M3m IFC Sector 66 – Commercial Launch by M3M

M3m IFC Sector 66 gurgaon

M3M International Financial Centre (IFC) Gurgaon offers a exceptionally customized workspace tailor-made for your unique necessities and preferences. They are the epitome of the perfect workplace, with restaurants, rapid food, shopping, and amusement all inside clean reach. Allow your personnel to experience the privilege of running in an opulent and high-quit surroundings that meets and exceeds everyone’s requirements in each way. Explore the pricey business and retail areas withinside the shape of M3M International Financial Center, which has been designed to make sure most enterprise returns. The following are a number of the blessings of this place:

M3M IFC 66 Location Map

  1.  M3M IFC is positioned on Gurgaon’s Golf Course Extension Road, in which the 84-meter Golf Course Extension Road meets the 60-meter zone road.
  2. It consists of an immoderate place gain as M3M Financial Centre have direct connectivity with most important places just like the Delhi Jaipur Highway this is additionally referred to as NH8, Golf Course Road, Sohna Road, Southern Peripheral Road, Delhi through Golf Course Road, and the Far East through Golf Course Road.
  3. Metro is likewise proposed to byskip via Golf Course Extension Lane, bringing commuting and connectivity from M3M Financial Centre to a brand new level

Highlights Of M3M IFC Gurgaon

  1. Two 40-tale and 10-tale homes, respectively.
  2. Premium Retail Outlets with sizes starting from 1100 to 5400 rectangular feet.
  3. Approximately 8.five lacs SQ.FT. of workplace space.
  4. There may be about 10,000 seats available.
  5. Retail and eating places may be placed at the ground, first, and 2d floors.
  6. The workplace constructing may be Lead Certified Gold Rated, making it one of the maximum energy-green homes withinside the region.
  7. A grand front foyer with 30-foot ceilings and 12 lifts.
  8. Designed through Chapman Taylor and advantageously placed withinside the center of Gurgaon on Golf Course Extension Road.

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Birla Navya Gurgaon – Everything You Want to Know

Birla Navya Gurgaon

Birla Estates, the real estate arm of the corporate behemoth Birla Industries, has launched a luxurious housing project called Birla Navya in Gurugram’s Sector 63A on Golf Course Extension Road. The 47.54-acre low-rise floor development has a latent marketable area of 3.5 million square feet. Lushly designed gardens encircle the project. The LifeDesignedTM concept of beautiful residences is being introduced to Gurgaon by Birla Navya in Gurugram.


Intricate Details of Birla Navya in Gurgaon

These are low-rise housing floors with amenities that allow you to be in close proximity to the natural world. Peaceful central greens with meditation area, running track, nature walk, skating rink, and a one-of-a-kind treehouse where your children can open up to the world’s outer surface.


A unique treehouse has been erected where your children can open up to the outside world. There is a skating rink is also being constructed, where the children can demonstrate their abilities.

A jogging track and nature trail promote a naturally healthy lifestyle, which is another step toward healthy residents. With lush green gardens, a children’s play area, and an outdoor fitness station, you’ll be closer to nature than you’ve ever been.

The master bedroom features a walk-in closet and a huge attached balcony for a luxurious living experience. A tiny utility balcony has been built into the kitchen for various functions. A hallway has been built to block the view of the dining and living areas, giving occupants more privacy. Use the multi-purpose lawn to host stress-free family gatherings and social gatherings. An outdoor exercise station will promote healthy and holistic living by helping you keep active and healthy as you absorb nature. Provides safe and secure play areas for your children just outside your home. Interactive floor games are also included in the play area to assist the children in maintaining their personalities.


Navya Birla Estates Clubhouse Amenities  


Birla Navya Sector in the 63a Gurgaon has an ultra-luxurious clubhouse that spans 1,50,000 square feet and provides every type of luxury imaginable. At Birla Navya 63 a there is a unique senior citizen lounge and other amenities such as a theatre, a music room, and much more where you may celebrate with your friends and family. Medical emergencies can happen to anyone at any time, so we should be prepared, especially since Birla Navya in Gurugram has separate health clinics with proper first-aid facilities.


Swimming is a fun-loving sport; thus, a luxury swimming pool is available for you to rest and enjoy.

Parties are vital since they bring joy and provide a break from your everyday routine; thus, there is a separate banquet hall for all types of parties and family get-togethers. Pets are just like living beings, and it is our job to provide the best treatment possible; hence Birla Navya has a specialized pet clinic.


We are all quite busy in our daily routine, and we forget to relax our minds, which are constantly working hard, which is why Birla Navya in Sector 63a has a dedicated Meditation and Yoga room. Because body fitness is so vital, there is a separate world-class gym with all of the latest equipment so you may shape your body appropriately. There is a library so that book lovers can relax and enjoy themselves. The Birla Navya 63a in Gurgaon has a unique feature of a terrace Spa.

