Is Link Building the Toughest Task for the SEO Team? Know Why it is so

Expanding outreach is not an easy task and we are going to elaborate the things in brief.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization comprising On-page and Off-page optimization techniques. Off-Page Technique entirely depends on link building which is considered to be time-consuming. In the earlier, it was presumed to having more links, means higher the ranking. But Google has changed the definition of link building.  Here, the better the quality of the links means higher the links. Although, quantity and quality of the backlinks matters a lot for better search engine ranking.

Complexities have been rising and the results are slower than ever. High domain authority back links are required to generate better results. Link building is no more limited to social bookmarking or directory submission, content based article submission or blog writing is the key essentials to push the links up among searches. To meet the Google compliances, outreach team is expected to create the numerous back links as they were before. Here are some of the challenges meet by the SEO professionals while generating Top ranking through Link building:-

  1. Content Emulation: Content is the key factor to facilitate the link building.  More effective the content, more powerful will be the link building. Article and blogs are content based link building sources, so one need to compete with creating links. Although it is prescribed the rule to take only one link per article. Outreach team is asked to grab more and more links through putting more contents for which they need to invest much time and money. Sometimes, Content does not fit on the website contents which becomes no or less link worthy. As a result, it got rejected by the website holder. Getting approval of article is also one of the difficult factors ever coming in our ways. So one need to analysis the competitor’s strategy while inserting HTML code in any of the focusing keywords.
  1. Authority: This is the most important factor of link building as the scalability of any website will elaborate the exact quality of the particular link. People used to examine the page rank earlier, but Google has stopped the ranking system. Now while creating back links, more focus is given on judging the Domain Authority. Higher the domain authority, powerful will be the link. So outreach team will have to make a thorough research on finding out the relevant high DA website to manage and create backlinks subject to approval.
  1. Decreasing worth of Link Building Sources: Search engine used to bring new updates on regular basis to improve the performance and quality.  Even economy rules comprising increasing the prices of the products when demand increased to maintain the supply. Likewise, when the demand of particular link resource increase, the price increased of the worth decreased. Press release was taken as the optimum source of creating links while spreading duplicate contents via numerous online news sites, now the authority has been reduced. Infographics was the source of attraction and so for the higher audience, now it has oversaturated the market so it is given less potential unless the quality is top notch.
  1. Cost and Time factor: Building quality backlinks takes lots of time as one need to spend a time to make research, to write content, putting the contents, getting approval, and so on. Likewise, it can be costly due to buying links from the outsourcing firm, getting write contents from freelancers and much more. Even if, we invest the hard money and time, it is impossible to judge the ROI and to calculate the profitability.
  1. Finding Appropriate Sources: when it comes to enhancing the brand, one need to find the right resources which can popularise the company and its services. Outreach team must publish the contents which are showcasing the services yet not seems like advertising. So niche publishers need to find the sources which have trust, credibility, higher visibility factors.
  1. Slow & Steady Wins the Race: Website engaged in getting more links in fewer time tends to be in a penalty as per the Google algorithms so slow and steady links will be long lasting as they will be based on the research. Buying software based links may be cheaper in terms of less time consuming, yet crossing the links limit will throw back your website out of the searches.
  1. Facing frequent Disapproval:Commenting on blogs but your comment is under moderation”. “Article submitted yet showing under review”. “The blog is published on guest posting sites yet no link is being connected with the website”. People are facing such kind of failures while creating backlinks.
  1. No traffic Over Directories: Directories are just meant for getting back links as no traffic can be seen over there. As the time passes, these directories get shut due to irrelevant data. So links automatically reduced.
  1. Less Payment or No Payment: Blogs are the reliable source of getting backlinks as no hardcore content is required. but now a days, bloggers are backing off due to less payment. Website holders are not able to pay the bloggers for guest posts. In fact, many of the blogging sites are not able to earn through ads. Outreach team has been facing difficulty to find the relevant blog sites to meet the link criteria.
  1. Contradiction: people usually run behind getting back links but always refuse to offer back links to another. It creates conflicts. Rather people must have the mutual understanding on exchanging the back links. Our research found that links are placed for some time, later on, it is removed. So it is a challenging to keep a tracking over the back links.
  1. Spammer’s Enrolment: spammers are performing black hat to spoil the SEO image or to say, get instant results. This black hat strategy has created nuisance among ethical SEO person and mistrust among the internet population regarding link building.

Link building was presumed to be the easiest job in SEO in the earlier times, nowadays, it becomes the most boring and time-consuming activity with less result oriented that everyone runs back from link building. Outreach team has to face the challenges, and it is common for everyone.