The Pakistan flood is worsened by global warming and climate change

According to scientists, global warming is playing a very devastating role in the Pakistan floods as it worsens the situation. Researchers of the World Weather Attribution group say that climate change will increase the intensity of rainfall. Apart from this, there were many uncertainties in the result, so the team was unable to quantify the impact scale as well. 


They also believed that this kind of event would not happen again in the next year. The floods in Pakistan have been affecting the lives of people for the last two months, and tens of millions of people are suffering from diseases. And about 1500 have died because of the rise of the dirty and diseaseful water. 


The intensity of the downpours also saw the river Indus burst out of its bank and landslides and urban flash floods swamped many areas. As we saw from the start, the politicians pointed to climate change as having made a significant contribution to the most disastrous scenes. 


The crippling heat waves that gripped India and Pakistan at the beginning of this year also worsened the situation. Along with this, the research finds that climate change has made them up to 30 times more likely to happen and more frequently. But if we talk about extreme rainfall, then extreme rainfall is very hard to access. Pakistan is located on the edge of the monsoon region where the rainfall pattern is very variable as compared to other countries. 



  • Which thing is adding to the worsening condition of Pakistan?

Ans. The climate change 

  • How many people are affected by climate change in Pakistan?

Ans. Tens of millions of people 

  • How many people died in the floods in Pakistan?

Ans. About 1500 people.

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