Women Are Still Dependent and Surviving…

Women Are Still Dependent and Surviving

Women are still living life of dependency. India got freedom in 1947 but still not all the citizens of India. There is still discrimination present with the great percentage. If we talk about the male generation, they got freedom of every kind like they can wear whatever they want, they can go wherever they want to visit, and they can eat whatever makes them happy. They still order to women to cook for them, wash their dirty clothes, and so many other things as if women are just slave of male people. I am not against the male generation; I am against their so called cheap thinking which allow them to take away the freedom of women.

We celebrate 15th August as our freedom day and Women’s day on 8 March. But why? If women still have to depend on the male generation, then what’s the need of celebrating Independence Day and women’s day? Government declared that male and females are equal and both have equal rights. If whole world knows it as universally truth then why females are not allowed to live the life as they want. They are always given an option either to live alone with their own conditions or will have to drop their dreams if they need partner.

Before marriage, girls are given huge protection through parents. They are bound to go outside in the evening. They are bound to do late night jobs. They are bound to have fun with friends. They are bound to study more as well. Because they are supposed to have all the fun with the future life partner decided by the parents. But what’s the surety of getting true of dreams after marriage. If parents are not able to fulfill the dreams then how can they rely on the strange person who is going to come in girl’s life for a reason? Yes!! A reason…

Marriage is a beautiful relation which joints two hearts together and so the two families together. But marriage is based on terms and conditions. Girls have to face too many difficulties just to save her marriage relation. But why only girls strive for relation!!!

Girls have to sacrifice their dreams just to fulfill the dreams of her life partner.

Girls can’t perform her job just to support her husband.

Girls can’t study further because she has no right to go ahead of her husband.

Girls have to wake up in the morning just to perform the domestic chaos.

Girls are not allowed to have social networks after marriage because our society has cheap thinking.

Girls can’t have male friends but a male can have female friends.

Girls are not allowed to wear modern dresses after marriage but boy can wear Western dresses.

Girls are required to carry palla on head as a part of tradition but boy do not need to follow any tradition.

If girls wear traditional ones, they are treated as backward, if girls wear western; they are made fun of being modern.

If a girl wants to live her life, she is being threatened to leave after marriage.

Why all the rules for the girls only? Why a girl is treated as robot? Why boy are allowed to take decisions? Why only girls have to save marriage? Girls do take care of her families from morning to evening but still girls are not being treated as human..

I just want to ask. Why?

Girls are human, they have hearts, they too dreamt, they too have mind, they love, they care and they want to spend their life with her partner but with no conditions. Please treat her well, not more than, but at least as human….