Houses were washed into the sea as a storm battered Canada

Power lines have been downed and houses have been washed into the sea as Storm Fiona battered Canada’s coastline. A woman is missing after being washed out to sea. Fiona went from a hurricane to a tropical storm. The police said that this kind of weather event is very rare in Canada and the police said that the storm was like nothing we have ever seen. 


The military has been deployed to Nova Scotia, which helps with the clean-up operation. A total of five provinces are experiencing torrential rain and winds of up to 160km\h. With the widespread flooding and hundreds of thousands of people left without power. Prime Minister Trudeau says that the military will be deployed to Nova Scotia. He said that “if there is anything the federal government can do to help, we will be there.”


He also added that he will no longer travel to Japan to attend the funeral of former PM Shinzo Abe to deal with the storm’s aftermath. Tropical storm warnings have been issued for the Atlantic provinces of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and parts of Quebec. 


The population of 4,067 on the southwest tip of Newfoundland, the intense flooding saw some homes and office buildings washed out to sea, a local journalist told all this. The whole area is in an emergency state. 



  • At which place is one woman missing after being washed out in the sea?

Ans. Newfoundland 

  • When was Fiona the hurricane?

Ans. Friday 

  • What is the speed of the rain and winds experienced by the five provinces?

Ans. 160km\h

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