Jimmy Asija – Renowned Producer Starts his Own Venture of Hypoxi

 When it comes to our body, be it a man or a woman, child or an adult, we are all possessive of how our body turns out to be. Who does not like to have that ‘Perfect’ body, right? We all do! We all look forward to having a beautifully shaped body with those toned legs, a flat stomach, and muscle arms. But getting the best body of your dreams is surely not a cakewalk as it is a piece of work. 

 Are you always upset about how your body is? Are you forever looking out for remedies? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then Jimmy Asija – The renowned producer and director of Gujarati and Bollywood films, has a surprise for you. 

The Time is Yours 

It is now the time to fall in love with those beautifully tones legs and give your body the worth and the feeling it does deserve. 

 We present a unique way of fat loss to you by a simple process of relaxing – The Japanese Method known as ‘Hypoxia.

Brief About Hypoxi Method:

The Hypoxi Method is a very known Japanese fitness method solution used in modern times today. It is known to be a patent technology treating human fat with a ‘Three Dimension.’ This technique helps burn the stubborn fat, helps with water retention, and helps in rejuvenating the skin. 

The treatment of Hypoxi makes use of Hypoxi devices used for executing these three-dimensional bases for a slimming treatment. 

 Hypoxi for Women and Men:

 Women: Especially women who have a pear-shaped body are the ones who suffer from weight loss issues. Hence, the Hypoxi treatment is very well suited for women looking forward to achieving these slimming goals. In addition, women who also have cellulite storage on different parts of the body can use this treatment. 

Men: Mostly, men with oval-shaped bodies can use this treatment to shape their buttocks and legs. Especially men who are not inclined towards weight lifting exercises but want to shed some kilos can try this method. 

Hypoxi – Ultimate Slimming Solution:

 We all know that our body accumulates stubbornly far in all the parts. When a particular region of the body lacks proper blood supply, then this is when these fatty deposits get formed. With time passing by, this becomes stubborn, which further blocks the smooth blood flow to the organs. Then there comes an ultimate time when the blood flow rate falls much below the normal level required. This is when the body starts to form toxins in the region where there is excessive fat. 

 Hypoxi technology is considered to be a very capable technology when it comes to helping in balancing the water retention and blood flow levels in the body. With the help of this treatment, individuals can reap great advantages of the same. This technology helps develop a proper pressure rhythm, which improves the overall blood circulation and gives a pump to the body’s metabolism. 

Jimmy Asija has always come out as a person who would want to help people in every way possible. By starting his own Hypoxi Venture, we are sure he is all set to put smiles on people’s faces, as what better gift to give anyone than a healthy body.

Elan Group Launched Elan Paradise In Sector 50 Nirvana Country Gurugram India

After the successful completion & launching of various Commercial Projects by Elan Group, Elan Paradise Sector 50 Nirvana Country Gurgaon is one of the newly launched commercial projects in Gurgaon. The Commercial projects launched so far by Elan Group are Elan Miracle, Elan Town center, Elan Epic, Elan Mercado, etc. In fact, Elan Group is one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in Gurgaon, Launching commercial projects since its inception.

Here we will talk about the newly launched commercial project in Gurgaon by Elan Group i.e. Elan Paradise Sector 50, Nirvana Country, Gurgaon. It’s a commercial evolution Sector 50, launched to ease & improve the lifestyle of people residing nearby. It offers a unique experience of retails shops, Gaming zone, entertainment zone, Food courts & restaurants, Pus & Bars, etc. The rooftop restaurant experience will be going to be awesome in the coming days. With having spacious entry, There are no parking issues for the people having shops there and the people visiting here for shopping.

Talking about modern amenities will never be like boosting. The infrastructure quality is quite best with using updated architectural ideas and high-quality material only. The flooring is done through stone, tiles where walls are finished through cement plaster. Aluminum frames are used for Windows & Doors with toughened glass. To offer the perfect finishing, gypsum and cement plaster is used.

