Importance of Digital Marketing During Covid 19

As this deadly pandemic, Coronavirus seems to be not leaving us any time soon, making its way across the globe; the whole planet is on high-alert. All the world’s biggest mighties seem so helpless and scrambling to deal with this novel Covd19. 

This crisis makes us choose from our priorities, which is either economy or human safety. Of course, without any second thought, all the countries have responded similarly, choosing human lives and safety as their topmost priority. This led many governments to encourage the public to avoid large gatherings and try putting a cease to contagion. 

The latest article in the New York Times said that a critical concern is; as the virus persists in marching upon many dead bodies across Europe and the US, consumers will stay home. 

But, the point in question is, till when? How long can we put businesses aside and keep that “We’re Closed” board hanging? There comes a time when we all will be out of cash and need to mint some money to keep the human lives going. 

So, if the virus is rigid enough not to go anywhere this easy, we have to embrace this situation and adapt to the changes it brings. It is high time businesses and marketers keep attentive eyes on the ever-evolving circumstances and resume their business operations accordingly for the foreseeable future. 

We already notice a behavioral transformation, with people shunning not only work, but eateries, bricks and mortar stores, and other public spots where they might spend money. With potential buyers choosing to stay at home, online digital marketing may become any brand’s best defense against Coronavirus. 

How Should Marketers Respond?

With inestimable loss due to sudden lockdown and order cancellations at a massive level, companies are cutting huge costs. This makes room for digital marketing to take over traditional ones. It is because digital marketing is what seems to be the need of time; in terms of both affordability for companies and the right way to reach out to the potential audience. 

With little to no people traveling and hitting roads, billboards, and other types of off-screen advertisements will go in vain. As a response, brands can consider reducing any future pop-ups, events, or off-line ads. It is because of the obvious reasons that most people won’t be able to see it, since they all are inside their homes, and on the phone, probably using social media. 

Thus, social media and digital platforms are what marketers should most focus on. Brands should redo their marketing budgets and invest ‘in-person’ marketing dollars into digital marketing strategies. 

Get the Most out of Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Considering all that’s happened and will happen, your business must be quick to adapt and surmount any barriers. If you can reallocate your marketing budget, consider doing it in such a way that gets you ahead of your competitors. You can have this edge by implementing more and more digital tactics such as online webinars, going live or posting recorded video content, and written content that depicts your audience’s needs.

At the end of the day, any amount of time consumed in strategizing and optimizing your digital marketing scheme will be fruitful. The overall outcome you are to harvest will far outlast the deadly virus.

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How to Get Likes & Followers on Instagram [WORK100%]?


Answer to how to get Likes and Followers on Instagram (IG) is very easy, just follow the below told steps and get as many as likes and followers you want.

People consider likes and followers on Instagram important so that many are looking for ways to multiply those two things.

Please note, before using the service sites like and followers you should first check whether the site or website is safe to use or not.

Because if carelessly using the site can have a dangerous impact on our Instagram account, such as hacked, misused, follow other accounts by itself, and so on.

How to Get Likes and Followers on Instagram?

Here’s how to get followers and likes on Instagram safely and completely without an application and also using the application.

Use the Auto Like & Follow Site

This site is free like and follow service provider and is certainly safe to use.

  • Open a Browser (Example: Chrome, Browser) Then visit the Bekasi Follower website, then click the Enter button and Join Now.
  • Then open your Instagram, it will appear as shown below, press the This Is Me (bottom) button.
  • Then go back to the browser or the site that followed the followers before, then press the login button again.
  • After entering some options can be used. Insert Followers + to add followers, and Likes + to add likes to our posts.
  • Select which posts will be added to the post, then click the Likes + button, then wait for a moment until the notification Success appears!
  • You can repeat the method above to get more likes.

In addition to the above methods, you can also use natural methods like the one below to add likes and Instagram followers.

