Review Of The Legend, A Superbly Extravagant, Endlessly Entertaining Movie

The Story: The loss of a beloved friend inspires a scientist to discover a diabetic cure, but will he be able to overcome the power of the pharmaceutical industry and accomplish his goal?

Release Date Of The Legend: July 28, 2022

The Legend Movie Cast: Saravanan Arul, Urvashi Rautela, and Geethika Tiwari

The Legend director: J D Jerry

The Legend Producer: Saravanan Arul

Total Run Time: 2 hours and 41 min (161 minutes)

The Legend Saravanana’s much awaited movie, titled “The Legend”, has finally hit the screen. The commercial intertainer is directed by JD Jerry with Harris Jayraj’s music, a collective cast, and a high-minded technical crew.

You have to give the writer-director and the team JD-Jerry a huge credit for the amount of conviction they put into The Legend movie. It is a sprawling, 160-minute rocket launch for its lead star, regardless of what you think after watching the movie. 

The Legend Movie tells the story of a scientist named Saravanan who, after spending many years studying and working abroad, returns to his village. When he returns to the country, he becomes aware of the rise in cases of “juvenile diabetes” among children. In reality, the core of the storyline—how he fights a medical mafia to bring out a free medicine for diabetes—is disclosed in the first quarter of the film.

The build-up to battle scenes and songs takes up a significant portion of the movie, which puts viewers’ patience to the test. Unintentionally humorous moments may be enjoyed in quick succession if one accepts to watch this for amusement. If that’s not the case, though, it becomes very difficult to understand why the movie unfolds as it does.

Anl Arasu choreographed numerous chases and battles, and it is safe to state that action occasionally takes place. Being well filmed, the majority of the scenes would make you feel like you were watching a commercial for a big hero.

The budget and execution by director JD Jerry deserve praise. For some, the train fight, Mosalo song, and a few turns in the second half are effective. The fact that most individuals are aware of what to anticipate is what consistently works.

Another thing to keep in mind is that The Legend movie contains moments that are reminiscent of popular South Indian commercial movies like Mersal, Sivaji: The Boss, and KGF. The mass hero idea served as a major source of inspiration, and the movie is essentially hero worship from the start. Most of the time, Legend Saravanan tries to go the superstar way.

The film’s photography by Velraj, songs by Harris Jayaraj, and some expertly edited segments are some of its remarkable elements. This product has largely been salvaged and made to appear presentable by this technical team. Even with all these well-known actors, the script needed to be stronger and the lead performers needed to make some serious efforts to move the plot forward. A few phrases work here and there as well.

Overall, Saravanan’s The Legend movie is a fantastic illustration of how spending money has little to do with engaging audiences nowadays and keeping their attention. Even if some viewers would be eager to see it because of the way it has been advertised.

You might actually keep their eyes glued to the screen the entire time (161 minutes). A no-brainer from the Legend team that briefly discusses a significant medical concern in a format that is quite common in commercials.

The Bottom Line Of The Legend Movie

 The writing in The Legend movie is rated as over-the-top commercial masala and should have been better! If you know what to expect, the movie will help you relieve stress; otherwise, it might make you feel stressed. The title holds true for all the enormous sets that have been built to depict a mansion, a research facility.

The movie presents two major heroines, two item song stars, five medium-sized to large antagonists, and a horde of every comic actor money can buy. They are all included in this. Add a few costume changes, a slew of Rolls-Royces, and at least four foreign locations, and you’ve got yourself a movie.

Such surprises and the purpose isn’t really to advance the plot of the film. To illustrate the entire spectrum of both the lead actor and the film’s producer, the producers appear to have started with a to-do list of a specific number of combat sequences, chases, and songs. Shraavana has very few acting options as the main character.

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