Meet the Link Building Challenges in Effective Ways- Here They Are

Planning to increase the website visibility through effective means of promotion then go for the link building services through which website can get better traffic. Link Building services are the part of OFF Page SEO Techniques and to accomplish the same, one need to have basic computer knowledge and analytical skills to perform the same effectively. Link Building comprising Creating backlinks through Directory Submission, Blog Writing, Social Bookmarking, article submission, forum posting, discussion, classifieds, business listing, press release, infographics and much more. Adapt all the resources to make your link building strategy more powerful and accurate. Though every link building guy faces some difficulties while creating links, but one need to face the link building challenges in a more effective manner.

A person having better analytical skills, technical orientation, problem-solving attitude, may reach through the better path easily. In fact, it is always advisable not to go for the quantity of links in the beginning, rather than focus towards the quality of the links. Once you create a space in searches, then increase the number of backlinks (I must say, a number of quality backlinks) to improve the Alexa ranking. Follow the simple rules to avoid hindrances which may affect the web ranking adversely:-

  1. Slow & Steady Wins The Race: Do not run fast, it is not necessary to compete always, better to compete in an effective manner with the planned strategy. Link building involves analysing the website’s rank and domain authority and putting content accordingly.  One can follow the mentioned strategy to effectively implement the link building technique:-
  • Initially, add 4- 5 blog posts with fresh contents
  • Next month directory submission and social bookmarking can be performed along with the articles submission on one weekly basis
  • Build number of links, 10 blogs, 10 article, 5 forum posting, blog commenting etc in the third month
  • Continuously increase the number of backlinks. Perform social bookmarking and directory submission of content based links
  • Make the links popularise among social media sites by spreading the same with one hit
  • This strategy will help you create high-quality links with better performance.
  1. Content-based Link Building : Informative and knowledgeable content will attract the most leads and more audience so better to write effective comments and link the website with the relative keywords only. One can perform Web 2.0, blog sharing, article submission, forum posting, press release and much more.
  2. Use Images or Infographics: Images are the optimum source to capture the attention of the viewers. Sometimes contents may be boring to read or require much time, comparatively image based content will be more informative and eye-catching. Use infographics combining relevant content and images.
  3. Say Bye to Black Hat: no doubt, black hat is the easiest way to drag the ranking on the top for the initial stage but not profitable for a long term. Do follow the ethical policy to build links, take help of manual link building, rather than software based link building which has the shorter life. Do not let spammers participate in your SEO task.
  4. Seek Helps from Client: let’s ask a client to present valuable feedback on social networking sites with connecting particular products or services. Not directly, but indirectly it will boost the ranking and brand of the company. Link-based Clients reviews, feedback will be long lasting.
  5. Keep an Eye: Creating backlinks is not enough, keep a regular check to see whether the link is still present or not. If it is not live, create the link again.
  6. Exchange Links or Two-Way Linking: no one is going to deal with you in free. Everyone needs something in return of something. Do exchange links. Put the links of another on which site, you are creating your own link. This strategy is called two ways linking or reciprocal linking. It may be beneficiary for the long run.
  7. Make Regular Payments to Bloggers: Bloggers have the strong weapon i.e., effective writing skills. If we talk about the link building, content based link building matters a lot, do contact with multiple bloggers who are running their own blog sites, pay them to put quality contents and to allow link addition. Getting links through different blog sites and different IPs will be beneficial.
  8. Follow Traffic: Do not just create links, create backlinks where traffic images. For eg, instead of submitting to numerous directories, submit the link to the directory which has much traffic. Go for the classified ads, active social bookmarking sites, and discussion forum. Comment if you have something informative to say.
  9. Encourage Broken Links: broken links may be effective, as it may redirecting to the website and it may never feel like advertising which is a plus point.
  10. Video or Presentation: Another optimum and powerful source of promotion as people focus more on Video and presentation. It speaks louder than words. Visual presentation always catches the attention of viewers. Encourage Link based PPT which may redirect to the right platform.
  11. Do Follow Links:Prefer Do follow links over No follow links. No follow links may increase the brand but Do follows links will create back links along with building a brand visibility.
  12. Keep Updated with the Search engine Algorithms: Do not overrule the search engine policies and rules, follow what they bring into your notice. They may be bringing something useful which will provide you right guidance. Create links accordingly.

Do you own research, follow the competitors and instead of putting links in a haphazard manner. Create a work to do sheet and put contents accordingly. Search for the relevant topics, and write an informative and effective answer to generate leads. Push article marketing and invite your gathering to share the same. Nothing can be performed alone, so perform in a group to have long lasting results.