Add hashtags or hashtags to posts

You can add hashtags in posts, many hashtags can be used like #lfl #likeforlike, the purpose is to like each other through the hashtag.

So, people will arrive by liking each other

This is certainly troublesome where we are working together to interconnect with Instagram status.

You can also add hashtags that suit the atmosphere of what you post, for example, if you are in the mountains you can add hashtags related to mountains, for example, #gunung #toba #everest and others

The maximum number of hashtags that can be used is 30, use your best not to spam, if it is considered spam the Instagram party can punish your Instagram account.

Interact with Others on Instagram

Expand to hang out in the real world or Instagram or online friends, with the increase of friends, your friends also want to like and follow you.

If you are an interesting person, then fans who are interested in you will naturally follow and like all your posts.

Upload Posts at the Right Time

Of course, you might think, where do you like it at 3 in the morning? yes, maybe there is, but not as much time during the day and night where everyone is doing normal activities.

Post at the right time, once a day, once an hour, not too much. It will only make people who see your posts disturbed and will only block you.

Take a photo with an Artist or Famous Person

By taking pictures with artists, presidents, soccer players, professional gamers, you will most likely be able to add to your posts.

Because it is a misfortune if you ever take pictures with the role models that we idolize

Tag as Many Friends on Instagram

When tagging friends on Instagram, our posts will also appear in their timeline or chronology, so that our posts will be more widely seen and will add likes to the posts.

Edit Photos as Interesting as Possible

Editing photos can make photos look more interesting than they were before they were edited, with interesting and cool colors that will provoke people to like your posts.

Upload on Instastory

Sometimes people prefer opening the initiatory first rather than scrolling in the timeline.

Add photos of your posts on the initiatory so that it will make others curious. Then wait for likes to arrive.

Create a Quality Post

The last one, of course! People like quality posts, interesting content that can impress them.

How do you make a quality post? Look for ideas that can make the quality of your posts. Show your true self!

After making a quality post, just wait for the likes that come in constantly.

The final word

That’s a collection of tips for adding likes and followers; you can use all of the methods one by one. If you are in a hurry and want to get followers in no time, then you will have to choose a trusted service provider to buy real Instagram followers and get them in no time. Increasing your followers and likes organically demands much hard work and patience.

Ocean Freight v/s Air Freight: Which is best?

Air freight is levied when you send goods via air and ocean freight is levied when you send goods via sea. Before you choose which mode of transport is ideal for you, you have to consider quite many factors. In general air freight is safer, faster and more reliable than ocean freight. Air freight is ideal when the cost of shipping falls less than 15- 20% of the value of goods which have been shipped.

Air freight and hazardous substances

 Airlines have very strict regulations when you have to send across any kind of hazardous substances.

There is a very long list of items which come under ambit of prohibited items as per air freight. This list varies according to the national law and the airline regulations. Some of the items in prohibited list include:

  • gases (such as lamp bulbs)
  • all things which are flammable (such as perfumes)
  • any kind of toxic or corrosive items (such as batteries)
  • magnetic substances (such as speakers)
  • things which can lead to public health risks (such as untanned hides)
  • oxidizers as well as biochemical products like chemical medicines
  • Anything which has a danger sign on its packaging.
  • Packaging is also subject to certain restrictions when it comes to air freight.

So, all this makes it very important to ascertain the nature of your cargo.

All about ocean freight

Ocean freight is much slower in speed than air freight. The custom issues and the port holdups can actually lead to a lot of delay.  Also, smaller shipments are difficult to send as till the time container is complete, things do not move ahead. These days certain forwarders have started to offer facilities for express ocean services. These are also known as Express Ocean services or Expedited LCL. In such services the time taken is relatively less. Typically, it is believed that shipping by sea is cheaper as compared to shipping by air. But this holds true only when you are shipping huge loads.

