Alex Jones Lawyer Who Presented Evidence That Refuted His Testimony

Jones acknowledged on the witness stand that the slaughter at Sandy Hook Elementary School was genuine after years of assuring his supporters it was a set-up. The parents of one of the shooting victims have filed a lawsuit against him in Austin.

In his offense trial, where the parents of a 6-year-old victim of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary shooting are suing him because of his claims that the massacre was staged, conspiracy theorist and media personality Alex Jones was presented with several pieces of evidence on Wednesday that contradicted his own testimony.

The information came to light on the last day of hearing in the phase of the trial where jurors will decide whether or not Jones owes the parents of Jesse Lewis any damages. It included texts and emails that Jones’ attorneys allegedly unintentionally gave to the opposition’s counsel.

Jones claimed during his Tuesday deposition that he never made reference to Sandy Hook in text messages, and as a result, he never produced the records as demanded during the trial’s discovery phase. However, Mark Bankston, a lawyer for Scarlett Lewis and Neil Heslin, informed Jones on Wednesday that Jones’ own attorneys recently sent them the contents of Jones’ phone from the previous two years by mistake.

Alex Jones Vs Sandy Hook Case Trial

Then, Bankston stated that he received a number of texts from Jones that cited Sandy Hook and other evidence that refuted Jones’ prior claim and the confirmation, he had Jones read one.

Although his lawyers sent them after discovery, at first Jones sought to argue that the texts’ presence proved he lawfully disclosed them. I’m not very tech savvy. I told you in my testimony that I gave the attorneys my phone, stated Jones.

For warning viewers of his Austin-based website and broadcast Info wars that the country’s second deadliest school shooting, in which 20 children and adults aged 6 and 7 and six adults were slain, Heslin and Lewis are suing Jones for $150 million was a government deception intended to remove guns from American citizens. His listeners then harassed the families of the victims as a result.

A defamation default judgement against Jones was previously issued by a judge in Austin. It’s just one of the numerous defamation lawsuits that Jones has lost brought by the families of Sandy Hook shooting victims.

Why Info Wars Parent Company Files For Bankruptcy

If Jones recognised totally irresponsible, it was for him to assert that the Sandy Hook tragedy never took place and that no one truly perished, Jones’ attorney F. Andino Reynal questioned him during his interrogation.

It was Jones who particularly says that I’ve met the parents and found it is absolutely true. Earlier in his testimony, Jones claimed that he had personally looked through his text messages for the terms of Sandy Hook but had not come across any messages. Additionally, he stated in court that he doesn’t have a personal email and as a result, hasn’t ever discussed Sandy Hook in an email.

Bankston disclosed that Jones’ phone’s data suggested the same and have evidence. In response, Jones stated that he does not consider emails he has dictated to his assistant as ones he has personally written or sent. Additionally, he held his IT staff accountable for any emails they may have sent on Sandy Hook.

Jones stated that I personally don’t get on the internet and just sit there and use email. I never send emails myself because I detest and abhor the process. That I don’t use email that are presenting as an evidence.

Why Sandy Hook Parents Fear For Their Lives

Jones claimed in court that his deplatforming cost him millions of dollars. In 2018, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple all banned Jones and Info wars for breaking their platforms’ hate speech standards. Jones’ phone’s contents, according to Bankston, proved that his revenue increased. Infowars occasionally made more than $800,000 a day.

Jones claimed that the reason for the high number was the programming on his show that featured the Conservative Political Action Conference. The remainder of Jones’ testimony saw him portraying himself as the victim. After discussing the Sandy Hook shooting on Info wars, he said that his identity had been taken and that the mainstream media had turned him into a monster.

He said that Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign attacked him for calling the elementary school shooting a fake and that corporate media misrepresented him and his remarks. Additionally, he claimed that his infamous 2017 interview with Megyn Kelly had been heavily manipulated and misrepresented his opinions.

Without mentioning how it impacted the lives of the Sandy Hook parents, Jones claimed that, given the chance to change the history, he would have chosen not to air his coverage of Sandy Hook since it destroyed his life and career. Kyle Farrar, one of the parents’ attorneys, stated to the jury during closing arguments that they had the opportunity to hold Jones responsible for the pain his words and actions caused.


Who Is Alex Jones And Why He Is In News?

Alex Jones is an American radio show host under Genesis Communications Network Syndicates across the United States and online. The InfoWars founder and conspiracy theorist is in news because of his lawyer who mistakenly send his personal chats to the opponent lawyer.

What Is Alex Jones Early Broadcasting Career?

Jones starts his career in native place Austin in a public-access cable television program. Jones switched radio in 1996 and hosted a show “The Final Edition” and be the best Austin radio show host.

How InfoWars became The Alex Jones Show?

Alex Jones is the director and publisher of the fake news website known for promoting conspiracy theories. The show was discovered by Alex and Kelly Jones in the year 1999 but, being popular in 2016 with 10 million of monthly visits.

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