How to cancel a single IRCTC ticket online, in terms of technology

Have you used the IRCTC website to purchase train tickets for a group of people that you now want to cancel? If we travel with families or friends, we frequently book train tickets together. But occasionally, due to a change in plans, we must cancel our tickets. While canceling a single ticket is simpler, we frequently struggle with partial cancellations, such as when we book 3–4 seats but only need to cancel one or two of them.

How? You must sign into the IRCTC e-ticketing website in order to partially cancel an e-ticket. You can use the IRCTC website to revoke a confirmed Indian Railways train ticket up until the chart is ready. Nevertheless, it should be noted that e-ticket cancellation is not allowed at railroad ticket counters.

Following are the steps to cancel an IRCTC e-ticket reservation for just one person if you need to cancel your ticket.

  • Entering the correct Username and Password on the Login screen will open the IRCTC e-Ticketing website and allow you to log in.
  • Now navigate to “My Transactions” to cancel the specific e-ticket.
  • Next, click the link that says “Booked Ticket History” in the My Account menu.
  • As soon as you click “Cancel Ticket,” you will see a list of your previously purchased tickets.
  • Choose the names of the passengers whose tickets should be canceled to start the cancellation process.
  • Now click the “Cancel Ticket” button while checking the box next to the passenger’s name.
  • To confirm the cancellation, click OK on the Confirmation pop-up window.

Thai nursery attack: The three-year-old’s account

In a daycare facility in northern Thailand, three-year-old Emmy was napping next to her best friend when the assailant, who was armed with a gun and a knife, broke in.

The 11 students in the class, who are all under three years old, had been busy earlier writing and drawing. All the parents of the smiling, happy kids received photo updates from the teachers at around 10:00 local time.

Panya Kamrab, a former police officer, broke into the building during nap time two hours later. Witnesses claimed that before forcing his way into each of the three kindergarten classrooms, the shooter shot members of the staff, including a teacher who was eight months pregnant.

He killed all of Emmy’s pals while they slept.

How she managed to live is a mystery. In addition to the bodies of her classmates, she was discovered curled up and awake.

She woke up with no memory of what had happened, according to her 59-year-old grandfather Somsak Srithong, who is speaking to me from the family home.

She believed her friends were still in bed. A policeman carried her away from the blood and covered her face with a cloth.

To protect Emmy from the horror, rescuers carried her to the second floor. Then, in a last-ditch effort to locate more survivors, they searched the other two classes.

She is the sole survivor of Thursday’s massacre in Nong Bua Lamphu. Twenty-four of the 37 fatalities were children, including the attacker’s wife and stepson.

“I’m incredibly grateful that she made it. When I first saw her, I gripped her so tightly, recalls Somsak.

Panompai Srithong, Emmy’s mother, is a weekday worker in Bangkok at the age of 35. She needed to be persuaded that her daughter was still alive because she had been informed that every child at the center was dead.

Meta alerts users to mobile apps that steal passwords

A million Facebook users forwarded a warning from Meta on Friday that they had been “exposed” to password-stealing smartphone apps that appeared to be harmless.

David Agranovich, director of the threat disruption, revealed during a briefing that Meta has so far this year identified more than 400 “malicious” apps made for smartphones running Apple or Android software and accessible from the Apple and Google app stores.

In order to trick people into downloading them, these apps were listed on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store under false names such as photo editors, games, VPN services, business apps, and other utilities, according to a blog post by Meta.

According to Meta’s security team, the apps frequently request Facebook login information from users in order to access promised features, stealing usernames and passwords in the process.

The apps, according to Agranovich, “are just trying to trick people into entering in their login information in a way that allows hackers to access their accounts.”

We will let a million users know that, while they may not have been compromised, they may have come into contact with these applications.

More than 40% of the apps that Meta listed included tools for editing or manipulating images, and some of them appeared to be as basic as using flashlight apps on smartphones.

Agranovich noted that the developers of the malicious apps are probably after passwords for more than just Facebook accounts when he said, “Our sense is that these types of malicious app developers try to target multiple services.”


  • When the warning from meta came?

Ans. On Friday 

  • Who is David Agranovich?

Ans. The director of the threat disruption.

According to Biden, the conflict in Ukraine has increased nuclear risk to its highest point since 1962. Cuban Nuclear Emergency

President of the United States Joe Biden claims that since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, there has never been a greater chance of a nuclear “Armageddon.”

Mr. Biden stated that it was “not joking” for Vladimir Putin to threaten to use tactical nuclear weapons after experiencing setbacks in Ukraine.

The US was “trying to figure out,” he continued, Mr. Putin’s plan for ending the conflict.

The US and the EU have emphasized the significance of taking Mr. Putin’s nuclear saber-rattling seriously in the past.

Despite Moscow’s nuclear hints, the US has not seen any signs that Russia is preparing to use a nuclear weapon in the near future, according to Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser for the US.


Despite the four recent illegitimate annexations by Russia, Ukraine has been gaining territory at the expense of Russia.

Russian officials have been warned by US officials that if they run into trouble on the battlefield, they might resort to using WMDs.

President Biden claimed that the Russian leader had made reference to using tactical nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons because “his military is, you might say, significantly underperforming.”

For the first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis, nuclear war may be on the horizon if current trends continue, Vice President Biden warned his fellow Democrats.

“We have not had to deal with the possibility of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis,” the author writes.




  • Who is the national security adviser for the US?

Ans. Jake Sullivan 


  • What was the last nuclear crisis?

Ans. Cuban Missile Crisis 



A former Uber security chief was convicted of concealing a 2016 data breach from law enforcement

A federal jury found former Uber security chief Joe Sullivan guilty on Wednesday of charges that he failed to notify law enforcement authorities of a breach of driver and customer records.

While the Federal Trade Commission was looking into Uber for a previous online system breach, Sullivan learned of a new breach that had affected the Uber accounts of more than 57 million users, including both drivers and passengers.

Sullivan was found guilty by the jury of one count of obstructing the FTC’s investigation and one count of misprision or acting to hide a crime from law enforcement.

The case, which is thought to be the first instance in which a company executive has been criminally prosecuted due to a hack, could alter how security experts respond to data breaches.

This will have an effect on how responsibilities are allocated. This will have an effect on what has been documented. This will have an effect on how bug bounty programs are created, according to Chinmayi Sharma, a lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin School of Law and a scholar in residence at the Robert Strauss Center for International Security and Law.

In the course of Friday’s trial for Sullivan, the jury of six men and six women deliberated for more than 19 hours before rendering a decision.

Sullivan’s attorney David Angeli said, “While we obviously disagree with the jury’s decision, we appreciate their commitment and effort in this case.” “Throughout his illustrious career and in this incident, Mr. Sullivan’s sole concern has been ensuring the safety of people’s personal data on the internet.”


  • Who is the federal jury’s former Uber security chief?

Ans.  Joe Sullivan

  • How many people were affected by the new breach?

Ans. 57 million 

  • Who is Chinmay Sharma?

Ans. A lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin School of Law