ID approved $2.6bn for Ukraine and allies in Aid

The US government has approved about 2.6 billion for Ukraine and Alice in new 8 which includes about 675 in weapons force Ukraine and Russia battle. Lloyd Austin is the defense secretary who announces the arms package in a meeting with dozens of ministers at US Airways in Ramstein, Germany. This aid includes munitions, Humvee vehicles, armored ambulances, and anti-tank systems. 

The US has already pledged to pay about $13 billion to Ukraine in military aid. On Thursday, the Biden administration earned about $2 billion in long-term assistance, which is in the form of investments. All this bolsters the security of Ukraine and 18 of its neighbors, which includes the members and non-member the Nato with the Rik of future Russian aggression. 

Anthony Blinken arrived in Kyin, the capital of Ukraine. He is the UD secretary and urged Ukraine’s allies to support the country as long as it needs it. Mr. Blinken said that the aid will be delivered at a pivotal moment during the war with Ukraine operations which is against the Russian forces. He gave this speech in Kyin to motivate the Ukrainian people and assure them of future help. 

They are facing a challenge in the new phase after six months of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They are facing a hard winter of high prices and fuel shortages because of the fallout from sanctions which are against Moscow and the President of Russia. 


  • What is the new challenge for Ukraine after the Russian invasion?

Ans. High prices and fuel shortages in the high winter. 

  • What is the capital of Ukraine?

Ans. Kyiv 

  • Who is the defense secretary of the US?

Ans. Lloyd Austin 

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