Writing Needs Inspiration, Not Technical Skills

writing skills

You must be thinking – how is it possible to write without having any skills. Yes, it is true. Writing comes from the inner interest. If I do not have any interest in writing, I can’t write by my own, I will simply cheat the other concepts. Writing is not technical in its part; it is more creative and thoughtful process. We see and feel too many things in our daily life and these things give us a chance to write and explore.

Writing does not mean to be professional. It must be informative or must have some meaning. I am writing this article because I want you to know that anyone can write. Whatever you write, it must be inspired with some topic, incident, person, thing or anything. It must have some motive. My motive here is to motivate you to write and to express your feelings to others.

You need not to have a companion all the time to share your feelings with.

Feeling alone and want to express yourself, just start writing diary

If having a fiction story, start writing novel

If you are inspired with someone’s life, write biography on that person

If you have some technical knowledge, write articles

If you have informative words, write blogs

If you can’t speak, write and express

If you are good in cracking jokes, write for comics

If you have thoughtful words, write thoughts, morals, tag lines etc.

Never afraid of comments. Face and respect the comments. This will helps you to improve more and more. I would like to share my experience. I am not a writer and not even have technical skills. I am not a master in English and not even explore the world. I am a simple girl who is busy with the family and office stuff. But I still love to write. I write because I am passionate. I am not inspired with others; I am inspired by my own.  I write to express myself. No content writer can write quality content without inner voice, no scriptwriter can write movie story without getting inspired.

Writing enhances the knowledge, improves the memory power, improves handwriting, and improves communication skills. Too many novels are published in the world; all are the examples of fiction and inspiration. If anyone want their articles to be published but not have confident of his writing skills, he or she may get the proof reading through some professional.

If you are keen interested in writing but do not have any idea of the topic, publishing & blogs site, you may make a research through Internet. You may search for the free blogging sites or may submit your writing through email. Before writing, do not expect it to be popular, published professionally; just write to express yourself and to express your desires. We never know what informative thing we are giving to world.