GoDaddy Nameservers Change Time and DNS Propagation – Update Server Time

godaddy dns server update time

When your domain name is newly registered, and DNS changes are made, then you can expect a propagation time from 24 to 72 hours. Because this is the process that takes time for the DNS to take effect across the internet. The actual time of DNS propagation may vary in some locations and also depends on the network setup.

When you update the DNS (Domain Name System) records in your domain names then the GoDaddy nameservers change time will take up to 48 hours for those updates to propagate.

What is DNS Propagation and GoDaddy Nameservers change time? 

When you change your domain Name Servers from your domain registrar to another domain name server, GoDaddy DNS change time takes up from 24 to 72 hours to take the effect on all over the world through the Internet. This is actually the process of Godaddy DNS Propagation’ or ‘GoDaddy DNS update time. 

DNS Propagation is done sequentially from place to place. In this process of DND propagation, some users will see your website responding from the old IP address. While other users from different geographic locations will see the website responding from the new server. This is totally normal process.

How much time DNS changes take to propagate?

  • The GoDaddy nameservers update time depends on the type of change you made to your DNS.
  • Name Server changes can take max up to 72 hours to reflect and fully propagate around all over the Internet.

Why DNS Propagation test?

  • DNS propagation test is useful to check useful when you switched ssd shared hosting of your website, stared a new website or in case you just changed your domain DNS Name Servers from your domain registrar. 
  • There are various tools that will perform a free DNS lookup against your IP address and will confirm if the website is completely propagated or not.

Why does propagation take so long?

There is a reason behind the propagation of DNS takes so long time for your website to be apparent to everyone once you start it. Each ISP has a service that automates a process, updates and caches DNS records every few days. 

Until the cache is reset, it will not display a started website. That’s the reason behind the GoDaddy nameservers change time and it will take from a few hours up to 72 hr.

Want to Speed Up DNS Propagation

  • Clear Router DNS Cache-

Some routers having the capability to keep the DNS cache list. Check whether your router have this capability. If it does, you need to clear that DNS list. 

  • Clear Your Local DNS Cache

To speed up your GoDaddy DNS cheap vps server change time, one thing you should make sure that, it is not the cache of your computer that has stored the old data, in that you must clear all your cache after your domain name server has changed.

When you reach a domain on your browser, at that time DNS information of a domain is stored in the cache. It will be a local cache on your operating system. The DNS cache is stored by your ISP.

By cleaning up DNS cache, it will speed up the process of DNS propagation time for your local network. Since every operating system has a different way to clean DNS cache.

            To clear the DNS cache list first, you need to:

Login to your router and check for the ‘DNS Settings’ option. Find the option to clear the DNS server list and clear it.

In this article, I have explained the GoDaddy nameservers change time with how to speed up that propagation time.