Size of the load

Before you choose between air and ocean freight keep the cost factor in mind. Every business person has a budget. So, in case your budget allows you to send goods by air, choose air freight otherwise you can opt for ocean freight. Airlines usually charge by chargeable weight. Chargeable weight is gauged from a combination of weight of shipment and its. Sea carriers usually charge in according to per container rates. The standard containers are 20’ and 40’. So, weight is a very big factor. In case you are shipping less than the container load, your price will be determined by cubic meter. So for larger and heavier shipments, it is better to opt for ocean freight than air freight. Also as the shipment gets smaller, the margin between prices falls down and it is possible that air freight will be less expensive.So always check and compare transport prices and also check the review of transport services to get the best transport booking experience.

So, bear all these points in mind before you choose between ocean and air freight.

What Are the Top Reasons to Hire Tree Lopping Companies?

The trees in your yard need to be pruned and trimmed regularly to ensure their good health and optimum growth. Tree trimming and pruning not just heap you to improve the health of trees but also prevent loss of life and damage to your property. 

The damaged portion of the tree should be pruned before it falls on the roof of your house or a person. Before hiring any tree lopping service company, you should read all the tree rules and regulations for your area. It will prevent you from legal troubles. 

In some areas, you have to take permission from local councils to proceed with tree services. Once you have read all the rules and regulations, then you should search for a good tree service contractor in your area. 

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various reasons to hire a tree lopping company: 

1. Good Health of Trees 

Trees are vulnerable to pest infestation, pest attacks, fungi, and various other tree problems. Sometimes, pesticides and insecticides are not efficient enough to restore the good health of trees. Thus, tree pruning and lopping is the best option to remove the infected portion of the tree and restore healthy growth. 

In addition to this, appropriate pruning techniques also help in the good growth of trees. It is recommended to hire a tree lopping company such as tree lopping Sydneycontractors twice a year to prevent your trees from pests and other diseases. 

2. Improve Value of Property

The overgrown branches of trees can block the view of your house and degrade curb appeal as well. Thus, the pruning of overgrown branches can help in obtaining the right shape of the tree. 

Sometimes, people want to cut the trees in a different shape to make them look appealing. 

Moreover, wisely pruned trees improve their healthy growth and also enhance the aesthetics of your place. Well-pruned trees also increase the market value of your house. 

So, if you want to improve the aesthetic appeal of your house, then you should call tree lopping contractors. They will help in removing unwanted parts of trees to make them look beautiful. The efficiently pruned tree in your yard can help you to sell your house fast. 

3. Prevent Loss of Life & Property 

One of the major reasons to hire a tree lopping company is to remove the affected portion of the tree that can fall anytime. The dead or diseased part of a tree can fall on the roof of your house, lead to property loss, or it can also fall on a person, leading to loss of life. 

Therefore, if you observe any sign of a dead or diseased portion of a tree, then immediately call a tree service provider. Sometimes, heavy rain, wind, and snowfall can also lead to falling weak branches of trees. 

Thus, if you call the tree services provider once or twice a year, then you can reduce the probability of property and life loss.  

⦁ Tree lopping companies should be hired to cut down weak, dead, or diseased branches. 

⦁ Cutting down tree branches that are interfering with electric wires. It will help in preventing electrical mishaps. 

⦁ Remove those branches of a tree that can create a dispute with your neighbors. 

4. Improve Structural Integrity of Tree 

The tree lopping services can improve the structural integrity of trees in your yard. By removing the dead and affected portion of the tree, the nutrients are re-distributed to the healthy parts of the trees. But trees must be pruned properly. Otherwise, it leaves a bad impact on trees. 

Therefore, you should hire only professional tree service providers in your area. The professional tree lopping company has the right tools, and they are aware of the right techniques for tree pruning. 

Various tree service providers claim to offer the best services, but you must hire only experienced professionals. The experienced tree lopping companies have trained and certified arborists. They know the right pruning techniques help in restoring the good health of trees.  

5. Increase Fruit Production

Pruning and trimming of fruit trees can lead to an increase in the production of fruits in your yard. People who have orchard or fruit trees in their yard must call tree lopping service provider. 

