How to Apply UK Visa for Indian Citizens

If you are an Indian planning to visit the Uk anytime soon, you might have a lot of questions. It can also be intimidating as you always want to get your visa application right. The following FAQs can help you answer some of your queries.

How can an Indian get a visa to the UK?

If you are an Indian citizen needing to visit any of the places like England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, you have to apply for a visa to the UK. As there is no visa on arrival for Indians, you will have to apply in advance. Though it can be a tedious process to go through, the UK visa process is actually quite convenient and easy. This faq for UK visa section will help you navigate your process. There are two prominent methods of visa application for the UK. One is the offline method, where you can apply through a travel agent in India. The second method is the online application process, where you have to give interviews and get a biometric test at your respective VFS center in India.

Which documents do I need for a UK visa?

For all visas you will need the following documents:

  • Your original valid passport: It should be valid for at least six months from the date of submission of the visa. And there should be a minimum of two pages blank.
  • Confirmed return flight tickets
  • UK visa application form. It must be duly filled and signed.
  • Covering letter: This is a letter mentioning the details of travel, expense ownership details, details of the traveler with the contact number. It must be filled with a black pen and signed.
  • Original bank statements: It must reflect transactions of the last six months. This statement has to be duly attested by a bank official along with other financial documents.

If you are applying for Business Visa UK:

  • Original copy of a covering letter from the Indian company.
  • Invitation letter from an overseas company.

How long do I have to wait for the approval of my UK visa?

The visa approval process starts once all your documents are submitted, and you have completed the whole process from your side. It takes about 15-20 working days to get the approval. If you are in a hurry and you need it faster there are provisions made for such situations too. But a normal procedure will take about 15-20 days.

Can my Visa get rejected?  What should I do in that case?

A visa gets rejected only when there is an issue or mistake in the application. To ensure acceptance. you must closely check all documents and only then submit it for application. If your visa is rejected it indicates an issue with the application. You will have to re-apply. While doing this you must remember that the visa was rejected due to some issue. This issue must be rectified and only then re-applied. If you have corrected your mistake and the application is right, you will get acceptance.

Visa application is a long process, and it can get intimidating. Hence a platform like can help you with all the confusion. It can help you understand the process in-depth and get your UK visa approved.

Reasons for UK visa rejection or refusal – How to Apply Again

Traveling to the UK for work or business purposes or holidays requires all Britishers or individuals to apply for the visa. On applying for a visa for your trip you might find the British immigration office has rejected your request for a visa. Sometimes it happens due to the non-applicability of the rule. You UK vis might have been rejected, do you know what are the reasons for rejection, to avoid rejection follow the below list.

What is Visa Refusal?

Visa refusal is the rejection of an application for the non-immigrated person by the UK immigration authorities which could be due to the following reasons

  • Submitting fraudulent or false documentation to immigration authorities.
  • If the applicant has been found convicted in any crime that warrants and imprisonment for more than four years then this can be the reason for the rejection of the application
  • Insufficient points for the trip you are having to the UK.
  • The applicant has over status submitted for document On the previous trip in the UK.
  • The applicant has not complied with the rules and regulations for submitting the biometrics, photograph, or provide a medical report which is necessary for visiting the UK.
  • The document doesn’t have a valid passport or travel documents.
  • The applicant’s purpose of the visit is covered under the visa applied for.

The UK immigration officer can choose any of the purposes for rejecting your visa if it’s found there is no reason for the applicant to visit the UK based on the information submitted by the visa application form then he can purposefully reject the visa.

UK Visa Refusal Appeal Process

If an applicant’s visa has been rejected he or she will be notified the same in the writing with the reason for the refusal. A visa can be refused and the following points-based system is the UK immigration management system. Applicants who agree as having refused under this system can appeal for an administrative review online. The visa rejection letter will specify the applicant is permitted to appeal the decision of the letter does not mention any appeal can be filed the active have to find a fresh visa application.

Re-Applying for UK Visa After Rejection

Of course, you can apply for a UK visa after the rejection. Once an applicant’s visa application has been rejected the applicant can choose to re-apply for the visa. A fresh application can be filed as soon as the first visa application was rejected by completing the process which has been the reason for the rejection of the visa. When applying for a UK visa,  Care should be taken to ensure that all the things are perfectly matching with their requirements to avoid the visa application rejection.

Make sure to re-apply for a UK visa after rejection on time before it is too late. Also, keep your documents ready for avoiding rejection again. If your visa is rejected then re-apply for your visa as soon as possible. This time don’t forget to clear out the reason for rejection.