Quick and Cool Drinks for Summer

Summer is upon here and we have to fight with a heat of this summer season. In summers we feel a lack of energy and tired every time. Our body demands some energy to do work. Energy can be obtained by some health drinks, which keeps us cool and refreshing in summers. To beat the heat in this summer season let’s try some quick, easily available and healthy cool drinks:

1. Coconut water(Nariyal Pani):
Coconut water is such a healthy drink which can boost our immunity and energy. Coconut water helps to retain the fluids in our body for a long time and it has so many minerals which protect us from many health problems like cholesterol, kidney problems, and dehydration. So whenever you feel so much exhausted in hot summer days just sip some coconut water and feel refreshed.

2. Lemon Water(Nimbu Pani):
Nimbu Pani, which is easily available and any time prepared cool drinks. Lemon has their own health benefits as it flushes out all toxins from our body and helps to hydrate our body in summer. It can be consumed daily as it is easily available at home. Its taste can be increased by adding mint leaves, cumin seeds powder, black salt, and chat masala. IN northern state nimbu pani is also called as Shikanji and lemonade in English. So whenever you feel so much tiredness in hotty season just go for the glass of lemon water and feel refreshed at once.

3. Mango Shake:
As we all know that mango is the king of all fruits and can be seen mostly in the summer season, so why this tastiest fruits missed in hotty season. Yes, we can use it to make a healthy and sweet cool drink. We can add the mashed ripe mangoes, milk, sugar and ice in the blender jar and prepare a tasty drink for this summer season. Its taste is mouth watered that anybody can miss this drink in this summer season.

4. Aam ka Panna:
If we use the ripe mangoes for making drink then why can’t we use unripe mangoes also for preparing a cool drink. yes, we can also use unripe mangoes for making a healthy cool drink at home. It is rich in vitamin c and helps to get rid many toxins from our body. Just boil the unripe mangoes and mashed its pulp and add the sugar, salt, cumin seeds powder and other spices which you want according to your taste and sip this drink. its sour taste can change the taste of your tongue and you feel quite refreshed.

5. Jaljeera:
Jaljeera is best known in Northern India. Northern Indian people love the taste of spiced Jal jeera. It is used as a cool drink for summer and also used as an appetizer. The taste of mint leaves, coriander leaves added with spices like black pepper, black salt roasted cumin seed powder watered your mouth. Just prepare this drink at home and feeling energized in this summers.

6. Lassi:
Lassi is also used as a healthy cool drink for a summer season in India. It is made from yogurt. It can be sweet or salty. There are many variations of lassi like masala lassi, fruit lassi, sweet lassi, salty lassi, rose lassi, strawberry lassi etc. we can add cardamom powder and saffron to increase its taste.

7. Bael Sharbat:
Very few people know about the Bael. But the Bael juice is very good in a summer season. Bael tree leaves and its fruits are offered to Lord Shivji on Mahashivratri festival. Bael fruit is also known as stone fruit and wood fruit. Its fruit’s pulp is mashed in a bowl and add cool water and sieve the juice. just sip the cool bael juice and forget the harmful effect of hot sun. Try this juice in this summer season.

8. Badam (almond) shake:
However almond is a dry fruit and its nature is hot. but if we soak the almonds in water for whole night and try this almond for making a shake it proves very good in summer. Milk, sugar, cardamom powder, saffron and almond blend in the blender and just sip this drink you feel so much refreshed in hot season and this healthy drink provides energy too.

9. Sugar cane juice:
sugarcane juice is really effective in summer season. To hydrate your body in summer just try the sugarcane juice. It is very good for jaundice and have digestive properties. It really quenching your thirst in few seconds and boost your energy.

10. Fruit juices:
There are a list of large number of fruits which are founded in summer and have many health related properties. so keep away the harmful effects of summer season and to keep body healthy and cool just taste the different types of fruit juices like Orange juice, mousambi juice, watermelon juice, grapes juice , muskmelon juice etc all fruits are riched in Vitamin C. You can also taste the apple juice, pomegranate juice and strawberry juice in this hot season and fell refreshed at once.

