The Clinton investigator, Kenneth Starr, died at 76

His family says that Kenneth Starr died at the age of 76. He was the prosecutor whose investigation led to President Bill Clinton’s impeachment. He is a former judge and US solicitor general. On Tuesday, he died at a Houston hospital of complications from the surgery. 


He is the independent counsel who investigated Mr. Clinton. Starr became the most famous household name in the whole US. He also served on the team defending former President Donald Trump from impeachment in 2020. 


Star was also appointed by the US Department of Justice in 1994 to investigate Whitewater as it was a scandal-plagued 1980s land venture in which Bill and Hillary Clinton were both involved. During the investigation, Starr found strong evidence that Mr. Clinton had been having an affair with a White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. 


All this resulted in Mr. Clinton being impeached by the House representative in 1998 and later he was acquitted by the Senate Starr.  He also wrote about the inquiry in a best-selling book, Contempt: A Memoir of the Clinton Investigation. During the promotion of the book in 2018 in a CBS interview, he regretted “the pain that resulted for so many, including the nation” from the Lewinsky phase of the probe. But he also maintained that “it had to be done” and also declined to apologize to Ms. Lewinsky for the bullying and harassment she endured after the affair came to light. 



  • When was Mr. Clinton impeached by the US House of Representatives?

Ans. 1998

  • Which girl had an affair with a White House intern?

Ans. Monica Lewinsky 

  • When does the president serve on the team defending the former president from impeachment?

Ans. 2020

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