“Art is dead, dude” and this is the rise of the AI artist that stirs debate

Art is Dead, Dude, and this is said by Jason M. Allen to the New York Times. If you don’t know about him, then let us tell you that he is the winner of the Colorado State Art Fair competition. And this is in the category of emerging digital artists. 


His winning entry was made by using the Midjourney, it is an artificial intelligence system that enables images to be created. You can do this by simply putting a few text prompts, for example, an astronaut riding a horse. Even many artists were furious as Mr. Allen was unmoved and he told the paper “it’s over.” A.I. won and humans lost. “


Mr. Allen earned about $300 from the contest, while the news struck a tender nerve. Some artists are already scared that a new breed of AI image generator will take their job. It will take a free ride on the years spent learning the craft with hard work and dedication. 


A California artist said that this thing wants our job and it is an actively anti-artist in a tweet that is liked more than 25,000 times. In that post, he even highlighted how the output of the AI system could imitate the living artist. He also examined whether I even attempted to reproduce the signature of the artist. 


AI systems are very impressive, but they are built upon the output of creators because air drained and technology is different from the millions of human-made things. 



  • How many times does the tweet reshare about the AI and the artist? 

Ans. 25000

  • Who posted a tweet on Twitter?

Ans. RJ Palmer 

  • Who said that art is a dead dude in the New York Times?

Ans. Jason M Allen 

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