DLF Summit Plaza Gurgaon

DLF Summit Plaza Gurgaon

DLF Summit Plaza Gurgaon is a wonderful location to open an attractive, modern and stylish boutique or contemporary office space that attracts customers. This Gurgaon retail project is one of a kind, offering buyers the opportunity to find world-class high-end retail, dining and retail spaces. This commercial development is based on ​​mixed-use, consisting of shops, restaurants, offices and towers. 

DLF Summit Plaza in sector 54 Gurgaon has been purposely angled to allow two-way access for guests. Summit Plaza Gurgaon has set a new standard for stylish office and retail spaces based on the concept of work, shop and rest. It is important to note that DLF Commercial Summit Plaza at Sector 54 Gurgaon is flanked by high-end commercial projects, resulting in increased demand for retail outlets. Summit Plaza Gurgaon sector 54 is a state-of-the-art office building with cutting-edge classy and architecture decorations. 

 Imaginative office spaces at DLF Summit Plaza 

The DLF Group created DLF Summit Plaza near the Golf Course Road Gurgaon. The group creates fascinating office spaces, private lofts, communes and mixed advances across the country. Their commitments set milestones in terms of living and working spaces, intended to meet the challenges of tomorrow. 

Deductible from the tasks ahead and the growing interest in real estate, notable land specialists expected an excellent opportunity to appreciate Gurgaon’s land valuation. In that sense, if you hope to put your money into commercial real estate, then Gurgaon will get your money back with an exceptional bounty. 

With the advent of the entrepreneurial movement in the land and commercial real estate sector in Gurgaon, New Gurgaon is emerging as the most popular destination for both the end customer and lenders. How about taking a look at the explanations behind the equivalent. 

 Now let’s talk about DLF Summit Plaza Connectivity: 

Being flanked by wealthy housing associations, Summit Plaza Gurgaon will be every buyer’s dream. Summit Plaza situated in Sector 54 Gurgaon offers unlimited access to NH8 and Sohna Road. Summit Plaza Gurgaon is situated in the fashionable sector 54 of Gurgaon, near Sohna Road. You can get to IGI airport in just 30 minutes. This well-known commercial project is situated along the Transit Oriented Development Corridor. This real estate gem was created to evoke international charm with continuous boulevards offering a panoramic perspective of shops, turning the shopping experience into a beautiful, memorable shopping trip. 

Although the region is still growing, some areas such as sector 85 have shopping malls, schools, banks, emergency clinics, etc., which helps to generate interest. The best engineers devote resources to professional and private tasks by providing all the amenities. Some developers have also committed themselves to build streets to interior spaces for better uptime. 

The iconic grand entrance and sprawling boulevards with seamless connectivity and horizontal and vertical connectivity for an unparalleled shopping experience would fascinate you. This commercial property in Gurgaon is well worth your time and money as it has dual roadside retail outlets offering excellent visibility.

Prepaid, Debit & Credits Cards for Teenagers


A teen can learn financial responsibility by receiving hands-on experience with a student-only digital account. Learn how to manage a digital account for your business. Younger children can assist your child in developing crucial budgeting, spending, and saving abilities.

Teen debit cards are similar to regular debit cards in that they allow young adults to make purchases without having to use cash. They do, however, provide parental limits to keep children from making significant mistakes and instructional chances to educate them on financial literacy.

The best debit card for students has low fees, parental oversight, and accessible account access. They can also teach young people how to spend, save, and invest wisely, thanks to built-in teaching and automation.

How do prepaid cards for kids work?

Consider these phones to be pay-as-you-go. Your child is only allowed to spend £0, creating a safe barrier that prohibits them from going over the limit. You load money onto one, then use it as a debit card for adolescents in most places that accept cards, much like a debit or credit card – up to £45 using chip and PIN or contactless, but you can typically set spending limits to keep this under control.

This is frequently linked to an app so that both of you can keep track of what’s going on.

Overall, the best-prepaid cards for teenagers



Fampay, India’s first neo bank or payment app for children, has unveiled FamCard, the country’s first numberless card. Family is the marketing and distribution partner for the IDFC FIRST Bank Prepaid Card.


fyp card

FYP is the latest prepaid card revolution for teenagers! Flip is a prepaid card for teenagers with no limits that teaches them about money. You may use your FYP Debit card to make online and offline payments without needing to open a bank account.


Greenlight is a children’s debit card and mobile app that gives parents simple controls for properly managing family finances while also providing opportunities for kids to learn about earning, spending, saving, and donating. There are three alternatives available, each of which includes tools to help your child manage their cash. The two most expensive systems, on the other hand, feature an investment platform that allows your child to buy actual stocks with your permission. Greenlight is also the best kid’s debit card, as it has a higher maximum card balance and transfers limit than most kids’ cards.


