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Bodycon dresses can be very tricky to slay inconveniently. You might have caught yourself a number of times feeling self-conscious whenever you look at that bodycon in your closet you’ve just never had the courage to wear. Here’s some good news. With a number of fashion tricks, we’re going to be looking at, you’re sure to get all the tips and confidence you need to don that outfit at the next chance you get.

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Bodycons are sexy no doubt, but are only naturally sexy for those with a perfect figure. If you have a tummy or waist fat, you may not want that outline of yours highlighted by a bodycon dress. So how do you maneuver your way through this tricky piece of clothing and take advantage of its sexy and attractive qualities?

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First of all, the bodycon style is what you should look out for. While making a purchase of bodycon dresses wholesale, make sure to select one that would highlight your best features. If you have beautiful legs, you should go for a short one. Do you have a nice bust? A dress with a sweetheart neckline would be perfect.

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The next thing for you to do is to introduce shapewears into a mutual relationship with the bodycon dress. Shapewears are a blessing and they give you just the perfect shape to make a bodycon fit like it was made just for you. You can get a wholesale bodysuit or shapewear to help flatten your tummy, define your waist, and make your thighs slimmer. Then, with your new shape fixed, you can wear your bodycon and look chic in it in grand style. Same you, just a different body.

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Another fashion rule guiding the wearing of bodycons is that you should always wear heels on them and nothing less. However, you shouldn’t use too many accessories. Else, you’d have so many things on you calling for attention which could create a terrible sight. Leave the attention for the dress and just use light accessories to compliment it. A pair of earrings, a watch, and a not so predominant necklace would be just fine. Wear your makeup expertly but not too loudly, with a red lipstick on, full shapewear beneath your tight-fitting bodycon, a nice pair of heels, and light pieces of jewelry. Now that’s how you make a fashion statement.

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Color selection is important as well in getting the best look out of a bodycon. Darker color shades hit the mark always and black just can never go wrong. These darker colors can help hide any feature you want to remain hidden.

Finally, bodycons stick to you like a second skin, but wear your confidence as your first skin. Don’t be scared or shy to be stared at because you would be getting a lot of that. And why not? You look totally dashing in the outfit and it’s only fair that heads turn to be served your looks. Don’t know where to get the perfect bodycon or shapewear for your body? You need not worry, HexinFashion has all you need at affordable prices. Go grab that outfit and wear it in exquisite fashion.

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