No doubt, Investing in any commercial project is not so easy. But Elan is reputed name in commercial industry with offering innovations and inventions in creating future spaces. With having the perfect expertise in conception, material, construction, maintenance & architecture, the Elan group creates an unmatched experience with cutting-edge technology. The success story of Elan Commercial projects in Gurgaon can be heard through its satisfied customers.

With having an easy payment structure, it would not be difficult for anyone to invest in this high street commercial project in Gurgaon. Explore the site plans, check the structure & layout, compare the pricing, and then invest in Elan Paradise Sector 50 Nirvana Country Gurgaon for assured returns.

Contact Details for Elan Projects Gurgaon

  • Website: www.elanparadisegurgaon.com
  • Hotline No.: +91 995-867-0649
  • Address: 108 Baani square, South City II, Sector 50, Gurugram, Haryana 122018

PassportsAndVisas.com Review

Exploring the world is a dream of many. People of all age want to explore the different yet stunning beauties of the world. Travelling is not just limited to those who known as ‘travel freaks or wanderlust’ but it is an exciting activity that people of all age like to do. Besides exploring beauties of their own nation, there is always a desire in the heart of many travelers to visit aboard. No matter whether traveling abroad is a solo trip or a group trip, for them it is like a dream come true thing. But to make your abroad trip a lifetime experience, it is highly essential for you to have a comprehensive planning so that you can cover maximum things without any issue.    

When you plan a national travel, you don’t need to go through any major travel rules and regulations but when it’s about international travel, there are several immigration requirements as well as travel rules & regulations. As a traveler you need to understand that every country has its own travel rules & regulations and you are bound to follow and obey the same. The sets of travel documents which you have shown while travelling to any particular country, may not be the same while visiting any other country. You may require different sets of travel documents to meet the rules and regulations of that country.

If you don’t go for proper planning then you may miss the actual fun on your entire trip. Yes, it may be difficult and confusing for many of you to understand and figure out all the travel rules and regulations of each and every country. If you don’t want to face any documentation issue or visa norms of any country then going for services like iVisa and Passportsandvisas.com is a wise call. You just need to contact them for your abroad trip and all kinds of documentation works will be done by them. The best thing with hiring these companies is that they can ensure to complete all travel documentations even in urgent conditions.

Online Applications

Every travel wants to enjoy their trip. They just want to concentrate on their entire trip instead of struggling with the travel forms or documentations. With iVisa and Passportsandvisas.com, you don’t need to worry at all as both the companies offer flawless and simple application processes.

PassportsandVisas.com mainly follows a simple 4-step process to get visa or passport. First you need to apply online for your visa then you will receive a call from your assigned manager who will forward your application to process. After the completion of these three steps, you will receive your visa via its courier partner at the last step.   

iVisa boasts a quick and smooth 3-step process to get travel visa. Here, applicant just needs to fill the application online to receive their e-visa on their mentioned Email ID. After receiving the same, they can show this electronic document during their travel at the airport.

Customer Service Experience

Customer Service is the backbone of any company. If the customer support service of any company is not upto the mark then it won’t stand for a long time in today’s competitive market. Therefore a good and prompt customer support is the need of the hour.

Understanding the concern and requirements of travelers, both iVisa and passportsandvisas.com provide reliable, prompt and 24X7 customer support to the travelers. With passportsandvisas.com, a personal account manager is assigned to you so that you can get all the updates and resolve your queries instantly. You can simply contact the representative at its customer service phone number or through mail. On the other hand, you will also get incredible customer service with iVisa. Here you can resolve all your issues related to visa or passport through live chat option. Apart from this, you can also choose the option of email or toll free number to reach out to its customer support team.

With both these companies, you get all the relevant updates and information timely related to your travel visa.

Visa Delivery Times

Most of the times, it takes around one week to 30-35 days for travelers to get receive their visa. Therefore it is always a wise call to fill the application of your visa well in advance so that you don’t need to modify your trip. Many a times, travelers can’t wait for long as they need their visa quickly. In such situation, services like Passportsandvisas.com and iVisa help travelers to get their visa well before the standard time. In simple words, these companies cut out the usual time it takes for traveler to obtain a travel visa.

