The good news comes as the settlements were recaptured from Russia

Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, said that he had good news as several settlements were recaptured from Russia. There were rumors about the breakthrough in eastern Kharkiv, but there is no official information from Ukraine. 

Zelensky refused to give the name of the place that had been retaken and said “now is not the time to name.” 

Apart from this, US officials said that Ukraine was making visible and meaningful progress against the Russian forces. 

He released a night video where he said that there was good news about the success of Ukrainian troops and that every citizen should feel proud of the soldiers. He also mentioned a few of the military units and praised them for their bravery in combat. He added that now is the time to name the settlements as the Ukrainian flag returns. 

Ukraine also tightened operational security and shared a few details about a widely expected counter-offensive in the south and east. They also launched an offensive from the southeast of Kharkiv to the eastern region of Donetsk, where Russia has maintained substantial military control. According to some sources, Ukrainian forces may be a few dozen kilometers from Izyum, a city in Ukraine, as it plays an important role in the Russian military supply chain. 

Speaking at a US event, Colin Kahl, the secretary of defense for police, said that the Ukrainian forces performed better than the Russian troops in some areas. 


  • What did Zelensky bring for the Ukrainian citizens last night?

Ans. A Good news

  • Name a city in Ukraine that plays an important role in Russia’s military supply chain. 

Ans. Izyum 

  • Who gave a speech at the US event?

Ans. Colin Kahl, secretary of defense for policy 

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