How to Celebrate Safe and Eco-Friendly Diwali

How to Celebrate Safe and Eco-Friendly Diwali

We all know, Diwali is the best festival for which everyone awaits every year and plan to celebrate the same in a different & traditional way.  We see the markets crowded, Offices decorated, Residential places cleaned, People’s well-dressed, it means, everything Looks so charming and happening that feel like heaven in the earth. Diwali, no doubt, brings different religion people together. Though it is a Hindu festival but every religion and almost every country celebrate the festival with great fun and enthusiasm.

Being a Diwali week, everyone must be preparing for the Diwali and will be planning on how to celebrate the Diwali in a different way. Here are some points mentioned for celebrating the safe, Eco-friendly and prosperous Diwali:

  • Clean Entire Home and Work Place:

Diwali is the beginning of new phase of the New Year. People started cleaning their home and work places, whitewashing and getting furnished with the exclusive furniture and accessories. Giving a new look to your home and work place makes you pleasant.

  • Avoid Too Much Crackers:

Yup, Diwali is the only festival which is celebrated with the crackers which spread air and noise pollution. We are not against the crackers; instead we should avoid heavy and dangerous crackers. Try to keep children away from the crackers. Play safe and play healthy.

  • Gift Home-made Items:

Due to huge markets, shopping malls and e-commerce web portals, we do have various gifting options. But this time, try something new and unique. Design by your own and present something which is adorable and useful. This is the time to show your creativity and make others happy with your love.

  • Use Oil Diyas Only:

Diya is the symbol of Indian tradition. Apart from this, it is treated as pure as it is made of mud. We may use candles but candles release toxins which are harmful for health and the other big thing I.e., it cannot be reused as Diyas.  To lighten up the house, we almost use electric lights but it also leads to high electricity consumption and so enhances the expenses also.

  • Celebrate in Groups:

No festival can be enjoyed alone, and when it comes to Diwali, join your family, friends, neighbor or relatives etc. Being in community brings more fun ideas, togetherness brings team spirit, and we can burst into laughers & share gossips in group.

  • Prepare Sweets and Delicious Dishes at Home:

People usually avoid preparing food or eatable items at home to save time for having more fun. We should not think like this.  Because markets food and sweets may be made of cheap materials to fulfill the market demand which can adversely affects the health. So it is highly recommendable to made eatables at homes with the family members.

  • Go for Shopping:

Shopping is always pleasant, especially for females as they are fond of shopping and crazy for trendy outfits & jewels. Diwali is the occasion when everyone wants to wear new dresses. Apart from this, one may buy Eco-friendly decorative items for home, kitchen accessories or electronic items which are mostly required.

  • Design Rangoli:

Decorating floor with the colorful rangoli is another attraction which makes the home delighted. One may use colors, flowers, rice flour, and other creative items to design rangoli. Rangoli designs may be downloaded from Internet.

Last but not the least, try to give charity to the needy people, care for your family members, exchange gifts, play games, greet visitors with smile and sweet hug, offers sweet & dishes, forget jealousy, perform puja and celebrate the Diwali festival with great love and fun for the sake of everlasting memory to welcome to Goddess Lakshmi at your door.