Simple and Healthy Homemade Bread Pizza

Pizza – a word that brings water in my mouth. I was always being curious to have Pizza on weekly basis. Like me, others will also be keen to have Pizza party. But Pizza is not necessarily been affordable all the time for all the people. In fact, outside Pizzas are not so hygienic or healthy. Statistics report also reveals – too much consumption of Pizza may result in obesity, sleeping problems, body fat, high calories etc.

Being the combination of Vegetables and bake roti, it is healthy if it is made at home with additional nutrients. To have Pizza, one must have Pizza base, all veggies, Pizza sauce, cream, cheese, Pizza spices and herbs etc. to give an original taste. But it is not necessarily to be available at home always. And the other most important thing, one must have sufficient time as well.

Now, we will try a simple and less time consuming method of making Bread Pizza for your breakfast or heavy hunger as well. One always have bread, onion, tomato, capsicum, milk cream, tomato sauce, salt, black pepper powder, desi ghee etc.

  • First collect the simple veggies you are having at your home like onion, tomato, capsicum etc. Chopped all the vegetables finely. You can give any shape to design your Pizza as well.
  • Have slices of bread.
  • Use desi ghee on both side of bread slice.
  • Spread Pizza sauce if you have, otherwise you may simply spread the tomato sauce. Or both sauces can be spread finely to give taste.
  • Spread chopped veggies on the bread evenly and thoroughly.
  • Then spread salt and black pepper powder according to your taste.
  • Put some quantity of milk cream (replacement of Pizza cheese)
  • Put the bread slice in microwave or oven for ten minutes. Some oven or microwave has the option of Pizza making, you can select the same.

After ten minutes, homemade tasty Pizza is ready which is healthy and hygienic. Cut them and eat with great fun.

  1. You may use other veggies or ingredients as per the taste and availability like sweet corns, soybean, peanuts, cheese, potato etc.
  2. If you don’t have microwave or oven, you may cook the bread Pizza on nonstick tawa as well. Procedure will be the same. Cook the Pizza at lower steam and cover the same for better cooking.