Tips for Happy Married Life

Tips for Happy Married life are not pre-determined. Life can experienced and improved accordingly. yet the only thing for any relation is devotion and dedication. Capture the beautiful moments with love as much as you can.

1.  Start Day with a Kiss

Morning always bring a new thinking, new expectations and new energy. So a couple should also try to start their day with the newness. A good morning kiss bring cheerful smile and helps to start a day with positiveness. In fact, romance starts with a kiss and married life is nothing without expressing love. Kissing is the only way to express your true love towards your partner.

2. Help Each Other

Though it is always assumed that a woman should handle all the domestic chaos along with the office work whereas a man is supposed to handle the office work. But it should not be like this. Reason being, a woman handle office work so a man should also help her in domestic chaos. Man’s ego should not be present. Same, a woman should support her husband in his career. Helping each other in their respective works will bring the relation strong and long lasting.

3. Respect Feelings

Relation always build of feelings and so one should respect feeling of another person.  Usually females are much emotional compare to males. So male should not make fun of females’ emotions. Females should also take care of practical aspects of her partners.

4. Friendship

No relation can be better than friendship as this relation has no obligation. Friendship doesn’t bound with any other relation, caste, religion, place etc.  this relation is open minded and helps to understand each other. A friend can show his or her negative aspects to other friend without any hesitation.  In fact, more comfort is present in this relation. So it’s better to have friendship first.

5. Trust

Trust is the base of any relation. To say ‘I love you’ is common but to say ‘I trust you’ is quite difficult. Trust can not be forced , it can be gained only through strong bonding. This is the trust only through which parents send their daughters to a stranger family after marriage.  Boy should understand this trust and should take care of a girl with deep heart. Girl should also try not to break the trust to make his family happy

6. Spend Quality Time

Work life and family life together makes the real life quite busy due to which no couple has sufficient time to spend with fun. Lack of time stops them to build healthy relation and understanding.  Too distance can be harmful for any relation.  So one should always spare weekends for picnic and to have fun. Couple can also plan for outing twice in a year.

7. Sharing

The strongest part is sharing. Sharing refers to discussing problems, telling each incidents, exploring each other. Sharing of materialistic things should also be present. After marriage, there is no place for ‘I’ a d ‘you’, it should be we or us. This represents the sharing things. The couple who share good and bad part of life with honesty, can make their relation stronger.

8. Remember Occasions

Beautiful moments can be collected and recalled any time. One should remember special occasion like birthdays, anniversary or any achievement day. Basically, it is said that boy usually don’t remember birthdays or any other dates which can lead to small misunderstandings. Try to memorize these days anyhow like through phone or through writing on diaries.

9. Have Sex

Sex gives pleasant and enhance the opportunity to express feelings. No married life is complete without sex.  One should not feel shy of discussing the sex related things with your partner. Sex is also a best way of reducing day stress and to feel relax. Daily sex gives happiness from inside and happy couple are always focused towards life long married life.

10. Mutual Understanding

It is said that one should understand each other just looking at the eye of the partner, no need to utter a single word. Actually it is not a joke or romantic statements, once relation becomes strong beyond imagination, partner eventually understand each others feeling and pain without sharing through words. So build mutual understanding.

Happy married life cannot be achieved through reading articles only, one should also follow the relevant step towards strengthening the relation.