If you want to obtain your visa within 10 days or so then it is good to go with passportandvisas.com. At many occasions, the company helps travelers to get their visa even in couple of days through its courier partner. Sometimes, you may require a visa within a week and in such situation, it is highly recommended to go with iVisa which promises to provide fastest visa delivery. Your electronic travel visa for some of the countries may hardly take 15-20 minutes while in most of other cases, it may take 24 hours to obtain your electronic visa by mail.   

Price Expectations

You don’t need to worry much about the costing of buying travel visa online with Passportsandvisas.com and iVisa as both of these companies offer unmatchable pricing on their visa service.

As both companies offer services in different manner therefore you may find certain price differences. Going through various feedbacks and reviews of different travelers, it is noted that both Passportsandvisas.com and iVisa offer almost similar pricing on their services but many reviewers told that they were charged slightly more than estimated pricing with Passportsandvisas.com. With iVisa, reviewers did not find any issue related to hidden or extra charges.

Therefore it is advisable to read the fine print carefully before applying as it will save you from any extra charges.

Overall Processes

After going through various feedbacks and reviews of their websites, both Passportsandvisas.com and iVisa offer smooth and flawless visa process to travelers ensuring them to obtain their visa quickly without facing any issue. In terms of overall process flow, you may find some reviews giving higher ratings to one company than other. 

In certain departments, you will find positive reviews for Passportsandvisas.com while in some other areas users feel that iVisa.com provides better service. Similarly, users feel Passportsandvisas.com not upto the mark in some areas where some think iVisa.com needs improvement in certain departments. But overall, users seem to be happy with services of both companies.

However, it is advisable to read all the instructions and norms of their services for effective and best results.    

Overall Comparison

If you want to obtain your travel visa quickly and smoothly, both Passportsandvisas.com and iVisa help you to get the same. But when you need visa within couple of days then iVisa has upper hand in comparison to Passportsandvisas.com. When you don’t want to encounter with any hidden charges then it is a wise call to go for hassle-free electronic travel visa delivery. Overall both companies are good but the actual difference lies in their delivery time. So choose any of them according to your need and requirements!

Travisa Vs Ivisa Review

Many individuals are of the opinion that there can be no better thing than travel. However, the same cannot be said about getting visas. Embassies often have a complex application process, which is the major reason why companies have come up to assist in making the process hassle-free and secure for travelers to get visas. This article by iVisa and Travisa enables you to find a trustworthy visa service provider and compare the various services which they offer-

Find Out How Travisa Compares To iVisa.com

Though visa services exist to simplify the visa application process, customers will have queries which need to be responded on time, in a professional manner.

In the very first sentence of his Yelp review, Gary simply stated ‘’terrible customer service’’. But, Matthew was a bit more satisfied with his experience, and reported on Yelp, ‘’I have used them twice for India visas and I had no issues. They were able to clarify all my queries and advised me on what to include in my application to ensure that it was accepted by the Indian Consulate.’’

iVisa rates highly in its customer service in most of the reviews available on Yelp and Trustpilot, with visa applicants stating that their staff is polite, approachable, professional and responds to queries on time. Michael Dunthome said on Trustpilot, ‘’95% of the service is self-explanatory, and clear whereas I had quick, detailed responses for the remaining 5% which were unclear.’’

Efficiency of Service

Often, travelers opt for visas when they are quite late to go through the lengthy process of getting one through an embassy. Because of this reason, visa services need to sincere about their processing time and guarantee satisfactory results. Here, Travista has mixed reviews when it comes to efficiency. Though most customers are satisfied with Travista, there have been complaints of delays periodically. Sarah, who personally visited Travista, wrote: ‘’I waited and found that they could not keep up with the appointment and each person got delayed by at least 15 minutes.’’ In the same way, though Stuart was impressed with the overall service, he stated: ‘’My appointment got a bit delayed but the associate who assisted me was efficient and professional.’’

