A girl Molly Russell’s inquest to put focus on big tech

About five years after she took her own life, the inquest into the death of teenager Moly Rusell is due to begin. She is a girl who killed herself in 2017 by viewing some material on self-harm, suicide, and depression on social media. 


It is hoped that it will be a turning point. Her father, Lan, is a campaigner for online safety. He said that he hopes that we will learn lessons and that it will help to produce the change that is needed to keep people safe and to keep them alive. He also believes that his long-term exposure to harmful materials contributed to his death. 


Molly’s story provided fresh input for the new legislators who are running the big tech companies. The online safety bill is still underway and being processed through Parliament as it is due for a third reading in the Commons. 


Instagram and Pinterest are owned by Meta and they are also taking part in the inquest which has been held for the last two weeks. It will also hear some evidence from the executives from both companies. They were ordered by the coroner to appear in person only. 


Let us tell you that Molly used her Instagram account 120 times a day during the last six months. She liked and liked almost 11,000 pieces of content there. She also thought and tried to use the image-sharing site Pinterest more than 15,000 times during the same period. 



  • What was the age of Molly?

Ans. 14 years old 

  • Name the two most famous social media apps under Meta?

Ans. Instagram and Pinterest

  • Does she most active on Instagram and Pinterest?

Ans. Yes

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