Status for 💁WhatsApp About Love❤️for a Girl

Status for WhatsApp

Beautiful statuses for Whatsapp are phrases and sayings in which you can express your attitude to different things and describe your experiences. 

A popular way to share your mood and thoughts is to combine a picture (photo) and a beautiful phrase: sunset, rainbow, two lovers under an umbrella or on top of a mountain, kittens, babies. It looks awe-inspiring and advantageous. We specially collected and just empty pictures where you can put your text and ready ones, choose to your taste.

Cute Quotes about beautiful girls

  • Girls experience an emotional upsurge and surge of energy when they feel that there is someone to take care of them.
  • Sexy girls and women are rarely alone, but often they are alone. 
  • Two things should be fair in the Girl – this is the Look and the Lips because with the look she can fall in love, and with the lips prove that she loves. True female beauty is enclosed within. If you know someone who values a woman solely by her appearance, then you know a very superficial person.
  • A woman is as beautiful as her inner world is beautiful. Her eyes, lips, and figure only emphasize her femininity and make men understand that they cannot live without women.
  • Beloved is not the one without whom you will die. And the one without which there is no need to live.
  • Girls have an ocean, but I don’t need a beach, I need one drop, and you’re cute.
  • You will treat her like a queen. She will treat you like a king. If you treat her like a toy – don’t worry, she will show you how she can play 

Statuses about love for a girl

  • With every day that I spend with her, I understand how much I love her and who I will never give to anyone.
  • Looking at you, I begin to be shy of my thoughts
  • So I? Yes again? Yes, with you? Yes, with pleasure!
  • Girls like stars become especially charming at night.
  • Love is when your girlfriend laughs at your stupid jokes.

Statuses about girls 

  • A smart girl kisses, but does not love, listens, but does not believe and leaves before she was gone.
  • Young ladies like to break their hearts from time to time – almost as much as getting married. It gives food for thought and somehow sets them apart from friends.
  • Modern girls do not easily faint.
  • The most challenging thing for a girl is to convince her boyfriend that he cannot live without her. Love is a gift.
  • Still, the girls are very annoying creatures: the wind blows in the face, but they persistently straighten the bangs so that it usually lies.
  • A smiling girl is more beautiful than makeup.
  • Girls dream of friendly and caring guys, but these guys already have guys
  • The Girl grows up when she begins to paint her eyes. After all, from this moment, she can no longer cry.
  • How many good girls dream secretly of the bad.
  • Treat the Girl as a child, adore her, try for her, control her, teach her … She will kick, get angry, but if you succeed, you will grow a beautiful woman.

Beautiful quotes about girls

  • To seem frivolous and inaccessible is the height of art. (V. Hugo)
  • Lying is a girl’s favorite pastime, not counting striptease.
  • There is no ideal relationship. There is a female sense not to notice male stupidity. There is male power to forgive female weaknesses. And ideality. Leave it to the series.
  • If you are asked how old you are, answer that you are 17 and that you are crazy. 
  • Beautiful quotes about girls – If a girl behaves like a child, then she is happy.
  • Having a bad reputation is easy! It is enough to be beautiful and friendly, and people themselves will come up with everything and tell the rest!
  • If a girl said she hates you, most likely she’s still in love, you’re just a beast!
  • Girls have no sense of proportion when they dye, drink, and fall in love.
  • The soul of a loving girl after the betrayal of her beloved is like a fortress that was captured, devastated, desecrated, and abandoned.
  • Quotes about girls with meaning – Oh, this female weakness. How much horsepower is there in it?

Beautiful statuses for a girl with meaning

  • Those who loved us did not teach us anything. We were taught everything by those who did not like us.
  • It’s just great: to have a person in your life whom you call in a deep depression. And you hang up with a crazy desire to live!
  • Beautiful statuses for a girl with a meaning – There is no happy life, there are so glad days 
  • I just miss it. By sight, my smile, by voice, by you.
  • It’s great to find that person who can be buried in the shoulder, smell a native smell, and understand that everything is fine.
  • Your man will not look for a replacement for you. He will look for a reason to be closer to you.
  • We must love the Girl so that every second she feels what she needs.
  • Lord, how many idiots are around, and I still get married.
  • As women do: “That’s it. Don’t call me more!” And they are sitting waiting 
  • It makes no sense to love if you have no intention of making this love eternal.
  • I can roll everything … eyes, banks, hysteria … I can do anything… lunch, hair, scandal … I can take out garbage, brain! I am generally a skillful girl.
  • Vk statuses for girls with meaning – We fall in love with people we cannot be with.

Cool statuses for girls

  • Me? Be in love??? It is necessary to go nuts what nerves.
  • First, a guy ran away from me, then a dog, now I look how hard it is for the fish to push the aquarium to the door
  • I say thanks to heaven for breathing and following my dreams! For this world in which I live, for those people whom I love.
  • Lord, give wisdom – to understand a man! Give love – to forgive him. Patience – to endure his character. Just do not give strength – otherwise, I will kill him!

Statuses about beautiful girls

  • A beautiful woman is a paradise for the eyes, hell for the soul, and purgatory for the pocket.
  • Beautiful girls endure the brain, and evilness destroys the liver!
  • Lying is a girl’s favorite pastime, not counting striptease.
  • The more beautiful the brunette, the more difficult it is to argue with her. 🙂
  • If a girl has everything else in order, she can also be smart.

Statuses about the Girl you love for happy life

  • The efforts we make so as not to fall in love sometimes cause us more pain than the cruelty of those we have already fallen in love 
  • That Girl, who during the days of separation, knew how to keep faithfulness, and did not fall into the wrong hands, is worthy of loving her.
  • Those who have experienced great passions, then all their lives, rejoice at their healing and grieve for it.
  • The Girl’s heart is a boiling pot. It does not count on anything.
  • Statuses about the Girl you love – was rejected, but – but what!