How Flutter Is Going To Change Mobile Development In the Coming Days?

In order to develop unique and powerful applications, mobile application development companies are focusing to work with cross-platform solutions. Although there are various frameworks and application development platforms available in the market, there is one that deserves special mention and that is ‘Flutter’.

Flutter is an open-source mobile software development kit that has become one of the fastest-growing mobile application development tools today to build iOS and Android apps with a single code base. Flutter simplifies the whole process of application development by offering a single codebase to create applications for both ios and android.

Flutter works differently as compared to other cross-platform development tool kits available in the market. Flutter provides more flexibility to the development companies to build cross-platform applications by offering its wide widget library clubbed with other open-source widget brands. In short, Flutter offers an ideal platform to develop cross-platform applications without making any compromise.

What makes Flutter different

Flutter is an amazing cross-platform solution and its popularity is increasing day by day. Flutter is different than that of other cross-platform development tool kits in a variety of ways which can be seen as under :

Fast Development: Flutter’s hot reload feature enables developers to build UIs, fix bugs faster and add features. Because of this feature, developers need not wait for a few minutes for the code changes to get reflected on the screen but changes can be reflected only in sub-seconds.

User Interface: Flutter enables developers to change the existing widget and give it a fresh look matching with the current UI. 

Easy to Learn and Use: Flutter offers an easy way to build mobile applications hence developers with very little or no experience in mobile application development can learn and use it easily. Flutter has a very good and detailed documentation that helps beginner-level developers to start with and learn it easily.

Same code base for different platforms: One of the strongest features of flutter is the same codebase can be used for different platforms like android, ios, web, desktop, etc. Developers need not to write different codes for different platforms. It saves both time and effort while building an application.

Less Coding: Programming language of flutter is ‘Dart’. Using Dart language, both front end and backend can be handled in a single code base hence requires less coding and when there is less coding, the number of bugs will also be fewer. Thus, flutter offers more accuracy as compared to other cross-platform development kits.

Huge Community Worldwide: Flutter has a very huge community worldwide which enables developers with very little or no experience with mobile application development to get answers to their questions online if they stuck at any point as well as to enhance their overall learnings and knowledge in the same.

IDEs: Flutter supports a number of integrated development environments like Android Studio, Visual Code, IntelliJ, etc. One need not to switch its IDE in order to start with flutter.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, flutter has a lot more to offer. Flutter is something that is full of features and it promises good performance as well. With Flutter, it is easy to set up and start coding with low-end machines. Flutter does not ask for a powerful machine. 

Flutter is being adopted by more and more companies these days for fulfilling the purpose of mobile application development. And more and more companies are adopting flutter, there is a significant rise in the job market as well. More and more jobs are being posted every day for flutter developers. Nowadays, Flutter is considered as a much better alternative to React Native.

Flutter has been emerging as a really powerful framework that can not be overlooked. Hence, it is safe to say that flutter has a bright future and it has already been proved to be the most helpful UI design framework available today! Planning to build an app; hire flutter app developer and get a stunning app that fulfill your business goals.