How to create your own homepage

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How do you go about getting information about a company? Since the most-used Internet search engine, Google, was created more than 20 years ago, it will likely be your first answer. A Google search gives you all relevant information and access to the company’s web presence – quickly, free of charge and extensively.

Over the past few decades, the Internet has changed the way companies present themselves publicly. Success without an own website is hard to imagine today. Companies are often no longer properly perceived even if they do not have their own homepage. Accordingly, it should be a top priority for you to create an attractive, informative and functional homepage for your company

Create your own homepage: do it yourself or get professional help?

Together with the Internet, an entire industry has developed that is intent on presenting your company stylishly and with technical know-how online. Opportunities and providers of website designs and programming can be found in huge numbers, whereby different approaches come with different amounts of financial burden and workload for you. From the complete package, in which a specialized agency implements your ideas for you without your intervention, to the complete “do it yourself” (which you can of course only do if you have the relevant knowledge yourself), everything is included.

For you personally, this means that you will probably have to find a compromise between service and in-house work, professionalism and cost savings. This is sufficient for most young companies – as soon as the first successes are achieved and sales are made, the website can be set up, adjusted or optimized by experts if necessary.

Now, you can create a free website that looks professional in a very fast and easy manner.

The possibility of a website kit

Fortunately, various start-ups have now recognized the problem of many young companies that they have to have their own Internet presence and have addressed it. The result is website kits such as those from, which, after registration, allow you to create your own website intuitively within a user interface according to your own wishes. Many of these kits can even be used free of charge.

However, the intuitive user interface also means that the options available through the modular system have to be cut back. This can be annoying if you want fancy gadgets for your website – but since almost all good websites follow a standardized structure, this is probably not a real problem.

Create a homepage: your own URL

For many it is important to find your own website under the URL (i.e. internet address) that you have chosen for it – without annoying and complicated additions. Depending on the website construction kit chosen, this wish cannot always be fulfilled. You also have to remember that a URL can only be used if it is not already assigned to another page. Remember this before you delve into building your own homepage – and make an early effort to secure your desired address.