Threatening Misogynist Andrew Tate Was Banned From Facebook And Instagram

The self-proclaimed sexist was banned for breaking Meta’s rules against “dangerous organisations and people.” Instagram and Facebook have banned controversial online influencer and self-described sexist Andrew Tate.

According to a business email, the former kickboxer and reality TV personality was fired for violating Meta regulations “against harmful organisations and individuals.” Tate originally gained notoriety when participating in the reality television series Big Brother in 2016, where he was fired after a video of him assaulting a woman outside the set leaked.

Since then, he has faced criticism for his social media postings, which domestic abuse organisations have dubbed severe sexism. In 2017, he said on Twitter that rape victims have accountability for their attack and that women belong to live in the house.

How He Declared Himself On Social Media

Tate has gained popularity for his advice videos for guys, many of which border on sexism. Tate identified himself as “definitely a sexist” in one YouTube video. I’m a realist, and realists are sexist, he declared.

Tate described many of his videos as parodies in an interview with the Guardian, saying he was “playing a funny persona.”

He further that he had given to donations that helped women. Internet scandal has spread the idea that I’m anti women when nothing could be further from the truth. I am truly an innocent and this can be removed.

Tate, a vocal fan of the late president Donald Trump, has made appearances on several right-wing podcasts, such as the Alex Jones-hosted Infowars. Tate had recently developed the reputation of being “hard to ignore” on social media, and at the time of his suspension from Meta platforms, he had more than 4.7 million Instagram followers.

The Reason Behind His Tiktok Account Suspension

Tate’s official account on TikTok has also been suspended, and the company is attempting to delete any content about him that is against the rules. More than 12.7 billion times have been spent viewing videos with Tate-related hashtags.

Tate was labelled a “dangerous misogynist” by the UK advocacy group Hope Not Hate, which urged more social media platforms to remove him from their platforms. A TikTok official stated that misogyny is a hateful ideology and is not permitted on the platform.

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What Made Andrew Tate’s Social Media Accounts Suspension?

In 2017, he said on Twitter that rape victims have responsibility for their attack and that women belong in the house. As a result, Twitter permanently banned him. Tate has gained popularity for his advice videos for guys, many of which border on sexism.

What Case Does Andrew Tate Belong To?

A legal inquiry into charges of rape and human trafficking has focused on Tate leads to all social media accounts suspension.

Was Andrew Tate Still Active On Tiktok?

Influencer Andrew Tate is notorious for making sexist comments on Facebook and Instagram and has been banned from Meta and TikTok. Andrew Tate, who had more than 4 million followers on Instagram and Facebook, has been banned by Meta. Insider was informed by Meta that Tate was permanently barred for all his suspected social media activities.

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