he said, “Our sense is that these types of malicious app developers try to target multiple services.”


  • When the warning from meta came?

Ans. On Friday 

  • Who is David Agranovich?

Ans. The director of the threat disruption.

US GDP Is Declining, Is A Recession Occurring?

US GDP Is Declining, Is A Recession Occurring?

For a second consecutive quarter, the US GDP dropped. Negative growth is frequently regarded as a recession, but there is no official definition of the term. Clearly, some areas of the economy are having real trouble.

The US economy shrank by 0.9 percent over the last three months. The economy has shrunk in the second consecutive year. GDP (gross domestic product) fell by 1.6 percent year on year in the first quarter.

When two consecutive quarters witness negative growth are frequently regarded as a recession, there is no other official definition. The NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research), a non-profit agency predicts the American economy certainly experiencing a recession.

That decision is made by an NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research) committee of eight top economists, on the basis of a variety of variables. On the other hand, the White House has clearly opposed entitling the current condition of the economy as a recession. They are largely aware on the impact the economy will have on the midterm elections.

As evidence of the economy condition, President Biden coated record employment growth and foreign corporate investment in the period. The president, Biden, said that doesn’t sound like a recession. If there are so many jobs being generated, how can there be a recession in the US?

Although two consecutive quarters of negative growth are often regarded as a recession, the current economic situation is different. When 400,000 jobs are created per month, negative growth are often regarded as a recession, the current economic situation is different. When 400,000 jobs are created per month, how is it a recession?

How Did The Economy Shrink Like A Recession?

According to the yearly GDP data, businesses made economic downswings. Without a doubt, interest rates have risen and borrowing has grown more expensive. Therefore, there is less money available for investment in terms of business. The main concern will begin when it starts to harm employment growth.

Other reasons are that the retailers were spending less because they had a surplus of inventory to sell. Mortgage rates are rising in the property market, which had been heating up throughout the pandemic but has now become cool.

There were some positive aspects that were also there when people indulged themselves by going to restaurants and travelling as wages continued to grow. However, as the bank continues to aggressively raise interest rates to combat excessive inflation, recession fears have significantly increased.

Prior to all the dips, there were no job losses in the country. The American economy has been creating new jobs every month for the prior three. The economy is not in a recession; it is a period of generalized economic downturn.

The economy relies on consumer spending continuing to be robust. The White House dislikes the term “recession” and has made a point of reassuring the public that even two quarters of negative growth do not necessarily indicate a recession.

The White House is painfully aware of the optics of a nation in recession, where Americans are experiencing financial suffering, as the November elections draw near. A lot of US residents are already having the gut feeling as prices for a wide range of goods continue to soar and inflation is at a multi-decade high.

What Indicates A Recession?

According to the NBER, a recession is defined as a large fall in economic activity that is dispersed across the economy and that lasts more than a few months. The labour market has continued to exhibit signals of strength, and employment is taken into consideration by the group.

In June, the US government added 372,000 jobs, keeping the unemployment rate at 3.6 percent, close to its pre-pandemic level. The head of U.S. economics at Bank of America Securities, Michael Gapen, proclaims that the NBER would not analyze the statistics at this time and declare that the economy is in a recession.

Everyone is agreed that the economy is dipping in a row, prices are growing faster than they have never in past years. The real estate market has started to cool as a result of the aggressive home loan interest rate hikes. The central bank enlarged the interest rates by an additional three-quarters high of a percentage point on Thursday.

All these actions will show how much the economy grew or shrank on a percentage basis. It is expected to draw people’s attention, but somehow the US manages to control unemployment after pandemic.

What is the Hourly Rate For An Accountant in Perth?

What is the Hourly Rate For An Accountant in Perth?

Accountants are an indispensable part of the business sector. As the operations functions and nature of finance and trade continue to advance, so does the job of a professional finance accountant.These days the professionals do so much more than just balancing and calculating business records. The job portfolio has grown to involve primary consultation facilities touching on essential matters such as Technology related recommendations, profit maximization strategies, risk management, and even overall  management. This means that appointing a suitable accountant is much more requested than it was a few years ago. Especially the most fitting professional and consultants in any business arrangement relies on particular business requirements and preferences as given by the individual business activities.

But on a more primary level, there are three or four key factors the business owners should always keep in mind when appointing a consultant for any financial assistance.

Hourly rates of an accountant based on experience

The standard charge of an accountant per hour in Perth, Australia, is 50 – 100 AD per annum. It is 4 percent lower (-$3700) than the standard accountant fee in Australia.

On top of that, an accountant gets an average bonus of three thousand dollars. Cost per hour estimates based on collected details are directly coming from the different employees and employers in Perth, Australia. An accountant with 1 to 2 years of experience can charge an average fee of 35 dollars per hour. But on the other hand, the senior accountants with seven years plus experience can charge an average fee of 150 dollars per hour to 300 Dollars per hour.

Service or cost charges

A vital point in appointing is the accountants’ billing charges or rates. A professional accountant generally costs either by the hours or fixed facility charges. The individuals should compare the said charges with their set budget to verify whether they can afford the fees or opt for an affordable alternative.

Do not forget that the overall cost should always be proportionally reasonable to the complexity and quantity of the assignment or task at hand. Individuals should hire what they can afford.

Eventually, the individuals have to think of the accessibility of the accountants. This typically relies on the size of the practice of the firm. More often than not, big accounting consultancies push smaller customers in favor of more prominent large spending companies. It is pretty challenging to hold an accountant on these future farms due to busy schedules. Reference or referral checks during appointments will assist in avoiding performance shortfalls. Or the business owners can opt for a freelance accountant.

Hiring an Accountant is a Wise Decision:

Instead of companies trying to evade hiring the account to save mere costs, it is always a good idea to hire an account on an hourly basis in Perth. This way the company will be able to save a huge chunk of the money they would have spent otherwise on paying an account their full salary.