Overall, iVisa has received superb reviews regarding its service efficiency, often going beyond people’s expectations. On Trustpilot, David stated: ‘’User-friendly website. Opted for the 4-day option and got it overnight.’’ Martha again reporting on Trustpilot, and offering a 5-star review said: ‘’Quick and efficient service.’’ However, Sebastian, a less satisfied customer said, ‘’ I had to send the same document time and again without any changes!!!’’ Luckily, it seems that inefficiency is almost unheard of in case of iVisa, making it a winner in this category.


Visa service providers need to be transparent about their prices to ensure that customers can assess whether paying their fee is worth it. But since it is a competitive industry, visa services need to make sure that their prices remain competitive. iVisa offers its free details on the second page of its online application process, with visa requirements and processing time.

Customers don’t need to enter any personal information to find fee details. Moreover, most clients report that iVisa’s prices are within a reasonable range. On a Trustpilot review, Joel said: ‘’Quick, simple and affordable-iVisa’s services are worth for avoiding the time consuming application process via the Indian Consulate. I am highly impressed.’’

But in case of Travisa, you won’t always be able to know what price you will have to pay for your visa till you offer the required details, though most people are satisfied with the final fee. But, some seasoned travelers stated that there are many hidden charges which customers need to know about. For example, Doctor A said, ‘’ Unfortunately, at Travisa, there is an opportunity to charge for every service transaction.’’ This review also stated that the costs associated with the service, the consulate fee is often listed at a higher rate.

Ease of Use

People use visa services for avoiding the time-consuming bureaucratic application process offered by embassies and consulates, meaning visa services need to make sure that their application process is easy and less time-taking.

Some Travista customers have stated its process isn’t simple in any way as compared to applying for a visa via a consulate. Ben, though highly pleased with the overall service, stated: ‘’You need to understand that your legwork and ability to follow instructions on the Travista website will have a direct impact on your experience’’.  Overall, majority of customers report about a comparatively straightforward visa application process while using Travisa.’’

iVisa scores really high in this aspect and its website is modern, eye-catching and engaging. Brian reported on Trustpilot: ‘’ The website is user-friendly and the web chat feature is really helpful. I would pay for this service in future since it does away with all the inconvenience of dealing with the Indian high commission as the application process is long and time-taking. ‘’ Though there are a few reports of customers reporting about small glitches, iVisa has resolved all the problems and personally responded to those who raised these grievances.

iVisa removes all the inconvenience associated with complex bureaucratic websites, government form which are too lengthy and periodic visits to embassies of your country. So, you won’t feel frustrated by regular visits to the embassy or unpleasant surprises. No matter where you travel, iVisa’s state of the art visa requirements tool enables you to check if you require a visa within seconds. You can save your valuable time use this app. It offers clear instructions. So, you won’t have to deal with the bureaucracy in any way. Speaking about her own experience of procuring a visa from iVisa, Elizabeth Walker stated ‘’I was surprised to get my visa within 2 hours and amazed at the seamless way in which the entire process was handled. Thank you guys and keep up the good word. I will surely recommend your name to my friends.’’

All the data is reviewed by immigration experts before submission to the government authorities. iVisa uses the best data centers and methods for securing user accounts and information. The credit card details of customers won’t be exposed to government websites. Their call center is available round the clock to answer to all possible grievances of customers. The database is routinely maintained to ensure that you can get a visa with a few clicks.

Travisa Summary

Travisa is a visa services provider which has received very mixed reviews online. Most customers report about receiving their visa timely for their trip, thought there have been complaints about its fees, and some customers are disappointed with the time required to respond to their queries.  The company has an average rating of 2.5 stars out of 5 from 96 reviews on Yelp.com.

iVisa Summary

As per most customers, iVisa offers superb service regarding customer service, user-friendliness, efficiency and price. Complaints are really rare, and their staff are quick to respond to all concerns of customers. At present, iVisa has a rating of 9.5 rating from 1808 reviews on Trustpilot which is the major reason why we recommend travelers to use iVisa for your Visa needs.