The right pruning techniques lead to the formation of spurs that can help in increased fruit production in the coming season. This technique also helps in improving the condition of the tree and encourages the healthy production of fruits.

Final Words:

The tree lopping plays an important role in improving the good health of trees and prevents it from pests. But special skills are required to implement the right tree lopping techniques. Therefore, you should hire experienced tree lopping contractors.

Tips to Properly Pack the Item Before Shipping

Properly Pack the Item Before Shipping

The packaging of products plays a vital role in the e-commerce business. The delivery of items directly to the consumers is possible only if they are packed properly. The appropriate packaging ensures that your products will safely reach the destination. 

Moreover, beautifully packed items can leave a good impression of your business on your customers. The right packaging also ensures that your product will not break or be crushed during transit.

When your products are properly packed, then you can expect that your products reach distant locations as well. If you want to make sure that your product reaches the destination safely, then it is important to hire the warehouse service provider who offers good quality packaging services.  

Here, in this article, we are going to share top tips that will help you pack your products properly: 

1. Organize Them Properly 

First of all, it is important to organize all the necessary stuff that is required for the packaging of products. It is important to ensure that the workspace is large enough to accommodate all products and different packaging material. 

You should also make sure that all the required packaging stuff should be easily accessible. 

The workspace should have a proper storage area to accommodate different types and sizes of products. Organizing the workspace can help in saving time and increase your productivity as well. 

2. Take Right Measurements 

Take the measurements of the product so that you can pick the right size of box for packaging. After taking the appropriate measurements of your product, you should add 2 inches in each dimension (width, height, and length). 

It will help you to design the perfect box for the packaging of your product. Adding 2 inches in each dimension will ensure that this box will appropriately wrap each product. Also, you can fill extra padding inside the box to ensure the safety and security of the product. 

3. Right Kind of Material

Once you have taken an appropriate measurement, then you should move to the next stage, i.e., choosing the right material for packaging. You should select the rigid material that does not easily collapse during transit. You should wisely choose the packaging material and properly design the box according to the measurement. 

The packaging must be strong and durable. When you hire a shipping service provider, then they also offer packaging services. The good shipping service provider always uses good packaging material to ensure the safe delivery of products. 

4. Protection of Product 

Once you have selected the right packaging material, then you should pay attention to the safety of products during the transit. There are different measures to ensure the safety of products. Therefore, you should choose the right kind of measure to ensure the safety of the product.

 If you are not sure about what kind of safety measure to choose for your product, then you should consult the professional packaging service providers. Different kinds of safety measures can be adopted to ensure the safety of products such as Bubble Wrap, Instapak Foam Packaging, etc. It is better to choose the right safety technique rather than paying for the damage. 

In case you want to ship more than one product in one box, then you should wrap all products separately. This will ensure that the products inside one box will not clink against each other. If you are shipping fragile products, then it is imperative to use cushioning substance inside your box to make sure that it will not damage.  

5. Seal It Properly 

Once your product is properly packed inside the box and safety techniques are implemented, then you should seal the box before shipping. You should use the strong sealing material to make sure that box will not open during the transit. It is recommended that you do not use cellophane or duct tape. 

These two sealing materials are not strong enough to seal the box properly. You should search out for perfect sealing material. It is important to make sure that your box is properly sealed before loading it on the vehicle. 

For extra safety, you should apply 2-3 strips of tapes to seal the packaging. The Gum-tape and pressure-sensitive tapes are the right options for sealing the shipping box.  

6. Label the Packaging 

This is the last and final stage of packaging. It is one of the most important stages in the entire packaging process. Labeling includes pasting a slip over the box. In the slip, the recipient’s address and brief information about the product will be given.

Final Information:

The order fulfilment is not possible without the appropriate packaging of products. You will not be able to safely deliver your order to your customers. Therefore, packaging plays a vital role in the e-commerce industry.