Sony Music is planning to integrate the NFTs with songs and the artists

Sony Music is planning a venture into the area of non-fungible tokens. The company, founded in 1929, is planning to bring the music and the artists together by enlisting the help of the NFT industry. An American music giant had filled out the trademark application by asking permission to cover the audio and the video recording, which features live music and is authenticated by NFTs. There are numerous celebrities like Justin Bieber, Madonna, Snoop Dogg, and many more who are providing popularity to the NFT industry on a very high and global level. 

Sony has also filed trademark applications for the Columbia Records logo, which intends to use it around the NFT-backed media. But sony is about o reveal the NFT-related plans and the trademarks attorney as Mike Kondoudis had shared the screenshots of the company filings on Twitter. 

The application also shows that they seek the relevant approval to cover the promotion, marketing, distribution, advertising, and online entertainment as well. 

The number of NFT applications has surpassed a large number in the crypto, metaverse, and web3. By this current time, the number of applications is 5,800, and the patents concerning the NFTs have already made it to the US patents and trademarks office. By 2021, this number was about 2,087, and now it has more than doubled. 

Last March, the company announced a partnership with the Solana-based NFT marketplace like snowcash and fellow music giant Universal Music Group to release the Miles Davis and Bob Dylan collections in 2022. 


  • What is the present number of NFT applications?

Ans. 5,800

  • Name all the platforms to submit the applications to. 

Ans. Crypto, web3, and metaverse arena. 

  • What is the full form of the USPTO?

Ans. The United States Patent and Trademark Office,

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