Tips to Properly Pack the Item Before Shipping

Properly Pack the Item Before Shipping

The packaging of products plays a vital role in the e-commerce business. The delivery of items directly to the consumers is possible only if they are packed properly. The appropriate packaging ensures that your products will safely reach the destination. 

Moreover, beautifully packed items can leave a good impression of your business on your customers. The right packaging also ensures that your product will not break or be crushed during transit.

When your products are properly packed, then you can expect that your products reach distant locations as well. If you want to make sure that your product reaches the destination safely, then it is important to hire the warehouse service provider who offers good quality packaging services.  

Here, in this article, we are going to share top tips that will help you pack your products properly: 

1. Organize Them Properly 

First of all, it is important to organize all the necessary stuff that is required for the packaging of products. It is important to ensure that the workspace is large enough to accommodate all products and different packaging material. 

You should also make sure that all the required packaging stuff should be easily accessible. 

The workspace should have a proper storage area to accommodate different types and sizes of products. Organizing the workspace can help in saving time and increase your productivity as well. 

2. Take Right Measurements 

Take the measurements of the product so that you can pick the right size of box for packaging. After taking the appropriate measurements of your product, you should add 2 inches in each dimension (width, height, and length). 

It will help you to design the perfect box for the packaging of your product. Adding 2 inches in each dimension will ensure that this box will appropriately wrap each product. Also, you can fill extra padding inside the box to ensure the safety and security of the product. 

3. Right Kind of Material

Once you have taken an appropriate measurement, then you should move to the next stage, i.e., choosing the right material for packaging. You should select the rigid material that does not easily collapse during transit. You should wisely choose the packaging material and properly design the box according to the measurement. 

The packaging must be strong and durable. When you hire a shipping service provider, then they also offer packaging services. The good shipping service provider always uses good packaging material to ensure the safe delivery of products. 

4. Protection of Product 

Once you have selected the right packaging material, then you should pay attention to the safety of products during the transit. There are different measures to ensure the safety of products. Therefore, you should choose the right kind of measure to ensure the safety of the product.

 If you are not sure about what kind of safety measure to choose for your product, then you should consult the professional packaging service providers. Different kinds of safety measures can be adopted to ensure the safety of products such as Bubble Wrap, Instapak Foam Packaging, etc. It is better to choose the right safety technique rather than paying for the damage. 

In case you want to ship more than one product in one box, then you should wrap all products separately. This will ensure that the products inside one box will not clink against each other. If you are shipping fragile products, then it is imperative to use cushioning substance inside your box to make sure that it will not damage.  

5. Seal It Properly 

Once your product is properly packed inside the box and safety techniques are implemented, then you should seal the box before shipping. You should use the strong sealing material to make sure that box will not open during the transit. It is recommended that you do not use cellophane or duct tape. 

These two sealing materials are not strong enough to seal the box properly. You should search out for perfect sealing material. It is important to make sure that your box is properly sealed before loading it on the vehicle. 

For extra safety, you should apply 2-3 strips of tapes to seal the packaging. The Gum-tape and pressure-sensitive tapes are the right options for sealing the shipping box.  

6. Label the Packaging 

This is the last and final stage of packaging. It is one of the most important stages in the entire packaging process. Labeling includes pasting a slip over the box. In the slip, the recipient’s address and brief information about the product will be given.

Final Information:

The order fulfilment is not possible without the appropriate packaging of products. You will not be able to safely deliver your order to your customers. Therefore, packaging plays a vital role in the e-commerce industry. 

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