They are designed to assist tweens and teens in developing excellent financial habits while increasing their independence. Choose between a ZAAP Card and a wearable ZAAP Band, or link both to one account. Please choose from our selection of cards, or have your youngster design their own.


Learning how to manage money isn’t easy. Fees for essential services like checking accounts, ATMs, and even spending cards are charged by traditional banks, making it even more challenging to get ahead. The step is a more practical and flexible cash substitute, with parental controls that allow parents to control where and how much their children spend.


We joked about building something that would put an end to card-nag on the side-lines of a school football game, a device that would stop us from having to make all of our children’s iTunes, app store, or Amazon purchases. Gohenry is a great card intended to teach children about saving, spending, earning, giving, and even investing


iCard is a fintech firm that helps you save money and time to focus on the essential things in life. How? By making digital payments as quick and straightforward as possible.


kiplePay has several features that help our users to manage and use their wallet accounts effectively. Kiple was founded to enhance people’s lives via the power of fintech, beginning with Malaysians.


Spend wisely, keep track of your costs, and receive incentives with your very own Walrus Card. From the app, you can block and unblock your card at any time. There will be no more money lost.


Yodaa customers receive a card that works both online and in stores and a companion app that allows them to send and receive payments, split bills, talk, earn virtual Coins, and access curated personal financial information.


Junio is your child’s smart card that can be used to pay for online and offline purchases. It is pretty simple to order, and there is no need to complete a full KYC for the physical card.

Are you not feeling safe providing your debit or credit cards to your kids? are you stressing about how to control & manage your children’s expenses? Are you willing to give your safe & secure online payment methods to manage their overall expenses? Choose the innovation that may change your lifestyle. If you want your child to learn the spending money experience, better to provide them a debit card. Yes, A debit card with limited funds may help the child manage their expenses smarter. Best prepaid cards, debit & credit cards for teens provide a cashless experience. It also offers a platform for parents to manage & control their children’s expenses. The mentioned companies will provide the best teen debit card for your family, according to the needs, spending, choices, habits, etc. List out your requirements and help this digital world grow safely. Give your children financial freedom along with a secure card online and offline cads payment system.

Hence, now getting a card for your child is no more a challenge, rather it is a cakewalk. All you have to do is, keep an eye to be sure!

Jimmy Asija – Renowned Producer Starts his Own Venture of Hypoxi

 When it comes to our body, be it a man or a woman, child or an adult, we are all possessive of how our body turns out to be. Who does not like to have that ‘Perfect’ body, right? We all do! We all look forward to having a beautifully shaped body with those toned legs, a flat stomach, and muscle arms. But getting the best body of your dreams is surely not a cakewalk as it is a piece of work. 

 Are you always upset about how your body is? Are you forever looking out for remedies? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then Jimmy Asija – The renowned producer and director of Gujarati and Bollywood films, has a surprise for you. 

The Time is Yours 

It is now the time to fall in love with those beautifully tones legs and give your body the worth and the feeling it does deserve. 

 We present a unique way of fat loss to you by a simple process of relaxing – The Japanese Method known as ‘Hypoxia.

Brief About Hypoxi Method:

The Hypoxi Method is a very known Japanese fitness method solution used in modern times today. It is known to be a patent technology treating human fat with a ‘Three Dimension.’ This technique helps burn the stubborn fat, helps with water retention, and helps in rejuvenating the skin. 

The treatment of Hypoxi makes use of Hypoxi devices used for executing these three-dimensional bases for a slimming treatment. 

 Hypoxi for Women and Men:

 Women: Especially women who have a pear-shaped body are the ones who suffer from weight loss issues. Hence, the Hypoxi treatment is very well suited for women looking forward to achieving these slimming goals. In addition, women who also have cellulite storage on different parts of the body can use this treatment. 

Men: Mostly, men with oval-shaped bodies can use this treatment to shape their buttocks and legs. Especially men who are not inclined towards weight lifting exercises but want to shed some kilos can try this method. 

Hypoxi – Ultimate Slimming Solution:

 We all know that our body accumulates stubbornly far in all the parts. When a particular region of the body lacks proper blood supply, then this is when these fatty deposits get formed. With time passing by, this becomes stubborn, which further blocks the smooth blood flow to the organs. Then there comes an ultimate time when the blood flow rate falls much below the normal level required. This is when the body starts to form toxins in the region where there is excessive fat. 

 Hypoxi technology is considered to be a very capable technology when it comes to helping in balancing the water retention and blood flow levels in the body. With the help of this treatment, individuals can reap great advantages of the same. This technology helps develop a proper pressure rhythm, which improves the overall blood circulation and gives a pump to the body’s metabolism. 

Jimmy Asija has always come out as a person who would want to help people in every way possible. By starting his own Hypoxi Venture, we are sure he is all set to put smiles on people’s faces, as what better gift to give anyone than a healthy body.