The deadliest male infertility killers of 2023

Male infertility is a very serious problem these days; no one can imagine it more than the patient. There are thousands of couples suffering from infertility-related issues, and they are increasing day by day. The main reason behind male infertility is the in disciplined and unorganized lifestyle, as people don’t even have enough time for themselves. People don’t have a proper diet plan and replace healthy food with junk food. All these things lead to male infertility killers, which need to be corrected on time with the help of the best Sexologist in Gurgaon

These are a few points that will show you the deadliest infertility killers:

Canned food 

Food and progressive technology have opened doors for canned and ready-to-eat items. Let us tell you that these items are coated with BPA. This is used as a food item preservative, which leads to male infertility. You should avoid canned food and prefer healthy food. No doubt, canned food saves time, but compromising health to save time is not a wise decision. 


Let us tell you that perfumed soaps, shampoos, body washes, and the vinyl curtains in our bathroom have chemical plasticizers. This chemical is directly related to male fertility and kills male infertility. Apart from this, chemical plasticizers also lead to cancer, allergies, and birth defects, which are very serious issues. So make sure you are maintaining a necessary distance from these objects so that it will not affect your health. 

Sex toys 

Males who use sex toys for sexual pleasure do not have enough strength to please and satisfy a woman. Sex toys even have Phthalates on their surface, and phthalates are a kind of chemical that leads to the reduction of male infertility. Sex toys are very dangerous for male sexual strength, and every male should avoid them if they want to live a healthy sexual life. 


Very few people know that pesticides have very dangerous chemicals in them and that they have a very adverse effect on male fertility. So if you are in touch with any kind of pesticide then you should take all the necessary precautions to protect yourself from the pesticide. If it gets too late, then you should consult with the doctor and plan treatment as soon as possible. 

Heated cars and bike seats

It is very common for men to sit on the heated car and bike seats in a hurry or to reach somewhere on time. Let us tell you that the increased temperature of the testicles will lead to a reduction in sperm count. So make sure you are taking care of the temperature of your testicles and never sit on the heated seat of a car or bike. 

PCB contaminated fish. 

Almost every nonvegetarian person loves to fish, and it is good for their health as well. PCB-contaminated fish are banned but still fish contain some amount of PCB which is very dangerous for the health of the males. So we recommend avoiding canned edible fish products and replacing them with fresh fish meat. 

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All the above points show the deadliest reason for male infertility, and you should avoid them at any cost. If you are searching for the best sexologist in Delhi, then you should check out Gautam Clinic. They will provide you with a complete guide and make you live a healthy sexual life. 

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