11. Sattu ka sharbat:
Sattu is made from the roasted gram flour or roasted black chickpea flour which are known as chane ka sattu. It is really very good and proves very healthy in summer season. It is quite useful for kids as well as adults. It is a sweet drink and popular in many parts of India.

12. Thandai:
Thandai is very popular in northern India and as its name shows thanda which means cool. So it is very cool and good for summers. It consists full fat milk, many types of dry fruits, sugar, black pepper, other spices, cardamom powder , saffron etc. It is very popular in the festival of Holi and Maha shiv ratri also.

Why bear this hot summer season with the lack of energy and full of sweat. Just enjoy this summer with the different types of healthy cool drinks and beat the heat of the sun. There are many others drinks also which you can drink in this hot season and quench your thirst.

Health Aspects of Drinking Water

Right Time Drinking Water

Right time and right way of drinking water- can it be a question to ask? Yes. It is. Water is a necessity for a smooth life and no life can be assumed with water. Drinking water makes us healthy, provides beauty and long age. But we should follow some rules to drink water. That is for sure, we must drink water if we are thirsty. Apart from thirst, water does have some specific time and specific ways to drink to benefit the body. We will try to cover-up all the aspects related to water drinking.

Benefits-of Drinking Water for Good Health

Right time of drinking Water

  1. 2 glass water after waking up early in the morning:
    -Drinking water in the morning helps in activating the internal organ and eventually makes you internally strong. While sleeping, some harmful toxins added inside the body so water helps to flush out the same.
  2. One or half glass water before each and every meal:
    -It will improve digestion and controls overeating.
  3. One glass water after one hour of lunch:
    -It helps to absorb the food nutrients by your body.
  4. One glass water before taking bath:
    -It will control or lowers the blood pressure.
  5. One glass water before going to bed for sleep:
    -It may help to avoid heart attack. Because healthy liquid helps to circulate the blood smoothly through heart system and so stop blockage.
  6. Drink more water when you are ill:
    -Illness increase the body temperature and lowers the level of water in body. So it is recommended to drink water again and again with a less amount. It will maintain the body temperature.
  7. Drink one glass water before workouts:
    -This will make you fight with the dehydration during indoor and outdoor activities or exercises
  8. Drink one glass water after workouts:
    -While doing exercise, fluids come out in form of sweat. Drinking water will fulfill the water loss in body occurred during workouts.
  9. Drink water when you are tired:
    -Sometimes, when you are not able to have a nap, drink some sips of water. Water will activate your mind by reaching there.

 Important points to keep in mind

  • Carry a water bottle with you whenever and wherever you go, especially in summer season.
  • Drink water with a glass of water only, not with the bottle directly
  • Consume water only if required. Too much consumption of water at a time may be harmful for body
  • First sit somewhere calmly and then a have water. Taking water while standing may lead to knee pain.
  • Don’t chug the whole glass water directly. Take sips, swallow, breathe and then repeat.
  • Don’t consume too much cold water. Have water seasonally. Luke warm water is better for digestive system.
  • If you are feeling dry lips, then consume water
  • If urine is yellow, dark and painful, the reason can be lack of water in the body. So consume more water.
  • Taking water in sips is better than to have a full glass of water.
  • Pregnant lady or breast feeding mother should have more water to maintain the fluid in the body to be hydrated.
  • Before and after facing publics, water helps to maintain the necessary nutrients & build confidence inside.

How much Water should intake in a day

One should drink 8 to 12 glass water in a day. Though the quantity of water varies according to the weight and size of the human body, yet one should not have more than 16 glasses a day.

Benefits of Water

  • Water prevents from the harmful toxins and so aids in digestion by dissolving the hard food
  • It helps to control the weight by controlling the extra fat and burning calories naturally.
  • It reduces the liver problems and kidney issues.
  • It helps to discharge the body waste quickly and efficiently. So it acts as a natural body cleanser.
  • It makes the blood circulation system better by thinning the blood.
  • It prevents dehydration
  • Drink water in correct time and through correct will promote better sleep. So it will enhance the body energy and freshness.
  • Controls the body temperature and provides moisture oxygen for smooth breathing.