Dream, a well-known Minecraft YouTuber, reveals his face

For years, Dream, a well-liked YouTuber, was only known to his followers as a smiley-face cartoon character.

The online Minecraft gamer, who has 30 million subscribers, never moves a mouse during streams, though he does occasionally show up on camera wearing a mask.

But everything appeared set to change after his friends—as well as other YouTubers—posted videos in which they appeared to be responding to Dream without his mask.


Then he uploaded a video in which his face was first seen.

The most popular Dream videos, including one that has received more than 115 million views, have tens of millions of views and are both about the best-selling video game in the world, Minecraft.

In a five-minute video that has received more than 12 million views, he introduced himself as “Clay, also known as Dream.”

He wanted to be able to go out more after a friend moved to the US, where Dream is based, without worrying about leaks or rumors, he said.


Dream confessed, “I’ve been bunkered up.” It’s a little bit excessive that people are attempting to reveal my face and learn how I look.

He claimed that while his face wouldn’t appear in his Minecraft videos, he might start working with his friends to create “IRL content” (content filmed in real life).

The dream showed his face to a few select people in the days prior to his public debut, asking them to share their responses online.

One person commented that Dream “looks like a baseball player,” Karl Jacobs, who claimed to be one of Dream’s closest friends.




  • Who showed his face?

Ans. smiley-face cartoon character


  • How many subscribers does he have?

Ans. 30 million subscribers


  • How many views does his most popular video have?

Ans. 115 million views

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