MyVietnamVisa Review

It is always a joy to explore the attractions and beauties of the world. Visiting one country to another and explore their treasures is an exciting prospect. Traveling is always a joyful experience but if it is not planned well, it may spoil all the fun. It is not easy to travel across the world with any hurdles because there are visa of every country that you need to fulfill. In short, there are many legal provisions and visa norms to enter into different countries. To obtain visa of any country is sometimes a challenging task for many travelers. There is a proper procedure of obtaining visa which you need to follow and if you follow the right direction then these procedures can be simplified.

There are many destinations where tourists visit throughout the nation. Among these destinations, Vietnam is one of the beautiful destinations where tourists love to go. Vietnam is known for its rich culture, abundant scenery and adventure and that’s the reasons tourists from the United States and other Western nations visit this country in large number. There are ample interesting things to do for the tourists of all age. From cuisines to souvenirs, Vietnam will surely win your heart with its majestic beauty. Like many other countries, you also need a valid visa to enter in Vietnam. Don’t think to visit the country without a valid visa otherwise your journey may come to end at Vietnam Airport.

There are many visa service providing companies that help travelers in obtaining right visa to enter in Vietnam. Among these companies, two most reliable and trustworthy names are – MyVietnamVisa and iVisa. To understand as to why these two companies are best among all and which one you should choose to get your visa, here is a detailed analysis of their pros and cons. After going through all the key aspects of both the companies, it will be easy for you to take a right call keeping in mind your need and requirements.

Customer Service

As on many occasions, you have to face a lot of issues and challenges to obtain a right visa. Therefore it is always a wise call to take assistance from an experienced company who has expertise in this field for smooth process of getting a visa. In terms of stress-free and quick process of visa, both iVisa and MyVietnamVisa will surely stand on the expectations of their customers and clients. You can find many positives reviews related to their customer support service. Both the companies strive to provide smooth, prompt and effective services ensuring to complete the process of obviating a visa instantly in flawless manner. Be it a response through email or call, iVisa and MyVietnamVisa have potential to match the expectation of the customers. 


Success of any company depends on two factors – efficiency and prompt delivery. And when it comes to visa service, prompt delivery is one of the most important factors. Generally, you have to apply for visa by providing details of trip to the authorities. You may find entire process little complicated and complex. But when you choose visa service option from both iVisa and MyVietnamVisa, they will ensure to provide you visa well before your trip date. From documentation to other formalities, both the companies take care of everything making it sure that you don’t need to face tension in obtaining a valid visa.

If you look at the overall reviews about the performance of iVisa and MyVietnamVisa, you will several positive reviews across the world related to the services of iVisa as users find it quite effective on the following parameters – reliability, safety and accurate estimates for turnaround times. However, you may find certain negative reviews related to MyVietnamVisa. But in terms of performance, overall efficiency of both the companies is upto the mark.


Being a third party visa service provider, both iVisa and MyVietnamVisa charge certain fees to its customers. Before going to hire any of them, it is advisable to check and compare their prices to find the exact difference between both of them. For their different sets of services to get you right visa, both the companies are little on the expensive side but if you look at their overall performance then they are quite worthy. iVisa is considered as one of the most reliable services therefore some of the applicants find its fee little expensive but you will be surprised to know that it is charges only $30.00 USD per visa to single US traveler. On the other side, MyVietnamVisa applies stamping fee to the applicants and also charges $65.00 USD for single-entry visas. As both companies have good success rates and positive reviews at their back then it certainly becomes little challenging task for you to choose in between.

Ease of Use

It is always a convenient option for you to obtain visa though a third party organization because they simplifies all the process and help you in getting right visa in quick time. However, it is important for you to find whether the company is reliable and has good experience at its back. Transparency in the services is really very important and both MyVietnamVisa and iVisa strive to keep their trust factor high that’s why they have established their brand value in the market.


When it comes to give recommendations to choose any particular then both the companies (MyVietnamVisa and iVisa) score quite high in following categories – Trust, Price, Reliability, Accessibility and Customer Support. Both the companies are good in their services but it is completely your personal call to choose anyone. You have to be very wise while choosing their visa services because you may find one company better in certain areas whereas give more importance to other company in some areas. So don’t just listen to others, use your mind and check all the facts about both MyVietnamVisa and iVisa to takr a right call!